Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites: Party Countdown Edition

This week has been sort of slow, sort of crazy, sort of good, sort of not. Haha. The slow part has made the week long. It felt like it took a long time to get to Friday. The crazy part has been all the party prep. We are busily crossing things off our to-do list and readying ourselves and our house for the big 7th birthday party occurring here tomorrow. I think I've been out and about running errands every single day this week and doing lots of cleaning and preparing around the house. The good has come in the form of some surprise days off for me to get prepared for said party, and the not so good has been me trying to kick this crud I've had for weeks. My wonderful NP/bestie came to my rescue so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!

Here's a look at all my faves from the week...

*Monday was one of those surprise days off for me, so while Garrison and Austin were at school Layton and I tackled some shopping. I had coupons that were about to expire and cash rewards to use. I *think* the boys are ready for Easter! And I know it's early to be thinking about Easter but Easter comes in March this year and I just didn't want to be last minute... plus I had coupons. =) My shopping buddy did great!

*After our busy morning shopping, picking Austin up from school, and a quick lunch, this little man crashed and was worn out. I had to wake him up so we could go pick Garrison up. Such sweetness. Can't believe it's almost time to take the paci. It's going to be so tough on my mama heart!

*Our biggest boy had an eye check-up this week and everything looks great. His vision is perfect with the glasses and he only has to wear them as needed. Which we're totally leaving up to him after getting the okay from the doctor himself. He did his homework while we waited which meant no homework for us once we got home after 5! YAY. #itsthelittlethings

*Post bath silliness on Garrison's bed. Oh these boys. So much fun, so much craziness. =)

*I've mentioned before I think that the big boys are SO into college and professional sports right now... watching them, teams' records, teams' rankings, all of it. Well the new thing this week as been scrolling through scores every morning on Terrell's ESPN app while they eat breakfast. They are literally checking all the scores of all the games from the night before... which right now is college basketball and the NBA. They are sooo into it. I can't even really describe it. Garrison is like a statistician keeping up with all the records and rankings of each team and Austin is all about the scores and the winners. It's crazy. Ha. Quiz them on college basketball rankings or who's the best in the NBA and they know it. Quiz them on scores from the night before and they know it. At least we're all sports lovers in this house and we're accepting of their obsession. Haha!

*Garrison brought home a number comparison worksheet the other day that he didn't have to complete so Austin and I tackled it together. I asked him to tell me each number and then to circle the number that was biggest. He knew every single one. I am so proud of him. My teacher-mama heart overflows.

*Layton is loving his slide! Santa made a good choice. =)

*It's pretty rare for me to have a naptime to myself anymore. Austin is starting to have nap time in the living room most days and just "rests" and Garrison doesn't take naps when he's home, so when I had a rare moment of naptime solitude this week I made the most of it! I got Layton and Baby A put to bed about an hour before Austin got home from school. Terrell's mom picked him up and took him out to lunch before bringing him home. So while I had the place to myself I did a little laundry and caught up on Fixer Upper. Ahhh. Bliss. 

*Family Game Night! We're on a roll with this one. =)

*My grocery helper who as soon as we got inside with all the groceries but before I had a chance to say thank you said, You're welcome mom for all your help. Hahaha. He was perfectly sincere and matter of fact about his you're welcome. =)

*Our littlest love now requests to go night night with a book. It's the cutest. Hopefully it will help with the no paci adjustment too. A book plus his array of little lovies he sleeps with. The blue thing between Scout and the turtle is a Pete figurine from Mickey Mouse. Ha. 

*Terrell sent me this of Garrison while they were waiting in the car rider line yesterday morning. Haha. A little pandora before starting the school day. =) 

This weekend we are super excited to celebrate Garrison Cade's 7th birthday. It's the highlight of our weekend and our year so far. =) His first party/major play date at home! We're hoping it's fun for everyone, especially the birthday boy. After a special church service and fun "5th Sunday" we'll be celebrating Terrell's mom's birthday with family before resting up and recovering from our celebration-filled weekend. We're looking forward to it all! Happy Friday!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Fun Plus Snow!

This weekend was such a good one! The whole family is still getting over colds and the crud, but we really loved our weekend. Especially me. =) And the surprise of snow Saturday morning was just a fun bonus!

Friday night I enjoyed a girls night with my besties plus lots of friends from church at a painting party/event. Truth Be Told is such a fun and unique ministry and we had the best time! Anything artistic is way out of my comfort zone and I am probably the most indecisive person ever, so it was super challenging for me but also so fun and easy. I painted between these two... my closest friends and it was the best thing ever. We laughed so hard together and they held my hand and talked me through everything the whole night. Hahaha. Our paintings turned out perfect!

Evidence of me receiving help. Haha!

Brandi (the friend in the middle) organized the whole thing and did an amazing job! She is a busy mom of 3 plus a full time nurse practitioner, plus a Bible Study leader... and she still managed to pull off this event that was a huge success!! We had over 70 ladies there. And Megan, the friend assisting me above is the one who designs all of my Christmas cards and birthday party invites for me. She is also a busy, full-time working mom and designs cards and invites for me and tons of other people in her spare time. I just had to brag on them because they are so talented and wonderful. =)

My sister came too! It was a fun night for everyone there. And Anna's first girls night since having Piper! Everyone chose a verse that is special or unique to them and their family. I loved them all. 

After the professional artist put some final touches on my painting for me I was ready to head home. We chose to hang it in our foyer and hope it's a blessing and reminder to not only our family but also our guests. 

Before going to bed Friday night we saw a few snow flurries but didn't really except to see any of the white stuff on Saturday morning... but we were wrong! We woke up to a light dusting!! The boys were THRILLED. Clearly it doesn't take much to get us excited. Ha.

After a really lazy morning inside just playing and hanging out and staying warm, the boys asked to go out on the deck where we had the most snow. And by that time it had started snowing again. So fun!

Layton slipped and fell the as soon as he stepped outside so he was a little wary at first...

But it didn't take him long to come around. =)

It was FREEZING outside and the wind was crazy so that made things less than enjoyable after the newness wore off and they had touched the snow and made snowballs and played a little.

We came in to find gloves and mittens and they went back outside. Of Austin decided he only wanted one on and Layton refused to wear any. Gracious.

Eventually everybody came inside... one ready, one not, one torn. Haha. The rest of the day was really laid back. I went out solo for a few birthday party errands but that was it. It was pretty restful and low key all day long. Things started getting a little testy for everybody late afternoon so we were thankful to have some dinner plans away from the house.

My parents invited us to go out to one of our favorite BBQ places with them and my grandparents. Other than Layton's high maintenance restaurant self, we had a great time. These two were at my end of the table and kept me entertained all night. =)

Sunday morning we took a few family selfies before church and this was the best we got. Haha.

Sunday afternoon was pretty wonderful. We rested and took naps, we cleaned a little, we went to Granna's and Papa's to use their color printer for Garrison's project since we don't have one at the moment, and we watched the Broncos win! The Selph fam is excited for the Superbowl!

Late Sunday afternoon and into the evening we finished Garrison's first ever school project. Phew!! Mama is soooo thankful it is DONE! Garrison had to choose a President to write a report about and then he had to do a poster board. This was a lot of work for a first grader and he was a trooper. We worked on it a little at a time and he did great. We only had a few tough moments and few times of almost shedding tears (mine by the way, haha) but for the most part things went smoothly. Thank you Jesus.

We helped Garrison choose Teddy Roosevelt as his President to research because of the way he loved animals and nature and all he accomplished during his life and presidency. It turned out to be really fun for Garrison to learn about him. I did the research and then "taught" it to Garrison and we worked together on the report and poster board. TOGETHER. Garrison and mama. Therefore Terrell has project duty for the next one! Haha!

This is a 5 paragraph report that includes 3 paragraphs on character traits possessed by Teddy Roosevelt. Let's just say I feel like an expert on TR now. =) So proud of my biggest boy and all of his hard work on his first report and project!!

Terrell and I wrapped up the weekend by eating leftover pizza together after putting the kiddos to bed and then watching a show. We had a mini at-home date. =)

This week is all about party prep at our house! We're on countdown to Garrison's 7th birthday party! If I don't check in again this week I'll be back next week with a party recap. =) Have a great one!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Week of the Sickies

This week has been filled with the sickies. Boo. Thankfully it hasn't been too bad and we've managed to get through the week without a trip to the doctor or being completely miserable. We've just all had a touch of a cold which isn't very fun. Garrison has had the worst of it but he *appears* to be on the mend now! We're definitely thankful to welcome Friday and the weekend!

Here are my favorite happenings from our week of the sickies...

*First thing Tuesday morning after Garrison left for school and while Layton and Baby A were still finishing up breakfast, Austin and I completed another handwriting page. We're slowly but surely making our way through the alphabet and Austin's handwriting and fine motor skills are getting a little better each week!

*This isn't the best picture, but it's the only one I could get of Layton eating his first of several bites of a BBQ sandwich! This is a really big deal!! He also ate a chicken quesadilla (a little light on the chicken but still), AND chicken and green beans hidden in crescent rolls this week. Haha. I'm celebrating these little victories! 

*I usually make Austin take a nap or have "rest time" in his room on Tuesdays and Thursdays because he doesn't have school those days and we need the break, but on Tuesday he talked me into letting him watch a replay of the Panthers and Seahawks (this little man is OBSESSED with sports... football in particular right now) and due to not feeling his best he fell asleep on the couch. I'd gladly let him have rest time every afternoon in the living room if he always took a nap. =)

*The remote control motorcycles have been super popular this week! We've been stuck inside all week due to really cold weather and not feeling great so the boys have put their motorcycles to work. And the bonus is that they entertain Layton too! They've been played with all over the house every single day this week. 

*We finally got our gas logs to work this week! Yaaaay!! They were installed in our house in November of 2004 and rarely if ever used so they were a little rusty and took a while to work. But my hubby didn't give up so we're able to enjoy them whenever we want! We still need to have them checked out and to add more of the fake rocks or whatever goes in the bottom of gas logs, but other than that we're excited and thankful to have them working!

*Garrison woke up with a temperature Wednesday morning and just felt terrible... so he stayed home from school while Austin had to go to school. They were so upset over not being together. Garrison wanted Austin to stay home with him and Austin wanted to skip school to be with Garrison. I love how much they love each other. They were thrilled to be reunited around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon. =)

*Garrison even made Austin a card while he was at school and gave it to him as soon as he got home. So sweet. 

*Our littlest man has had a pretty yucky runny nose this week but it hasn't slowed him down one bit. Books and puzzles have been his favorite little hobbies. That, and being held, rocked, read to, or loved on by mama. =)

*Austin cheered everybody up with his silliness this week. 

And inspired his brothers to join the fun. Haha. 

*A little playtime with daddy before settling down for the night! My boys have the best daddy. Love all 4 of my guys so much. 

*Every morning when I go in to wake up the boys for school I turn on their lamp first and then turn off their fan and night light before turning my attention to them to tell them good morning and that it's time to wake up. Yesterday morning this is what I saw when I went to tell Austin good morning. He's under the huge stuffed dog. Hahaha. My aunt and uncle gave him this for Christmas and apparently he used it for extra cover or something? I'm really not sure. Haha!

*Austin and I also snuck in time for our alphabet train on yesterday. We're working hard on letter sounds and he's almost there! I even heard Garrison quizzing him on them over the monitor last night. =)

*Favorite not-pictured moments: All the times my 3 boys have spent playing together. Sometimes I get nervous about Layton not being as close to Garrison and Austin as they are to each other. My big boys have a super strong bond and friendship and I want Layton to experience that with them too. This week I think God has opened my eyes to the love and friendship they all have. Garrison was home for a day with Layton while Austin was at school. We skipped choir due to not feeling good so the big boys had extra time with Layton. And I was able to witness the way they love each other and play together and all have a special relationship with each other. Layton is still the baby at our house and too little to participate in certain things, but as he grows and gets bigger, I know the friendship and bond is just going to continue to soar and I'm so thankful already.

*We booked our summer vacation to the beach! Yay!!

*Favorite quote this week: Earlier this week I was standing at the counter making lunch or supper when Austin came into the kitchen and did something he wasn't supposed to. I can't remember what it was but it was quiet and sneaky and without ever turning my head I told him not to do it. I can't remember what it was but I do remember naming it. He immediately said How do y'all both see without looking?? It took me a second to understand what he meant and I had to ask who he was talking about but he was wondering how me and Terrell both are able to see them doing something without looking at them. Hahahaha. #it'sjustsomethingmamaanddaddyknowshowtodo =)

*Favorite read of the week: Step Back & Look at the Great Kids in Front of You. This is really, really good. A great reminder for mamas, especially after a hard day or a tough afternoon or a battle of some sorts with your kiddos. 

This weekend is going to be pretty laid back. I have a fun painting event at church tonight and tomorrow is pretty much wide open. Other than needing a few more party items and finishing up Garrison's first school project, our calendar is totally free. We are so thankful for the weekend and the opportunity for extra rest and time together. We're also hoping to all get back to 100% fast! Happy Friday!!