Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer in Review

Summertime for the Selph household is coming to a close. I go back to work on Monday for pre-planning and start teaching my new group of 3 year olds on the 12th. And I'm not even super sad about it! That in itself is a testimony to how much I enjoy my job and how much I love the Fall... which is lingering right around the corner. =)

Our last day of school was May 15th and since then we have enjoyed our summer to the fullest. It hasn't always been easy, carefree, and relaxing (come to think of it, it's never been relaxing) but it has been full of fun, memories, new experiences, and a few challenges for all of us.

*We kicked off summer by playing in the sprinkler, going to the pool, and just enjoying some water days.

*We got into a routine right away of the boys playing together in the mornings while I took care of some things after breakfast and then we enjoyed an outing or took care of errands.

*We had a fun Memorial Day weekend and Austin started potty training.

*My sister got engaged!!!

*Terrell and I had a wonderful weekend away in Savannah to celebrate our 8th anniversary.
*Garrison took swim lessons for the first time and did really well. We haven't made a final decision about next summer just yet but we're definitely proud of his progress... even if we did have a little setback.

*We found out we were expecting baby #3... and kept it a secret for as long as we could. Haha.

*We visited the library many times and read lots of books...

...lots and lots of books
*We took Austin to his first ever Braves game! We all had a really fun time and decided a visit to Braves country is a new summer tradition.

*We had our first and only stay-at-home day when mama had lots to do around the house... so the boys watched a short Mickey Mouse movie... Austin's first movie ever. He did pretty good considering he usually doesn't make it through an entire episode of "Mouse".

*We also built a fort under the dining room table that day.

*That night we went out for ice cream! Something we did pretty regularly this summer. This picture is just precious to me. Such a sweet big brother.

*We enjoyed a pool day with AnAn and even a few with daddy!

*We went to the beach!! This year's vacation had some ups and downs thanks to the hurricane like weather that interrupted the middle of our trip, but the boys had a blast and it was one of our more laid back vacations so far!

*We said goodbye to the paci. Poor Austin. Naptimes are going WAY better. Unfortunately we are still struggling with bedtime. Sometimes I wonder if bedtime will be a challenge until he moves in with Garrison. We just can't seem to figure out how to break him of this phase. We're making progress... we just still have a long way to go.

*The afternoons (after naptime) were long. And super challenging some days. We discovered our witching hour and the boys sort of went wild.... oh my.

*I enjoyed a couple of lunch dates with these handsome boys. Taking advantage of $1 taco Tuesdays was always fun.
*We attempted a few crafts! The favorite BY FAR was paper plate animals. I think we have at least 10 floating around the house. An elephant, giraffe, and alligator are just a few. The giraffe is displayed below. By the end of summer Austin could sit and color for several minutes without ever sampling a crayon. Yay!

*We made a few trips to Chuck E. Cheese. And to Chick-Fil-A... I just don't have any pictures of our trips to CFA. We even visited the McDonald's playground once.

*We went to Legoland. So fun!

*And just this week Garrison went to the dentist for the first time. This was strictly an introduction and he did well. He is always super apprehensive about anything new, even fun stuff, so he was pretty nervous. He let her look in his mouth, count and check his teeth, and then practiced with Mr. Straw and Mr. Thirsty. His "appointment" lasted about 2 minutes and he didn't have any cavities! Yay!

Despite our sometimes long and crazy days, this summer was an adventure I'm thankful for. I may have been exhausted and barely going for half of it but we had fun together. Spending my days with these 2 is always a blessing. Yes we had fighting, time-out, and tears, but we also had fun and laughter and 2 brothers playing with each other lots and lots. One of the biggest blessings of all was seeing their friendship grow and the fun they had with each other.
Now it's time for a brand new adventure to begin. My big boy will be in Pre-K and go to school evey day while my littlest man and I will have the exact same schedule and some extra quality time while his brother is at school. We are ready to welcome Fall!! (Even though technically that'll be a while. =))

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