Monday, February 3, 2014

Big Brother Day

This weekend was full of high highs and low lows. We had a GREAT Big Brother/Happy Birthday Garrison Day. The boys had tons of fun and it was a huge success. I am so glad we made the time and effort to plan the day and go through with it. Lots of fun family memories were made. =)

It was also a really tough weekend. Our house is a total mess right now. A depressing mess. And it's been hard. We're trying to keep a good attitude and know it could have been much worse, but it still isn't fun.

We also went to see my Granny at the hospital for the first time. And that was really hard. It just isn't easy to see someone you love who has always been so full of life and energy, suffering and weak and not themselves at all. It was a difficult visit to say the least. Please keep praying for her... that she will eat, eat, eat!

So this pregnant mama had herself an emotional weekend. Being on baby watch, living in a mess, and seeing my Granny so sick just made for a HARD couple of days.

However, Saturday was fun and full of memories and something I definitely wanted to document. So here's a recap...

Ready for their big day!
Garrison took an interest to bowling recently so we decided that would be the perfect place to take the boys. They had a BALL. They would have bowled all day if we would've let them. They loved it and are already asking to go back this Saturday. Ha!
Checking things out. They were amazed when we first got there.
We got them the lightest balls possible and they were still big and heavy. Haha.

Garrison took a big interest in the score so it was tough when Austin beat him one game... but he decided bowling is super fun and he wants to go back even if he can't win every time.
After bowling we headed back to Covington to have lunch at the boys' choice of restaurants... Stevi B's!
I love this picture of Austin... I do not love this picture of me. Oh well. Your face just changes when you're 9 months pregnant. Sigh.
After lunch we made a stop by the store for a few baby items and so Garrison could spend some of his birthday money. This is the first time ever he's spent money that's been given to him. Normally, any money he receives goes straight into his piggy bank. And he loves it. But since he's turning 5 we decided it'd be okay to tell him he could spend some of his bday money. It was a tough decision but he decided on a few small items with money leftover for his bank. He was proud and so we were we. =)
After naptime we went to Scoops for a delicious snack. A special treat for the whole fam!

After leaving Scoops we had one more surprise for the boys... play time at Chick-fil-A! They were thrilled. And I got 2 good action shots while we were there. =)

We had such a fun day together as a family celebrating our birthday boy and both of our soon to be big brothers. The whole day was a huge blessing in the midst of some difficult days. And I'm so grateful.

*Tomorrow I'll be 38 weeks... and we have our ultrasound scheduled for first thing in the morning. If they don't send me to the hospital afterwards I'm planning to update sometime tomorrow.

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