Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Long Weekend

We had ourselves a long, full weekend that was mostly fun with a little interesting and crazy mixed in. I'm so thankful we had an extra day with daddy and that we don't have to go back to school until Wednesday. (I'm keeping Garrison out an extra day to make a trip to B'ville for haircuts and a *hopefully* repair to the Jeep's air conditioning.)

Saturday we were able to do a little more shopping for baby boy and then we made the trip to B'ville for my Nanny's birthday party. The boys got to spend the night while mama and daddy were able to enjoy a date on Sunday. Such a treat!

My parents gave the boys brand new suitcases for Christmas... they were SO proud to get to use them for the first time. It is a big deal pulling around your very own, monogrammed suitcase. BIG. Meltdowns just might occur if someone besides YOU pulls YOUR suitcase.

Nanny's party was a lot of fun and my babies had the best time celebrating with everyone... especially cousin Cecil. If Saturday night was a preview of how much they're going to love and be fascinated with their baby brother then we're all good. They are smitten with babies right now. Again, my parents were the best hosts and served us lots of yummy food and provided a great night.
Because bedtime has been a battle lately and we didn't want to leave my parents with all the work (esepcially since they still had "guests" in their home at bedtime) we decided to attempt to stay and put the boys to bed before leaving to go back home. Things went so-so. About as good as could be expected spending the night away from home I guess. I mean, if things are challenging at home in their very own bed and room, then things are definitely going to be challenging away from home. Thankfully there were no major issues so we were able to get home by 10:00 and we even slept a little late.

After getting ready we used a gift card from Christmas and went to Long Horn for an early lunch. It was delish. We hadn't been there in a looong time and it was sooo good. After lunch we made a quick trip to Walmart and then went to see a movie. At a theater! Our first movie theater experience since possibly last January. We don't get out much. Ha! We saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and it was really, really good! It was one of those high action/intensity movies but without any major craziness that makes you want to close your eyes or ears or possibly causes you to lose trust and faith in the movie altogether. My kind of movie. For sure. I highly recommend it.

After the movie we went out for ice cream and then home for a lazy remainder of the afternoon. It was a pretty perfect last date before baby. Thanks Granna and Papa!!

Meanwhile the boys went to church with my parents and then out to lunch with them plus lots of other family. They had a fun afternoon... especially after naptime when they got to play outside and raid the Little Debbie truck. =)
We met my parents and the boys, plus AnAn and Frankie at a Mexican restaurant in Jackson. We had a fun meal together before heading home with our babies... who were happy to see us. Yay! Once we got home and got past a few meltdowns from exhaustion they boys fell asleep easily. Double yay!

Bright and early this morning, things sort of went downhill. Austin woke up about 4 times between 5:30 and 8:00. We realized he's coming down with something. Boo! Then Terrell spent the entire first half of the day purchasing and installing a new dryer since our other one died. It took WAY longer than either one of us expected and threw off the whole day. Then Austin only took about an hour nap because he was congested and couldn't sleep... so he cried a lot and then decided to take down every single book from his book shelf. Then the boys went outside to play while I bought groceries. Longest grocery shopping trip ever. Then we had a pretty smooth bedtime but are anticipating a pretty rough night with our littlest. Sigh.
Despite today's craziness and slight change in plans we are super thankful for our long weekend. Sleeping late and having daddy home are always blessings! Now, we're just praying Austin sleeps good and wakes up feeling better than he did going to bed. This is a busy week preparing for our big boy's birthday party and a baby shower for Layton. Hopefully it's just the sniffles and nothing more.

***I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow... 9 months pregnant! My doctor's appointment is Wednesday so I'll update after that. =)

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