Friday, January 31, 2014

LOTS Happening

We have a LOT going on right now. Obviously we have a baby boy coming soon... and there is much preparation still in the works, but we also have LOTS of other stuff happening too.

*Our birthday outing/big brother day is tomorrow! We're hoping it's special and fun for both boys.

*My biggest boy's 5th birthday is Wednesday!! It's a school day for all of us but we still must celebrate on his actual birthday. This is a big one. Balloons, donuts, treats at school, his favorite meal all must be a part of his special day. (Although our ultrasound is scheduled for the day before... the same ultrasound with Austin that we were told you have to have the baby right away. Soooo, I'm trying to be prepared for anything, all the while praying my firstborn and third born don't share a birthday.)

*My Granny (my mom's mom) has been in the hospital over a week now. We've seen improvements and then setbacks, then little improvements, then more setbacks. It's just been a roller coaster for sure. She is still very weak and we aren't sure what type of rehab/physical therapy is best... or what the next step is to helping her get well. Please pray for her. And my mom and PawPaw who have been with her almost around the clock.

*We have Valentine's Day coming up... Not a huge deal for us but still a holiday we celebrate and acknowledge. The boys will take Valentines to school. Terrell and I will plan a special treat or two for them at home. We usually get take-out and try to make it somewhat special for Terrell and I. And I'd love to start my Project I Love You Because again this year. However, baby boy could arrive anytime between now and then. Which means I need the boys' Valentines ready to go soon. And their treats/gifts from Terrell and I ready to go soon. And my little project started soon... if I still want to attempt it. Sigh. Busy times.

*Kindergarten registration is upon us. *Tear. We are "registering" 3 different times with 3 different schools and have NO idea where our baby will end up. It is HARD not knowing. All 3 of our options are public school options but one is a lottery you enter to determine whether you're "in" or not, one is the next county over so we have to be "approved" to go there (and won't know whether we're approved or not til June), and one is an online public charter school which will essentially mean me homeschooling him. Gathering up the 576 forms and paper work needed to get him registered has been a little stressful in the midst of everything else we have going on, but the not knowing what to do and having so much out of our control has been really tough. Then, to make matters worse, Garrison just about broke my heart yesterday when his anxiety over Kindergarten came out. He said, I just want to go to AnAn's school. (The school where my sister teaches in our hometown of Barnesville.) That is the best school. That is the only school I'm going to go to. But mama, when I go to Kindergarten I'm gonna be away from Austin. He told me all this on the verge of tears. Oh my heart! Covering it in prayer is all we can do.

*And last but not least... yesterday we had a pipe burst near our back door in our dining room. The pipe that goes to our outside spicket. Thankfully I was home and able to get in touch with Terrell who was in a meeting out of town. He called one of our neighbors who, Praise the Lord, was able to come over right away and turn our water off. We were also blessed that a recommended plumber was in the area and able to spend the entire afternoon trying to get our running water back on without more flooding. It definitely could have been so much worse. We have wet carpet in our dining room and a hole in our ceiling but other than that things are pretty normal. The timing is sort of terrible but we'll be fine. God is faithful.

So there's an update on all the many, many things we having going on. I'm so thankful and reassured that God has ALL of it in His hands. The good and the not so good happenings. To quote one of the boys' new books... A thankful heart is a happy heart, "I'm glad for what I have", that's an easy way to start. For the love that He shares, 'cause He listens to my prayers, that's why I say thanks everyday! =)

Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Days

It snowed at our house! Yay!!! We haven't seen a good snow in about 3 years so we were ready for the white stuff. My littlest's first ever snow and my big boy's first ever snow he can remember! It's always so pretty and so nice to enjoy... especially if you're able to be home and not have to travel or get out and about. My boys have LOVED it.

On yesterday we read some books about snow starting around 11:00 and as soon as we'd finish one they'd go to the door to check for snowflakes. Finally a little after 12:00 it started. We watched it fall while we ate lunch. Garrison said Thank you God for sending the snow. Precious.

The bank closed yesterday about 2:00 so daddy got to spend the afternoon home with us... which means the boys finally got to go out in the snow after naptime. It was freezing cold but lots of fun!

They made snowballs for a few minutes... then kicked the soccer ball with daddy for a few minutes... then mama insisted they come inside. We do not keep snow attire for the boys and it was so, so cold I didn't like the thought of them being outside too long. Just call me over protective I guess.

Thankfully we found some big winter jackets in the back of their closet (one hand-me-down and one consignment shop find from my mom). But we don't have winter boots and we had to put socks on their hands for gloves. Oh the shame.

In our defense, they've outgrown or not needed gloves for the past 2 years so socks were our only option. Poor babies. The ironic thing is we just redeemed some "super cash" rewards from Old Navy and ordered them both hats and gloves... they just haven't arrived yet. Oh well. The socks worked okay and no one was frost bitten.

We went to bed last night praying for all the people stranded or still trying to get home. And our brother-in-law who was out working all night. What a mess. But this morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow and a surprise day off for daddy. It turned out to be such a fun day. We got some things done around house, let the boys go out to play in the snow after lunch and then again after naptime, and made another freezer meal (8 out of 10 complete!).

They decided to clean off their slide and loved touching the snow... with their double layer of socks on for mittens. =)

They also went up to the golf course with daddy. Mama just couldn't hang. I was freezing. Brrrrrr!
They ran their hearts out on the golf course and Terrell sent me these pictures...
Pure joy...
Times two!
Then we decided to try out a homemade sled. Turns out baby pools have more than one use.

They loved "sledding". Terrell has decided he's getting them a real sled for the next time it snows. Which may be another few years, but at least we'll be prepared. They got to go back out after naptime and pretty much spent all their time sledding down the front yard. I think it's safe to say some fun memories were made.

The snow has been a big hit and I'm so thankful my boys got to experience it finally. And that we've had no where to be or go. A warm home on cold days is such a blessing. Tomorrow is another day off school for us. Yay for snow days!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Over the weekend I had two wonderful showers to celebrate Baby Layton and his upcoming arrival. They were both such blessings to us that I could have cried Sunday night going through everything. When you're having your 3rd baby of the same gender people don't make such a big deal over you and the baby. Ha! So we honestly weren't sure whether we'd have a shower or not. How blessed are we that we got to have TWO?!
The first shower was an "Orange Room" baby shower. I teach in the Orange Room/3 year old class at school and one of my parents sent home this invitation with all of my students. How precious?!!

This was the most thoughtful gesture. And I LOVE the idea. It's so sweet and involves the students and blesses the teacher. I will definitely do this in the future if one of my babies has a pregnant teacher. It was the sweetest thing ever. I left Friday afternoon with a car load full of goodies for my newest baby boy. We got lots of diapers and wipes and necessities. Such a blessing!
And we got to enjoy these precious, delicious cookies. They were a hit!
Then on Sunday afternoon all the girls from work/school gave me a shower. It was very laid back... we went out to a Mexican restaurant and I opened gifts while we waited on our food. I was totally overwhelmed at everyone's genorosity and excitement to celebrate our 3rd baby boy. My mom and sister made the trip over (for the 2nd day in a row) too! It was such a fun afternoon.

I got so many nice and needed things and Terrell and I are SO grateful!!


As soon as we found out we were having another boy we realized we were going to need lots... and decided to go ahead and register just in case. The chances of all of your baby stuff surviving a 3rd round is not that high. We had to throw away or get rid of several items just because they were so worn or ruined or old. Having these two school showers has been the biggest blessing. And the fact that my mom is treating this baby like our first has been a pretty big deal too. =)
We have everything almost ready for Layton to use and enjoy. We still need a few "decorative" things for the nursery... and to get our room set-up as a mini nursery for at least the first week or month or so...but everything else is just about ready to go. Everything went great with my 37 week appointment this morning so now we're just waiting on our ultrasound (scheduled for a week from today). The countdown is on!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Garrison's 5th Birthday Party

On Saturday afternoon we celebrated my oldest baby's 5th birthday. Everything went great and he had so much fun. Birthday party success! Yaaaay!!

(His actual birthday isn't until February 5th, but we made the decision to celebrate plenty early just in case baby brother decides to make his debut well before his due date.)

(Some of our pictures turned out a little "grainy". Ugh. The strange thing is that when I previewed them before uploading they were perfect. Hopefully it's not an issue with us or our camera...)

Back to the party~

This party felt like a slow process coming together and a lot of last minute craziness, but in the end it was all worth it and everything turned out pretty perfect. Garrison finally decided on a pirate theme (with Jake and the Neverland Pirates being his inspiration) and he finally decided he was okay with our decision to have the party at "Let's Paint Pottery". This was only our 2nd "on location" party and there just aren't tons of options out there. We needed something age appropriate and fun, something reasonable that wouldn't break the bank, and something inside. Sooo, "Let's Paint Pottery" was the best option. We had a fun time and great experience and are so thankful. For a while there I was nervous about every single party decision we made because everything was such a big decision for Garrison that I didn't want him to be disappointed. Thankfully he was not. =)

My super talented friend Megan designed the invitation and did an amazing job once again. She has us totally spoiled! Her work is THE best.
Party location set up. So fun!
The cake and favor table, plus Garrison's framed party invitation.
The cake turned out so good. This was another big decision for my almost 5 year old. Not only was it super cute, it was super yummy. =) And we did a cookie cake as well, just like last year. Another big hit.
The treasure chest held all of the favors. We gave each party guest a little bag of treasure (burlap tied with a leather string)
The "treasure" inside was a compass, gold coins, silver and gold necklaces/beads, and silver candy (Hershey's kisses). Plus we added a Jake and the Neverland Pirate pencil.
Ready to paint
The whole group did a great job and seemd to have fun with painting the little piece of pottery they picked out. Even Austin loved it and was into it. Both my boys chose race cars to paint along with some of the other boys. All the girls chose a cat. We had a couple of boys choose a ninja turtle and one boy chose a pirate skull. I can't wait to see the finished products when I get to pick them up later this week.
After everyone finished painting it was time for cake and ice cream. Garrison smiled and beamed at me the entire time we sang Happy Birthday. Melt. My. Heart. It was so precious.
The cake and ice cream were loved by all... and so were the treasure map napkins. =)
Present time was super fun for my big boy. He loved all his new things. And watching his reaction to everything and the reaction of his friends was pretty priceless. Oh the joy that comes with turning 5.
Of course we had to get a family pic before wrapping up the party. The Selph's five. =)
After the party when we were walking out to the car Garrison said, Mama, that was fun! I loved my party!! The ultimate indicator of success and approval. I thought my heart would burst I was so grateful and so happy. He even declared he wanted to go back to Let's Paint Pottery when he turned 6. I'm so glad he reeally loved his party. 
My parents, Terrell's parents, and AnAn and Frankie came back over to our house after the party to celebrate with Garrison a little more and watch him open presents from them. We typically don't open family gifts at the actual party since it would take forever, plus this gives the grandparents and other family some extra time with the birthday boy... away from 8-10 of his friends. We had a fun afternoon and night and my biggest boy was blessed with lots of fun things. We went out to eat with my family at one of our favorite restaurants before everyone went back home.
I am so thankful for a fun party for Garrison and that everything went so smoothly. Hopefully Layton won't come on Garrison's birthday and we can celebrate again on February 5th. For now, he's still 4 and we aren't rushing things. =)
Now we're looking forward to a special outing this weekend... we're combining a Happy Birthday Garrison outing (part of his gift from us) with a special Big Brother Day. We're taking the boys bowling for the first time ever. Plus to do a few other special things. Fingers crossed it's fun for them both and that they love the whole day!
Thanks to all our family and friends for celebrating Garrison's 5th birthday with us! It was a GREAT day!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's Top 4

For some reason I only have 4 things... for the 2nd Friday in a row. Anyway, here are my top 4 things to share before heading into our weekend...

1. This morning at school one of my sweet parents along with my whole class of preschoolers gave me a shower. It was precious. I got lots of diapers, wipes, and other necessities, plus some cutesy things. It was such a thoughtful and sweet gesture I've decided I must make this happen in the future if one of my children ever have a pregnant teacher. =)

2. Terrell and I have had a CRAZY busy week with all the party prep we've had going on. Tomorrow is the day! We're celebrating my big boy turning 5! This party has seemed very last minute from the start considering the "venue" was a BIG decision, the theme was a BIG decision, the cake was a BIG decision, etc. Sigh. Someone inherited their mama's indecisive traits. Bless him. He changed his mind about 50 times trying to decide whether he wanted a superhero theme or a pirate theme. (Several other themes were brought up and discussed but it all came down to deciding between superheros and pirates.) Then he changed his mind about where he wanted the party to be held. Then he thought he might want a reptile party here at our house with real, live reptiles. (We've never hosted a birthday party at our house because of space and the fact that he has a Winter birthday so being outside isn't typically an option... not that we have much of a yard anyway). So he finally decided against that. Then we sort of made a final decision for him on the party location and let him decide the theme. Whew. It was a whirlwind. And we haven't slowed down since. Plus we're having a baby soon. Plus my littlest has been sick. But tomorrow is party day and hopefully it will be fun, wonderful, special, and memorable for our Garrison Cade. Can't believe he's almost 5.

3. My littlest man came down with a bad cold early this week. Poor baby had it rough. After going to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon we found out he also had an ear infection (caused by the cold) and that he needed breathing treatments. Our first experience ever with breathing treatments. So far he's done really great. He's doing much better and we are so thankful. Now we're just hoping we get to sleep through the night for a stretch before Layton arrives. I think it's possible.... I hope it's possible.... It's just gotta be possible.

4. We finally booked our vacation to the beach!! It consumed our every waking moment for a while there but we finally got it done. After being "beat out" for our first 2 choices of places to stay, we found "the one" and it's much cheaper than our first 2 choices. This is a huge blessing! (The price AND the fact that the search is over!!)

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

36 Weeks!

Here we are at 9 months pregnant. It's hard to believe it's here already! We're about to be on official baby watch. It's exciting and overwhelming all at the same time! My appointment went well this morning and as of now my midwife doesn't think he's too big. Very good news. We scheduled my ultrasound for 38 weeks to give us a better idea of just how big he is... and then it's decision time. Please pray for us to make the right one. I'm starting to feel a little anxious not knowing. My first choice is a natural delivery, however, I do not want to experience what I did with Garrison. Clearly by body is not meant to deliver 8 pound plus babies. So, I'm hoping God gives us clear direction with what we should do. Preferably clearer than Austin's decision. Here's Austin's birth story in case you don't know the full story. ANYWAY, here's an update on baby Layton and I...
Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 36 weeks! Let the countdown begin!

Size of Baby: About 17-19 inches and possibly over 6 pounds! About the size of a watermelon. Wow.

Total Weight Gained/Lost: 28 pounds so far... Must be all the ice cream I'm enjoying on a regular basis. =)

Maternity Clothes: As much as possible except for my pjs and comfy/stretchy pants.

Gender: Baby boy #3

Movement: He is still super active and loves rolling around all over the place in the evenings when I'm finally still. He's also feeling cramped lately... poor baby is running out of room. Extended trips in the car are not my friend.

Food Cravings: Ice cream is still very much DELISH, but I think I feel that way all the time, pregnant or not. I actually don't think I've had any true cravings lately. Although I am definitely loving water (which is my drink of choice for every meal and snack anyway... except breakfast) But I've been thirsty a lot and drinking tons of it. No idea what that's about.

What I Miss: Being comfortable. I'm not to the "miserable" stage yet or anything... and I don't think I've ever reached that stage with any of my pregnancies, but mama is rarely comfortable. I've felt more pains and pressure and discomfort and tightness with this baby boy than I ever did with the first 2. I get the feeling Layton might very well come all on his own... without any help... unlike his big brothers.

Sleep: Sleep is going okay. Not wonderful but not terrible. I wake up to change positions (which is often) and then usually fall asleep again quickly. Lately, my littlest man has been waking us up because he's coughing or congested and asking for drink or tissue or something. Then, once I'm awake it's hard to fall back asleep. We still have lots to do it feels like so my mind takes a while to slow down and relax again.

Symptons: Oh symptons, how numerous you've become. Haha. I'm tired a lot and go to the bathroom a lot. I feel heavy and out of breath easily. I'm also starting to have more frequent Braxton Hicks and feel lots more pressure and "pains" at the end of the day during the evening. Once I can kick up my feet and get comfortable on the couch my body relaxes again. Definitely one of my favorite times of the day. My back has started hurting at the end of the day too... and so have my feet. AND, a weird one, I wake up during the night with my right hand tingly or going numb. Then my fingers on my right hand may or may not feel tingly off and on during different times of the day. So strange. It's supposed to go away as soon as he's born. And it better because it's starting to drive me crazy. Okay, that's all I can think of.

Best Moment This Week: Our long weekend and accomplishing lots to prepare for Garrison's party and Layton's arrival. 

What I'm Looking Forward To: Celebrating with Garrison and getting my littlest man feeling better!
Austin's update at 36 weeks..

Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Long Weekend

We had ourselves a long, full weekend that was mostly fun with a little interesting and crazy mixed in. I'm so thankful we had an extra day with daddy and that we don't have to go back to school until Wednesday. (I'm keeping Garrison out an extra day to make a trip to B'ville for haircuts and a *hopefully* repair to the Jeep's air conditioning.)

Saturday we were able to do a little more shopping for baby boy and then we made the trip to B'ville for my Nanny's birthday party. The boys got to spend the night while mama and daddy were able to enjoy a date on Sunday. Such a treat!

My parents gave the boys brand new suitcases for Christmas... they were SO proud to get to use them for the first time. It is a big deal pulling around your very own, monogrammed suitcase. BIG. Meltdowns just might occur if someone besides YOU pulls YOUR suitcase.

Nanny's party was a lot of fun and my babies had the best time celebrating with everyone... especially cousin Cecil. If Saturday night was a preview of how much they're going to love and be fascinated with their baby brother then we're all good. They are smitten with babies right now. Again, my parents were the best hosts and served us lots of yummy food and provided a great night.
Because bedtime has been a battle lately and we didn't want to leave my parents with all the work (esepcially since they still had "guests" in their home at bedtime) we decided to attempt to stay and put the boys to bed before leaving to go back home. Things went so-so. About as good as could be expected spending the night away from home I guess. I mean, if things are challenging at home in their very own bed and room, then things are definitely going to be challenging away from home. Thankfully there were no major issues so we were able to get home by 10:00 and we even slept a little late.

After getting ready we used a gift card from Christmas and went to Long Horn for an early lunch. It was delish. We hadn't been there in a looong time and it was sooo good. After lunch we made a quick trip to Walmart and then went to see a movie. At a theater! Our first movie theater experience since possibly last January. We don't get out much. Ha! We saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and it was really, really good! It was one of those high action/intensity movies but without any major craziness that makes you want to close your eyes or ears or possibly causes you to lose trust and faith in the movie altogether. My kind of movie. For sure. I highly recommend it.

After the movie we went out for ice cream and then home for a lazy remainder of the afternoon. It was a pretty perfect last date before baby. Thanks Granna and Papa!!

Meanwhile the boys went to church with my parents and then out to lunch with them plus lots of other family. They had a fun afternoon... especially after naptime when they got to play outside and raid the Little Debbie truck. =)
We met my parents and the boys, plus AnAn and Frankie at a Mexican restaurant in Jackson. We had a fun meal together before heading home with our babies... who were happy to see us. Yay! Once we got home and got past a few meltdowns from exhaustion they boys fell asleep easily. Double yay!

Bright and early this morning, things sort of went downhill. Austin woke up about 4 times between 5:30 and 8:00. We realized he's coming down with something. Boo! Then Terrell spent the entire first half of the day purchasing and installing a new dryer since our other one died. It took WAY longer than either one of us expected and threw off the whole day. Then Austin only took about an hour nap because he was congested and couldn't sleep... so he cried a lot and then decided to take down every single book from his book shelf. Then the boys went outside to play while I bought groceries. Longest grocery shopping trip ever. Then we had a pretty smooth bedtime but are anticipating a pretty rough night with our littlest. Sigh.
Despite today's craziness and slight change in plans we are super thankful for our long weekend. Sleeping late and having daddy home are always blessings! Now, we're just praying Austin sleeps good and wakes up feeling better than he did going to bed. This is a busy week preparing for our big boy's birthday party and a baby shower for Layton. Hopefully it's just the sniffles and nothing more.

***I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow... 9 months pregnant! My doctor's appointment is Wednesday so I'll update after that. =)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Top 4

1. We get to kick off a long weekend this afternoon! I'm so looking forward to the extra day we'll have off with daddy. An extra day off for mama is nice, but an extra day off for daddy is super nice! We have plans to go to the hometown to celebrate my Nanny's birthday, go out on one last date before baby boy arrives, and hopefully clean the house a little and do more to get ready for our next big events... Garrison's 5th birthday party and welcoming our newest family member.

2. Every January for the past few years we have been consumed with planning our annual beach vacation. Consumed. It is CRAZY the amount of time and energy that goes into the process. I said last year we weren't going to wait til January to start searching for the right place to spend our week away in the summer... but we sort of had a busy fall what with a wedding and everything. Then Terrell and I were torn about financial decisions related to this year with a new baby and losing my income. BUT, we decided once and for all we are seeing a beach this summer, Lord willing, so consumed we will be with this search. Maybe we'll find "the one" soon. I sure hope so.

3. This morning for my quiet time I read from my devotional something I really loved... even though it's a sort of tough reminder... Few things in life are more sad, or for that matter, more absurd, than grumpy Christians. Christ promises us lives of abundance and joy if we accept His love and His grace. Yet sometimes, even the most righteous among us are beset by fits of ill temper and frustration. During these moments we may not feel like turning our thoughts and prayers to Christ, but if we seek to gain perspective and peace, that's precisely what we must do. Reeally something to ponder over. Having a good attitude and being cheerful should be traits we possess as Christians. It's not always easy but this is such a great reminder.

4. Bedtime continues to be a battle here at our house. That is all. Haha. We have seen some glimmers of hope for improvement but then they fade away. I think perspective is the best way for us to "survive" all the frustration that has come with these past few weeks of issues. It won't last forever. For the most part, we are getting good sleep. One day I won't be totally exhausted and super uncomfortable at bedtime and just ready to give up. Okay, so maybe I'll be totally exhausted at bedtime for a while to come, BUT, I won't be so uncomfortable that I feel like I'm going to cry if I have to keep sitting on Austin's bed attempting to rein him in for one more minute. In other words, it will get better. Eventually. In the meantime, we just have to keep the right perspective... and attitude.

And I couldn't think of a 5th thing, hence "Friday's Top 4". =) Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Gifts That Keep Giving

It's time for my 3rd annual THANK YOU blog post to all of our family for spoiling the boys this Christmas! They had a really great Christmas and have enjoyed all of their gifts. Seriously. Everything has been a hit. This year we scaled back a little and focused less on quantity and more on quality and it was definitely the right decision. Here are a few pics of the boys with some of their Christmas gifts... the perfect way to show and say thanks!

Playing at their new lego table. This is a toy I know they'll get more and more use and enjoyment out of as they grow... a really good trait for a gift! 

Garrison's "Gear Builders" have been super fun for both boys. Even though it's technically Garrison's gift, Austin has enjoyed them just as much as big brother. The gears occupied them for about 45 minutes yesterday afternoon while I cooked supper. It was heavenly!

Austin is loving Bucky and the crew from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. (Garrison is too.) Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a big deal at our house right now.
Stamping fun! The boys are loving their new stamps. The day I got these pics, Austin stayed at the table almost an hour. That's a record for my littlest man sitting and "crafting". He was covered in ink afterwards but he was most certainly engaged and enjoying himself.

Garrison got the first 4 books in the Magic Treehouse series and we've finished them all! We're looking forward to him getting more for his birthday. I highly recommend this series for introducing chapter books.
Who Shook Hook is a favorite for our firstborn. Maybe one day, little brother can participate too... for now he doesn't quite understand the importance of grabbing treasure without waking up Captain Hook.
Austin loves his Linking Letter Monkeys... and so does Garrison... and so does mama. These have been great for letter recognition, sorting, counting, etc. And it really is amazing how so many gifts are enjoyed by both boys. Guess it's a sign of having 2 big boys now.
Filling up with gas before a big race. =) Once the weather warms up and we're going outside multiple times a week we're planning to move the gas station to the garage so we can pull it out when they're driving their cars. That's when they play "getting gas" the most so it should be even more fun.
Garrison is loving his new Kindle... and Austin's pretty fond of it too.
And their most favorite bath toy that gets played with every single night... the ferry boat and cars. Huge hit!

Thanks SO much to the grandparents, aunts, and uncles for being so generous to our kiddos yet again. They are enjoying all of their gifts, even the ones not pictured, to the fullest. January has not been boring for the Selph boys. They were truly blessed with gifts that keep giving. So fun!