Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Few Pieces of News to Share

*We are declaring it official..... Austin is potty trained!! I can't believe my not-even 2 year old is going to the potty like a pro. We are SO proud of him! He's been wearing "big boy underwear" at home full time for a while now. We'd have our occassional accident but for the most part he would always stay dry, tell us when he had to go poop, and never fought going when we took him. We gradually tried outings in underwear and just this week started letting him wear it to school. And he's just kept right on making progress. Right now we still put him in a pull-up or diaper for nap time and bedtime. I'm thinking he's ready to try nap time with underwear since I can't remember the last time he was wet after his nap, however bedtime is a different story. We may be in diapers and pull-ups for in while in that department. But I'm okay with that because he "trained" and caught on so young. He even beat his brother's record of being potty trained at 2 years, 3 months. In my opinion, boys being harder has got to be a myth. Now if I could just figure out how to stop him from wanting to visit public restrooms multiple times... yuck.

*My sister and her fiance' are now proud homeowners!! Yaaaaaay! They signed on the dotted line Monday afternoon after a crazy, long, stressful journey of purchasing a short-sale home. The Lord definitely opened doors for them throughout the way and wanted them to have this house based on all the TOTAL craziness they went through to get it. My father-in-law was their agent on the sale and that was definitely a God-thing too. He worked long and hard for months to insure they would eventually close. And they did! We are so excited for them and thankful God provided a beautiful home for them to start married life together.

*Saturday we're heading to Barnesville to help in any way we can with Anna and Frankie's new house. I'm mainly going to entertain my kiddos and keep them out of the way... but my hubby is ready to be put to work... until our deadline of 4:00 when we'll need to wrap it up and head home. Saturday is a BIG day for my UGA-lovin husband. We're picking up pizza and watching the game start to finish. Both of us. One of his birthday requests was that I watch the entire Georgia-Clemson game with him. I'm going to try my best to keep my eyes open and my mind focused. Ha!

*Austin turns 2 on September 3rd so we have a fun birthday-Labor Day planned when we all have the day off together. Then, his party will be the following weekend. We are super busy finalizing everything and getting ready for our baby boy's big day.

*I have a doctor's appointment on Friday morning that has taken forever to get here. 5 weeks to be exact. I'm just ready to hear the heartbeat and know everything's okay. And, we get to find out Friday when we'll find out the gender of Baby Selph. I'm so excited! Of course we'd love a little girl what with already having 2 boys... and because girls are typcially close to their moms/families, BUT, this baby wasn't our try for a girl and we will be over the moon thrilled with another boy. Afterall, we know boys and haven't got a clue about girls. Haha. I LOVE my boys and they LOVE me back. =) Two moms I know at two separate times told me they wished every mom could have a boy and share that experience because it's a love like you've never known. And it's true. But girls are definitely special too and I think the friendships most girls share with their moms is pretty priceless as well. Whether Baby Selph is a girl or a boy we know it's God's doing and His plan for our family. We can't wait to find out and finally decide on a name and call it something besides it. =) I'll keep you posted...

That's it for now. Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun Filled Weekend

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend filled with a girls night, family time, a birthday celebration, more family time, and a special trip. We were all exhausted today but I'd say it was definitely worth it. =)

Friday night my in-laws came over to baby-sit so that Terrell could go to a work thing and so I could have a girls night. My boys were in heaven with their grandparents and loved every second of having Nana and Pops here, and I had the best time catching up with my teacher friends from the "Dream Team".

I taught 2nd grade with a group of 7 other ladies (of all different ages) my second year of teaching back in 2007-2008 and we formed a bond that's remained close even after we all went our separate ways. We worked together like a dream, supported one another, prayed for another, and even went on a weekend trip together that school year. We all got along so well and became such good friends, we deemed ourselves the Dream Team... and still call ourselves that to this day. We had been trying to get together for months so I was so thankful the conflict Terrell had didn't cause me to miss out. Another "member" and I are expecting babies within a week of each other so our next get together will be before the babies arrive. =)

Saturday was a really fun day too. We signed our big boy up for flag football. It's sponsored by a local church so it's similar to Upward programs and we're really excited. Garrison goes from being nervous to excited so we'll see how the season goes. We decided against soccer this season due to the fact that our Fall is crazy busy, soccer around these parts is super expensive, the season is really long, and we knew we'd have to miss at least 3 games. Sooo, it just wasn't worth it. We're praying flag football is fun, safe, and a great experience for our little man.

Saturday afternoon my parents, sister, and Frankie came over to celebrate Terrell's birthday with us. The boys loved having all that company. (In fact Austin hasn't stopped asking for every single one of them. =)) They had the best time playing and getting lots of extra attention. We had a delicious dinner out at one of our favorite local restaurants and then went to the Square for ice cream. My mom brought along a cake and candles too. Unfortunately it was too windy for the candles to stay lit but we got a big laugh out of crowding around the cake trying to block the wind while singing happy birthday super fast. The boys had a ball playing and eating and we had a super fun night...except apparently Austin ate too much. Way too much.

We woke up to a huge mess Sunday morning around 1:15 AM. Yuck. Poor baby threw up everything he had eaten the night before. Thankfully after we got him and his bed cleaned up and a load of laundry started he went right back to sleep and slept all night.

Then, bright and early Sunday morning, Terrell and his dad got on a plane bound for St. Louis to watch the Braves play the Cardinals. They visit a new baseball stadium every year and make it a day trip. This year they went to the Gateway Arch while they were there and rode to the top. Here are the pictures Terrell sent me...

The tiny, 5-seater, "capsule" you ride in to the top... which takes 4 minutes. Terrell wasn't a huge fan. Ha!
The view from the top looking straight down. Whoa.
After the game, (which the Braves won!), they saw John Smoltz and Brian Jordan at the airport and they were both nice enough to pose for a picture. We are huge fans of them both and since Brian Jordan knows me (we once made eye contact and he winked at me and smiled really big... probably because I was so star struck... however, I'm sure he definitely remembers me), that picture in particular is special because it should have been me in it. Haha!

The boys and I woke up to a crazy start to our day but finally made it to church in Barnesville and spent the day with my parents, AnAn and Frankie, my uncle, and my grandparents. It worked out great having extra help with the boys and spending time with family I don't get to see that often.

We all missed daddy big time though. I know some families/couples/husbands travel often and would probably veiw a day trip out of state as no big deal...but it's a very big deal to us. This annual baseball trip is literally our once a year time apart due to travel. (Just call us spoiled I guess.) And it's tough on everybody. Garrison and Austin both struggled with daddy being away (mainly when they woke up, on our way home from Barnesville yesterday afternoon, and at bedtime), and I struggled with nerves and just wanting him to be safe. When your husband leaves the state once a year on an airplane... and that's it... you just feel sort of antsy the whole time. Or at least I do. (And I'm guessing it's because it's only once a year versus a regular thing we're used to.) God blessed them with a great trip and a safe arrival home late last night. The boys were SO happy to see daddy this morning and so was I!

This was the longest weekend recap ever, but we filled it up full with lots of fun. Now we're looking forward to a long weekend coming up and celebrating my baby turning 2!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

14 Weeks!

Hello baby #3! I only thought I got big with Austin fast... Whoa. Baby Selph is growing... or maybe it's mainly me. Gracious.

Tuesday marked 14 weeks for us so we're moving right along. Unfortunately Tuesday was a sort of rough day because I was sick with a cold or something. (Which is why my eyes are weak and puffy in this picture.) I have a doctor's appointment with my primary care doctor this afternoon after Terrell gets home just to be safe. Tuesday and Wednesday I felt the worst and today has been much better.

Here's a quick little update...
Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: 3 1/4 to 4 inches long and weighs 1 ounce. About the size of a small orange. =)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm guessing about 5 pounds but I honestly have no idea. We don't own a scale and I don't go back to the doctor until next Friday. However, I have definitely, without a doubt, gained. See picture above as evidence.

Maternity Clothes: Here and there. Most of my regular, non-maternity tops just don't fit anymore. I can still wear most of my regular pants... not sure how much longer that will last though.

Gender: Still waiting. We should be able to find out next month! Terrell still thinks it's a boy... partly because of our track record and partly because of the fact that I haven't been really sick. (Almost everyone we know who has had a girl was sick during their pregnancy... not everybody but almost.) I was thinking boy and now I'm not sure. As in, I have no idea. Not a single instinct or inclination either way. It's sort of strange but also exciting. =)

Movement: I've felt a few more little flutters but nothing that I knew without a doubt was definitely the baby. I can't wait until I feel him/her and know for sure.

Food Cravings: Snack foods and ice cream lately

What I Miss: Sleeping all night without waking up.

Sleep: My sleeping has gotten better. I still don't sleep the entire night without waking up but I'm sleeping much, much better than I was. Praise the Lord!

Symptons: I still get a touch of morning sickness almost every morning. As long as I can grab a cracker or something salty I'm usually fine. I'm still having crazy dreams occassionally and still have to go to the bathroom quite a bit.  

Best Moment This Week: Buying new maternity clothes and realizing I actually have some of my energy back!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Being rid of this cold or whatever it is I have and going to the doctor next week. Can't wait to hear the heartbeat!

And just for fun here is a little comparison...
Austin's update at 12 weeks
Austin's update at 14 weeks

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

32 Reasons

Yesterday was Terrell's 32nd birthday and we had a really fun day celebrating. We started the day with cinnamon rolls and singing Happy Birthday to daddy, then I picked Garrison up early from school so we could all enjoy a family date for lunch. After Terrell got home from work we gave him his presents and then waited for my mom to come over so we could enjoy a date night by ourselves.

Other than me being sick, which put a total damper on things, this was my favorite part of the day...I got to get away for the evening and spend time alone with my favorite person. We talked, we ate good food, we talked some more, we laughed, we ate dessert... it was a great night. And, we had the night off from bath and bedtime... the craziest, most exhausting part of our day! The timing worked out really good with me feeling so crummy. Terrell made sure I went to bed early and has been the best nurse. I love and appreciate him more than he knows! Which is what made me decide to do a little birthday list for him... of reasons I love him and am thankful for the day he was born. =)

1. He loves me. Duh. =)
2. He gave me my babies.
3. He makes me laugh. Everyday.
4. He is supportive of me.
5. He helps clean the kitchen every night.
6. He prioritizes time with our boys and plays with them everyday.
7. He works hard for our family.
8. He kills any and every bug I come across.
9. He cleans toilets and bathrooms when I ask him to.
10. He grills delicious meals for us.
11. He is affectionate.
12. He takes Bailey out in all kinds of weather.
13. He does laundry.
14. He manages our money to the penny so I don't have to work full-time.
15. He listens to me even though I can be very long-winded.
16. He is laid back.
17. He is always willing to get up in the middle of the night if one of the boys happen to wake up.
18. He gives the boys a bath every night.
19. He is a great example for our boys.
20. He loves Jesus.
21. He does a couples devotional with me. Totally his idea. He picked out the book and everthing.
22. He helps dress the boys every morning and helps with breakfast.
23. He is close to his parents.
24. He is also close to my parents.
25. He prioritizes family time.
26. He takes me on dates.
27. He hugs me everyday.
28. He is willing to compromise.
29. He takes care of me when I'm sick.
30. He tries to make sure I get a little a "me time" every now and then.
31. He balances out my uptight, dramatic, type A self.
32. He is what makes us, US. =)

Happy Birthday again Terrell! I love you!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, Monday

We had such a great weekend. We got Mexican take-out Friday night. We slept in Saturday morning and enjoyed the cooler temps. We went shopping for me a few maternity clothes Saturday afternoon. We celebrated Terrell's birthday with his family Saturday night. And we enjoyed another Sunday in Sunday School Sunday morning. It was pretty wonderful. Austin didn't sleep the best because of being congested during the night, but other than that we had a pretty awesome weekend.

Then came Monday.

Bright and early.

4:03 AM to be exact.

My sweet baby boy woke up crying. Bless his heart. He just couldn't breathe good and couldn't fall back to sleep on his own. So daddy went in and worked his magic and rocked him and rubbed his back and he went back to sleep shortly.

Until 4:42 AM.

Since I had been lying awake since 4:03 (for some CRAZY reason, it usually takes me a while to go back to sleep after being woke up in the middle of the night... UGH), and Terrell was happily sleeping away, I went in... cause technically it was my turn. He was happy to see me. =) I didn't mind cuddling with him and helping him back to sleep and was actually back in bed about 12 minutes later.

Then I finally went to sleep. Then the alarm went off. Then the craziness of Monday began.

Several of my students weren't exactly happy to discover they had to come back to school today. We had 2 cry off and on the whole day. Oh, how that makes for a long school day. Plus, I'm not feeling well. I'm not sure if I have what Austin has or if it's something different, but whatever it is it is not welcome and can go ahead and leave now.

Then I get home and realize I forgot to get something at the grocery store that I need for tonight's meal. A meal Terrell picked out for his "birthday meal" since tomorrow on his actual birthday we have a date night. At least the main dish won't be effected. Sigh.

Then I need to unpack lunch boxes, start the dishwasher, straighten and clean my house a little, and take a little nap. That was a bright spot. That and my husband spilling the beans about this plans for my 30th birthday coming up in October. I love him. =)

Sooo, on this late Monday afternoon I still need to cook and clean and take care of my kiddos. Then, I think I'll go to bed early and look forward to welcoming Tuesday, another day, a chance for a better day, and my wonderful hubby's birthday. So thankful for new days after not so great ones.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

1st Week Highs and Lows

*High: The boys are loving school! Garrison is enjoying Pre-K, making new friends, and having lots of fun. Austin has yet to cry and is loving his new teacher this year. It's a miracle! (The part about Austin not crying.)

*Low: On both Monday and Wednesday (the days Austin and I have school too) afternoons, the second we walk in the door, Austin has had a huge meltdown. Poor baby is just SO tired and in desperate need of a nap. It isn't easy wrestling with him getting him ready for his nap either. I'm praying tomorrow is a little easier when we walk in from school. (Garrison hasn't had any meltdowns he's just been tired and emotional during the late afternoons before supper. Bless his heart... and ours.)

*High: Waking them up yesterday was easier than waking them up Monday. And Tuesdays and Thursdays are nice because even though Garrison has school, they can both sleep late since we don't have to be there early...

*Low: Unfortunately, this morning (a day they COULD HAVE slept late), they both woke up early. Garrison woke up before 7:00 crying because his nose was stuffy and he couldn't breathe. He tried to go back to sleep but never could. Austin woke up right at 7:00 because of a huge poopy diaper. Sigh.

*High: On Wednesday after school I had the boys come to my room and stay in my room until we were ready to leave. That way I could keep my eye on them and they weren't running wild and getting into everything and being rough with 2 other little staff kids like they did Monday after school. I was so proud of them! They both played together quietly and cleaned up before it was time to leave. Yay!!

*Low: The boys are both sneezing a lot. Noooooooo! Garrison always starts a cold with lots of sneezing. I'm hoping this is just allergies or adjusting to weather changes. Sometimes their colds are fast and can't keep them down. Other times not so much. I almost let Garrison stay home from school today. But I'm glad I changed my mind. He had a great day.

*High: I am determined not to send the boys the same exact lunch to school day after day... especially Garrison who has to take a lunch every single day this year. And so far, so good! I've gotten a little more creative and am trying to make sure they have more variety and choices. They're both loving lunches this first week. Hopefully it will last.

*Low: My class this year is going to be way more of a challenge than my class last year. We have some students this year who have never been away from their parents... even in a church nursery once a week. And boy can you tell. We also have some potty training issues this year... that technically aren't supposed to be issues in a 3 year old class... but they are... so it should be an interesting year.

*High: Even though my school days have been crazy, my school nights have not! Yaaaay! I am sooooo thankful I'm not bringing home tons and tons to do. Pretty soon I'll have to do a few things at home so I can stay ahead but I am so appreciating the fact that I am NOT overwhelmed this year during the first week of school.

Even though we've had some highs and lows and are all adjusting to the new school year, overall we've had a great first week. One day to go before we wrap it up and can enjoy the weekend. So glad tomorrow is Friday!

Monday, August 12, 2013

1st Day of School

Today was our first day of school! Garrison started Pre-K and Austin started another year in the 1 year old class. And this time my baby boy is the oldest instead of the youngest! He even went to the potty twice. Yay! They both did GREAT. I was very proud. We had some drama this morning getting ready for school... waking up early is hard to do. Then we had a little drama after school... having your kids at work with you is hard to do. But, they had a GREAT school day and I am so, so grateful. To celebrate we went and picked up a small ice cream cake to enjoy tonight after supper. =) 

They have both grown so much since the first day of school last year. They were total pros today. Mama has grown too... not just because of baby Selph, but as a teacher. Last year I didn't have a single student cry. Today almost half of our class cried. It was a stressful start to the day but I never panicked and never got flustered. Praise the Lord! We made the most of our day even though separation anxiety ran rampant through our room. =)

I also had way more energy than I expected. Last year the first day TOTALLY wiped me out. This year, despite my pregnancy exhaustion, I was up for the challenge. God supplied me with every bit of what I needed to get through the school day with energy to spare. I am definitely tired and will most certainly be going to bed early, but I am praising Him for His faithfulness. We survived the first day!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend News

*My baby boy wore big boy underwear all weekend long!! He did great! We had a few accidents but overall were super proud and impressed with how well he did. We think he's almost there. We even made it on a few outings totally dry. Yay!!

*My hubby and I made our homemade laundry detergent this weekend. It's always a little bit of a chore to have to do it (or maybe I'm just lazy... that's how I feel all the time lately) but once we finished we were VERY glad we now how about 9 gallons of detergent and tons and tons of loads of laundry taken care of. Yay for saving money!

*On Friday night we took the boys to one of their favorite places ever to eat... Stevi B's. They love the pizza there and we love that we can eat out for about $14. A cheap, but yummy pizza buffet- it's a win-win. When we told Garrison he was so excited and named us the best parents ever. Just kidding. But he did make us feel like the best parents ever.

*On Saturday we did a little last minute back to school shopping. Mainly for lunch box items since our supplies had to be turned in at Open House on Thursday. Tomorrow is the big day. My big boy is starting Pre-K. He's been really excited mixed with some nervous emotions too. Tonight he told me he was glad I was going to be there. (I'll be right across the hall... next year is going to be tough when he moves on to big school) We think we're ready for tomorrow. I said a special prayer with both boys for their teachers and their friends and their day tomorrow. I also read The Kissing Hand to Garrison. It was sweet. Now I'm ready to pray for myself and my new group of babies and that we are all protected from sickness this school year. Last year was ROUGH.

*Terrell and I went back to Sunday School for the 3rd Sunday in a row. We still don't know everybody and we still aren't totally comfortable but we're making progress and feel confident this is where God wants us. Today everybody shared a little about their families... names and ages of kids mainly. We enjoyed finding out who had kids the same ages as ours and who had girls and who had boys... and we especially enjoyed hearing that multiple couples in our class have 3 kiddos. Yay for feeling normal. =)

*My husband, who doesn't like to read AT ALL, read 9 chapters of The Duck Commander Family last night. I am sooooooo proud of him!! He actually really enjoyed it! I knew he would... which is why I got it for him for Father's Day... and then I read it myself so I could encourage him to read it. It is really, really good. If you love Duck Dynasty, you should read it. I highly recommend it.

That's all our weekend news. Pray for us tomorrow as we begin our journey of a brand new school year!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

12 Weeks!

Yesterday marked 12 weeks of pregnancy for us... and the baby bump is out! And growing. =)Between pregnancy and going back to school (I think the week of pre-planning is the toughest week of the school year for me) I am spent. Big time. I'm hoping to keep feeling better and better as I adjust to going back to school and as I enter the 2nd trimester. That's what I'm praying for at least! I don't have to go back to the doctor until the end of this month, but in the meantime, here's an update on baby and mama.
Pregnancy Highlights

How far along:12 weeks

Size of baby: 2 and 1/2 inches long and weighs about 1/2 of an ounce. He or she is about the size of a large plum!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: When I went to the doctor about a week and a half ago I had only gained a pound. By now I'm thinking I've gained 1 or 2 more... but I won't find out for sure until I go back to the doctor in 3 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: I broke down and put on a pair of maternity shorts last week. It was so nice. Everything is getting tighter so I'm having to wear my longer, slightly bigger clothes... but no maternity clothes yet... except for those shorts. =)

Gender: We don't know yet but Terrell and I both have a stronger boy feeling. I think the main reason for this is because boys is all we know so it's sort of hard to picture us with a girl. I had a really strong feeling Garrison was a boy. I've just always felt strongly that our firstborn would be a boy. Then I had a sort of strong feeling Austin was a girl. So I've been both right and wrong. Terrell thought they were both girls so he's 0-2 so far. Haha.

Movement: I've felt a flutter or two but can't be sure if it's the baby. I'm thinking it will be a few more weeks before I can really feel him or her.

Food Cravings: I'm really loving yogurt. It's my go-to cold snack. I'm also loving lots of crackers. Any kind of crackers is my go-to I'm feeling nauesous or queasy snack.

What I Miss: Good sleep and not feeling queasy and sickish every single morning.

Sleep: The sleep isn't going so well right now. It was going great but now not so much. I usually am SO tired when I go to bed but end up tossing and turning or waking up hot or having CRAZY dreams that keep me from a deep sleep. And if one of those things wakes me up after I've already fallen asleep it takes me FOREVER to go back to sleep. Ugh. It's pretty frustrating but hopefully it won't last.

Symptons: I feel sick at some point every single morning. If I can eat a few crackers it usually passes pretty quickly... but without fail it's gonna hit me sometime every morning. Thankfully I haven't thrown up or anything. I'm having crazy, crazy dreams... strange and weird and random dreams. I have no energy and pretty much feel like I'm walking around in a state of exhaustion all the time. Oh, and I have to potty all day long... can't forget that one.

Best Moment This Week: Sharing our news with everyone and not keeping it a secret any longer. We told our parents and sisters last month but we made them wait to tell anyone for a few weeks after that. Now our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, people at work, people at church... everyone knows and can share in our joy. =)

What I'm Looking Forward To: The 2nd trimester, getting my energy back, adjusting to our new school schedule, and hearing the the baby's heartbeat... something we haven't been able to do yet. I can't wait!

Monday, August 5, 2013

4 and 1/2

My sweet boy is 4 and 1/2 today. How can it be? We're on our way to Pre-K and age 5 and big school and leaving for college. I'm not ready!! Ha! The days are looong but the years are short... I don't know if there's any statement more true to describe this stage of life. Somehow, some way even on the super long days I've got to keep soaking them up because they go so fast.

Age four has been a bit of a challenge. It's been an emotional year for my big boy and a year of some power struggles. We've had to learn self-control and the respectful way to respond to grown-ups... something we're still working on. That part's been tough. But's it's also been a year of the best big brother ever. A year of more responsibility. A year full of learning and growing. A year I am so thankful that Garrison Cade is mine... a priceless gift from God.

Fun Facts at Age 4 and 1/2 
*You are a HUGE Braves fan.
*You have a really, really big heart and are sensitive about the things that happen around you.
*You set the table almost every night... napkins and silverware that is.
*You are very interested in learning to read and absolutely love books.
*You love to color, draw, paint, play with stickers, or do anything crafty.
*Your favorite show right now is Pioneer Woman. You started watching this show with me at first and were only interested in the ranch. Now you request to watch it even when I'm not watching and love the cooking, the kids, the cowboys, everything.
*You know how to buckle yourself into your carseat all by yourself and you can almost completely dress yourself without any help.
*You're starting to try more and more new foods. Yay!
*You love spaghetti, fruit, tacos, cheese, chili, baked potatoes, and almost any kind of snack food. Plus almost any kind of breakfast food.
*Celebrating family members' birthdays are one of your favorite things ever. (Today you celebrated Allison's birthday at her party and it's Frankie's birthday today... Happy Birthday Uncle Frankie!!)
*You love your little brother and have the best time playing with him. (Most of the time.)
*Your favorite people are your family... mama, daddy, Austin, and your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
We are SO thankful for you and are loving watching you grow. You are one of the biggest blessings ever and we are beyond grateful God gave us you. Happy half-way to 5 birthday Garrison!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer in Review

Summertime for the Selph household is coming to a close. I go back to work on Monday for pre-planning and start teaching my new group of 3 year olds on the 12th. And I'm not even super sad about it! That in itself is a testimony to how much I enjoy my job and how much I love the Fall... which is lingering right around the corner. =)

Our last day of school was May 15th and since then we have enjoyed our summer to the fullest. It hasn't always been easy, carefree, and relaxing (come to think of it, it's never been relaxing) but it has been full of fun, memories, new experiences, and a few challenges for all of us.

*We kicked off summer by playing in the sprinkler, going to the pool, and just enjoying some water days.

*We got into a routine right away of the boys playing together in the mornings while I took care of some things after breakfast and then we enjoyed an outing or took care of errands.

*We had a fun Memorial Day weekend and Austin started potty training.

*My sister got engaged!!!

*Terrell and I had a wonderful weekend away in Savannah to celebrate our 8th anniversary.
*Garrison took swim lessons for the first time and did really well. We haven't made a final decision about next summer just yet but we're definitely proud of his progress... even if we did have a little setback.

*We found out we were expecting baby #3... and kept it a secret for as long as we could. Haha.

*We visited the library many times and read lots of books...

...lots and lots of books
*We took Austin to his first ever Braves game! We all had a really fun time and decided a visit to Braves country is a new summer tradition.

*We had our first and only stay-at-home day when mama had lots to do around the house... so the boys watched a short Mickey Mouse movie... Austin's first movie ever. He did pretty good considering he usually doesn't make it through an entire episode of "Mouse".

*We also built a fort under the dining room table that day.

*That night we went out for ice cream! Something we did pretty regularly this summer. This picture is just precious to me. Such a sweet big brother.

*We enjoyed a pool day with AnAn and even a few with daddy!

*We went to the beach!! This year's vacation had some ups and downs thanks to the hurricane like weather that interrupted the middle of our trip, but the boys had a blast and it was one of our more laid back vacations so far!

*We said goodbye to the paci. Poor Austin. Naptimes are going WAY better. Unfortunately we are still struggling with bedtime. Sometimes I wonder if bedtime will be a challenge until he moves in with Garrison. We just can't seem to figure out how to break him of this phase. We're making progress... we just still have a long way to go.

*The afternoons (after naptime) were long. And super challenging some days. We discovered our witching hour and the boys sort of went wild.... oh my.

*I enjoyed a couple of lunch dates with these handsome boys. Taking advantage of $1 taco Tuesdays was always fun.
*We attempted a few crafts! The favorite BY FAR was paper plate animals. I think we have at least 10 floating around the house. An elephant, giraffe, and alligator are just a few. The giraffe is displayed below. By the end of summer Austin could sit and color for several minutes without ever sampling a crayon. Yay!

*We made a few trips to Chuck E. Cheese. And to Chick-Fil-A... I just don't have any pictures of our trips to CFA. We even visited the McDonald's playground once.

*We went to Legoland. So fun!

*And just this week Garrison went to the dentist for the first time. This was strictly an introduction and he did well. He is always super apprehensive about anything new, even fun stuff, so he was pretty nervous. He let her look in his mouth, count and check his teeth, and then practiced with Mr. Straw and Mr. Thirsty. His "appointment" lasted about 2 minutes and he didn't have any cavities! Yay!

Despite our sometimes long and crazy days, this summer was an adventure I'm thankful for. I may have been exhausted and barely going for half of it but we had fun together. Spending my days with these 2 is always a blessing. Yes we had fighting, time-out, and tears, but we also had fun and laughter and 2 brothers playing with each other lots and lots. One of the biggest blessings of all was seeing their friendship grow and the fun they had with each other.
Now it's time for a brand new adventure to begin. My big boy will be in Pre-K and go to school evey day while my littlest man and I will have the exact same schedule and some extra quality time while his brother is at school. We are ready to welcome Fall!! (Even though technically that'll be a while. =))