Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Look Back and A Look Ahead

Happy New Year! We rang in 2015 with sleep. =) Earlier in the evening we enjoyed going out to eat with my side of the fam and we're spending the day today with family too. The best way to wrap up one year and kick off a new one.

Right before Christmas I finished reading through every single post I wrote this year. I loved looking back and remembering everything we did and all of the changes and highs and lows we experienced as a family. Everything documented here in our "scrapbook" was worth remembering and pretty special... or funny... or bittersweet...or silly... or happy... or just ordinary. =)

This past year for us was full of change. Tons of it in fact. It was memorable, fun, challenging, exciting, tough, and wonderful all wrapped up in one crazy year. We transitioned and adjusted almost constantly it felt like. Which was the exact theme I came up with for our 2014 year. Haha. (And that was before I knew everything God had in store for us!) We had a lot of BIG stuff to happen this year. Good stuff. And challenging stuff too. Here are the highlights, month by month, of our year of transition and adjustment... phew!

Our January was jam-packed. We party planned like crazy and celebrated our firstborn's 5th birthday. Then we prepared for Layton like crazy and had 2 special showers. We also enjoyed some super fun snow days! (Unfortunately our Winter fun was short lived after we had a pipe to burst. Boo!)
February was another super full and crazy busy month! We had a special big brother day, celebrated Garrison's actual birthday, welcomed our 3rd BABY BOY, introduced baby brother to big brothers, and tried to survive Terrell/daddy being out of commission lots with his back. It was a wild one. =)
March was pretty uneventful. We attempted to settle in... even though Terrell's back and leg pain were major issues for us, and sort of found our new normal. Sort of. Ha. I also remembered all the tough things and all the best things about having a new baby. Which is probably why baby fever still creeps in for me every now and then. =)
April was filled with celebrations! We celebrated my mom's birthday and Layton's dedication at church all in one special weekend. We celebrated Nana's and Pops' birthdays, Terrell's successful back surgery, and Easter. It was a fun month. Especially once Terrell recovered from back surgery and we got daddy back to normal!!
May was bittersweet. I had a fun Mother's Day and then my baby graduated from PreK and we said goodbye to our school. Summer got off to a crazy start and then we all enjoyed an oh so wonderful Memorial Day weekend. May was definitely bittersweet... but mostly sweet. =)
With June came summer fun. We took the big boys to Stone Mountain, celebrated our 9th anniversary, had a fun Father's Day, went to VBS, and celebrated Terrell's NEW JOB and the journey of our move back home!
July was all about our beach vacation and the big move to B'ville!
August was another month FULL of adjustments. Garrison started Kindergarten, I started doing preschool at home with Austin, we attempted to adjust to our new old rental house, and Terrell and I planned my next career move. What a roller coaster of a month!
September was fun! We celebrated Austin's 3rd birthday, enjoyed both big boys playing soccer, had a fun Buggy Days, and were happy to welcome the Fall season!
October was a whirlwind. Big time. Terrell was out of town lots but we still managed a trip to the pumpkin patch, a fun Homecoming week, a memorable pumpkin carving, and a pretty special Halloween with our 3 little men and lots of family. =)
November was pretty amazing as we embraced the holiday season from our hometown. Terrell was still out of town lots but we really enjoyed the month as a whole. The highlights for sure were wrapping up soccer, our week off for Thanksgiving break, Thanksgiving Day, and welcoming Christmastime!  
December... the most wonderful time of the year! It was special, memorable, and magical. We loved our December. Decorating our tree, Terrell's work Christmas party, the Santa tradition, Christmas parties for the boys, and our Christmas lights tradition were a few of our favorite memories. Plus celebrating with our families of course. So blessed and thankful we were home for the holidays! 
And that's a wrap! Wow. What a busy, fun-filled, change-filled year.
Now we're gearing up for a brand new one! This year, it's my hope that our little party of 5 will truly settle in. That we will find and move into our "forever home". That I will settle into my new "working from home full-time" role with ease. That we will enjoy life here to the fullest without a whole lot of crazy. That we will relax and simplify. That we will make the most of our year.
That's my hope and prayer for 2015, and therefore my "theme". Settling in, relaxing, enjoying. We are excited to see God's hand at work in our lives once again. His faithfulness is true! Happy New Year!!

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