Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Indoor Fun

Since it's been SO hot this summer and we can't really go outside unless it's to the pool, I've been searching for fun things for us to do inside. Garrison is great when I'm doing things around the house (vacuuming, dusting, laundry, making the bed, emptying the dishwasher, etc) because he tries to help and whatever I'm doing keeps him occupied and entertained. It's when we have down time and just plain old "play time" that I've struggled with fun, engaging things for him to do. I've been trying to come up with a good list of things I can do with him once he drops his morning nap and today I decided to test out a few things on the list. I got a lot of ideas from other blogs and some from a website called productive parenting.

The first thing I attempted was making a tent for him. I made it while he was napping so that it would be ready for him as soon as he woke up. I stole the idea from another blog and just used a sheet draped over our dining room table and threw in some blankets, pillows, and toys.
Just after his nap I took him over to show him the tent so he's checking it out.

Playing and having fun

Hey... I can get out from the other side!

He really enjoyed playing in the "tent", but he was sort of back and forth between that and following me around and playing with his toys in the living room. I left it up for him the rest of the day and we cleaned up after his afternoon nap so that the table would be ready when it was time for supper. I definitely think I'll keep doing this in the future and I may even let him help me set it up next time.

After his afternoon nap and having a snack, I decided to let him play with alphabet magnets on the refrigerator. I used these when I was teaching and found them in our guest bedroom closet and decided to pull them out for Garrison to have. We started with his name on the fridge and then added more and more letters. He was pretty fascinated that they stuck to the refrigerator.

Then he decided to pull down the entire container I had sitting on the counter (I have got to start remembering that he can now grab things off the edge of the counter) and just played with them on the floor. Of course this made a huge mess and I was constantly trying to make sure they didn't go under the refrigerator, but it really entertained him and he seemed to have a lot of fun with them. Cleaning up seemed to be fun for him too because we put half on the fridge and half back into the container. Then I realized it was going to be a problem having the letters at his level on the fridge because he was taking them off and putting them in his mouth and carrying them off to other rooms in the house. Sooo, I decided my new rule for the alphabet magnets is that they have to stay in the kitchen and once we clean up we push them high on the fridge so he can't reach them. I'm looking forward to using them a lot though because there's so much he can learn with them.

The last thing I attempted from my list I let him do while I started on supper. I placed my big set of utensils/spoons/spatulas on the kitchen floor for him to play with. This seemed to entertain him for the longest amount of time and he absolutely loved taking them all out and then carrying them around and then trying to put them back in. I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun he had with this and how long it occupied him. And, my favorite part about this little activity was that when we cleaned up we just threw everything in the dishwasher.

In the picture below he was actually holding the spoons and "dancing."

The next activity I'm looking forward to trying with him is "water fun". I'm going to put a small tub/container on the floor filled with water (with a towel under it of course) and let him play in the water with cups and toys or just splash if he wants. This idea couldn't have come at a better time becasue he has now discovered that he can go over and splash in Bailey's water bowl. It's crazy that he's never bothered her water once (that we know of) until this week. That will definitely be a good time to teach him that it's okay to play in "his" water, but that Bailey's water is always off limits. Hmmm... we'll see how that goes.
I'm also going to let him start coloring (probably on a big sheet of paper sitting in his high chair) and finger painting with yogurt... that should be good and messy. And we'll still get out of the house lots too. Of course we have errands to take care of every week, but we'll go to the pool and the library lots more this summer too. We've tried the indoor Chick-Fil-A playground once (and he enjoyed watching the other kids mainly) and we're going to try Chuck E. Chesse soon too. It feels crazy having to plan activities and outings for an almost 17 month old, but we can't stay inside and be bored all summer and we can't really play outside since it's miserably hot. This way, at least we can do fun things inside and we can do "cool" (literally) things outside and away from the house.
Bedtime update: Garrison did great last Saturday and Sunday nights. We left him in the crib wide awake and didn't have to go back in once. The nights since then have been a little inconsistent. One night we had to go back in his room once, and another night we had to go back in 3 times. So far the only change we've made is pushing back his bedtime routine by 15 mintues. I think the time is coming to take away his morning nap.... it will be a bigger adjustment for me more than him I think, but if it helps with bedtime then it's necessary and worth it, and time to make the change.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Morning Meltdowns and Bedtime Battles

Okay, since my goal for the blog is to scrapbook and document our journey as a family... it can't all be sunshine and roses (because that just wouldn't be honest and fair to us looking back at this), it has to include a little bit of everything. Soo, I wanted to write about some of the not-so-pleasant things that have been going on in the Selph household as well. I know that one day when I look back I will want to remember this stuff too.

Lately, the little man has been having what I like to call "morning meltdowns." They don't happen every single morning and they aren't all exactly the same. (Some mornings aren't as dramatic as others, and some are even very normal and uneventful.) But, these meltdowns have been going on for a while. If I had to guess I'd say we've been witnessing them for at least a few weeks. For some reason, he just seems to be more moody and cranky in the mornings. Little things upset him and he has mini-meltdowns where he cries and whines and cries some more. Thankfully, we haven't had any major tantrums..... yet. I know that they'll come one day, but so far he doesn't throw himself down or kick and scream or any of that good stuff.

This morning he woke up around 7:30 while I was still drying my hair and trying to get ready for the day. I could hear him whining on the monitor and then eventually he started the "maaa-maa, ma-ma, maaa-ma" so I decided to go ahead and get him up. Whenever he wakes up before I'm quite ready, I just let him play in the pack-in-play for a few minutes until I finish up. That's what I did this morning and things were fine, until we headed to the kitchen to fix his milk. All I had to do was get the milk out of the fridge, pour it into his sippy cup, and hand it to him. Well, before we even made it into the kitchen he started crying the most pitiful cry like he just couldn't bear to wait another second for his milk.

Then he reached his little hands up as high as he could just begging and pleading for his milk.

Then he gave me this pitiful look when he noticed I was making his picture.

A little later on, after he finished his milk he decided to have another meltdown. I'm not sure what triggered it this time. He was just wanted to be right up under me and eventually wanted to be held. (And being held on the couch doesn't count. He wanted to be held walking around while I did things around the house.) In this picture he is holding onto my legs and crying once again. Like I said before, I'm not talking major tantrums or anything. He's just over-sensitive and extra moody on most mornings. Thankfully, once we make it to breakfast we're usually in the clear.

Now, for the bedtime battles. We have been having some issues with getting the little man to sleep at night pretty much since we got home from vacation. The very first night we were back at home we were able to break him of falling asleep while being held. So that's the good news. He does not require being held to fall asleep like we had to resort to in Florida. Whew, so glad that's not an issue.
But, the issue now is that he's having trouble falling asleep at night. It's really strange because I haven't had any issues at all with naptimes during the day. He lets me lay him down awake and leave the room and then he falls asleep all by himself. Bedtime is a different story. It doesn't seem to matter who does the bedtime routine, Terrell or me, he is still having trouble with settling down and falling asleep. We haven't changed a single thing about the bedtime routine either. Before vacation he was so predictable and reliable every night. We gave him his bath, gave him his milk, read a few books, rocked for just a minute, put him in his crib (wide awake), left the room and he was asleep in no time. Everything has stayed the same except that now we can't leave the room without him crying after just a couple of minutes. We decided that instead of picking him up when we go back in, we should just sit in the room until he gets settled and sleepy, and then try to leave. Lately, that's been working off and on. Sometimes one of us still has to go back in again because he starts crying and it just gets worse and worse. But sometimes he lets us leave and we hear him moving around, making noises, etc. for several minutes before he eventually falls asleep (way past his bedtime) or starts crying again.
The biggest thing we've both noticed is that he will not go to sleep while one of us is in the room with him. He either lays there awake the whole time trying to get comfortable or stands up and walks around the crib playing. When we're in there, it's almost like we're a distraction to him and he can't fall asleep. Some nights we are back and forth... in his room, out of his room 3 or 4 times. Some nights it only takes one of us going back in once. It's hard to know what to do and what's best. On one hand, he's really struggling with falling asleep and having one of us in there keeps him from crying (uncontrolable sobs) and helps him get settled most of the time. But on the other hand, he won't fall asleep with us in there (which we're kind of glad about because we don't really want to have to stay with him until he falls asleep because that bad habit could last for years).
My ideas so far are eliminating his morning nap, making it a part of our routine to stay in his room a few minutes after laying him down, or pushing back his bedtime just a little. That's all we've come up with and we haven't tried anything new just yet. We may attempt one of these next week after we get past the weekend. Guess we'll see how things go....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Garrison's "Best Men"

Daddy and Garrison

Playing in the ocean with daddy

Helping Pops open his Father's day present
Garrison and Pops

Helping Papa take the dogs out on vacation

Garrison and Papa on the beach

Father's Day Weekend

Yes he does!! Happy Father's Day Daddy~ from your little man.

This weekend was Father's day weekend for our family and lots of fun. We went home to Barnesville on Saturday and spent the whole weekend with both of our families. We always spend the Saturday before Father's day with Terrell's family and the Sunday of Father's day with my family. It works out really good for us to both have lots of time with our dads and extended family.

When we got into town on Saturday morning we went to see Anna's new apartment before heading over to Slices to meet Terrell's family for lunch. Anna is going to be a Resident Director at Gordon this year and has an apartment in The Village dorms. She got everything moved in on Friday and Saturday so we went over to check out her new place. It's soo cute and if I'd had my camera with me I would have made pictures. I'll definitely have to make some next time and post them.

When we left Anna's, we met Terrell's parents, sister, brother-in-law, and neice at Slices for lunch. We enjoyed pizza and catching up with everybody. Afterwards we went to Terrell's parent's house and got settled in for the day. Once we finally got Garrison to take a nap, Terrell and I decided to be lazy and take a little nap ourselves. Then that night, Terrell grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs for supper and we all stuffed ourselves. (Or, at least I did) It was lots of fun having the 8 of us together and being able to celebrate Father's day and Kara's birthday. After supper, we gave Kara and Terrell's dad their gifts and then got the kiddos ready for bed. Garrison did pretty well going to bed considering it's usually a battle getting him to sleep when we're away from home. Once the little man was for sure asleep, we watched the Braves game and played our new favorite card game "Play Nine". We had a great time and laughed a whole lot. Kara and Terrell are both very competitive and it's hilarious watching them try to out-smart each other. I think we finally went to bed a little after 11:00.

Sunday morning we went to church and enjoyed the Father's day service. It was nice to see everyone again and I was especially excited to see the new babies... Elijah Meadows and River Evans. It's hard to remember Garrison being that tiny. After church we went over to my parents house and Terrell and I got there before anyone else, so I went ahead and gave Terrell his Father's day cards and presents. Then when my parents and sister got home, we gave my dad his cards and gift. Then it was time for us to go over to my grandparent's house for lunch. We had a huge feast with my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and several cousins. It was really funny how my 11 and 9 year old cousins helped with Garrison and took him outside and played with him, and Haley even helped me change his diaper. I remember when Terrell and I were carrying them around and playing with them... now they're playing with and entertaining our baby. Time goes by so fast... Once Garrison got tired, we took him back to my parent's for a nap before leaving to come home.

We had a great Father's day weekend with our families and we are both extremely thankful for our dads. We were both raised in christian homes and brought up in church. We both have very hard-working dads who have made many sacrifices for their families (lots that we probably don't even know about). And we both have dads who would do anything in the world for us to this day. I am so grateful that my son has such godly men to look up to and learn from. And, I am epecially thankful that my husband, Garrison's daddy, is a fun, loving, patient, kind, supportive, hard-working, christian dad who is an amazing example to his son as he grows. I feel so blessed that Garrison has such great men in his life as role models. I know that they will all have a huge influence on him and I'm so grateful that their influence will be positive and Christ-like.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Vacation~ June 5th-11th~ Cape San Blas, FL

Warning: This post is really long!
Our vacation to Cape San Blas, Florida was so much fun! This was our first time there, and we really enjoyed it. It's located about 50 miles southeast of Panama City on a small pennisula. We heard about Cape San Blas from a girl who works with Terrell whose family vacationed there last October. They loved it and their pictures were beautiful so we started looking into going there. We ultimately decided to go there because they have pet friendly beaches and almost every option of a place to stay there is pet friendly. (That means our dog, my parent's dog, and my sister's dog could all go with us!) Plus, it's on the Gulf, our favorite, and close enough to Panama City to spend a day there or eat there if we wanted. So, we made our reservations for early in the summer (thank goodness we had no issues with oil) at a 3 bedroom, 3 and a half bath town home with a pool. Having a pool is an absolute must for us! So, the three of us went with my mom, dad, and sister... plus our 3 dogs Bailey, Molly, and Emma and we all had a blast! These are just a few of my favorite pictures from our vacation.... I'm sure I will find ways to add more pictures from our trip to future posts.

We arrived at our home for the week on Saturday around 5:00 and after unpacking and getting settled in, we decided to take Garrison to the pool. It was his first time in his new float and he had a really good time.

Sunday we woke up to clouds and rain and were really lazy hanging out inside. Finally we decided to get ready and make the hour and a half drive to Panama City since it didn't appear we'd get to enjoy the beach that day. So, my dad grabbed a pillow and hopped in the back of our jeep so we could all ride to together. It was a fun trip and there was never a dull moment having all 6 of us packed into 1 car.

In Panama City, we went to Angelo's for supper... one of our favorite places to eat in PC. Garrison apparently didn't want his picture made with Granna and Papa beside the bull. haha!

After supper we went to the Salty Dog Surf Shop (another one of our favorite places to visit there) and then we headed over to Pier Park. We love Pier Park. It offers soo much and now I have another reason to love it... they now have a little kiddie amusement mark area. Anna and I rode the carousel with the little man and he had a ball there. He watched AnAn and Papa ride the Ferris Wheel and he walked all over the place. Plus we had some ice cream there too.

Our first day at the beach was Monday and Garrison did great! He loved playing in the sand and practically entertained himself. We weren't able to get in the ocean much with him because it was a little too rough for him. We think there must have been some storms out in the Gulf before we arrived because we couldn't remember a time when the waves had been so big and the water was so rough. Garrison spent his time playing in the sand or the swimming pool that first day. That night we all stayed in and had spaghetti.

The second day at the beach was just as fun as the first. The ocean had calmed down some so Garrison was able to get in a little bit. We are soo thankful he loves the water! We went into Port St. Joe that night for dinner at the Sunset Coastal Grill. The pictures below were taken outside the restaurant.

Wednesday the beach was beautiful! The water became more green and more clear and the waves were even calmer. Garrison had fun in the ocean and playing in the sand. He liked going to the swimming pool too, but he wore us out because all he wanted to do was get in and out of the water.

Because we were at a pet friendly beach, it was very common to see dogs on the beach everyday. One of Garrison's favorite new friends he met was Maggie the Boxer. He loved petting her and getting close to her. She actually licked him in the face once and he just laughed. All of the dogs were great entertainment for him.

One of my favorite pictures of my two guys in the ocean. Terrell was lifting him up so he wasn't covered by a wave.

Wednesday night before leaving to go out for supper we went down to the beach for our 2nd annual "beach picture" in our khaki and white. Garrison wasn't too interested in having his picture made... and neither was Bailey (we made a few with her but those didn't turn out too good). This is one of the best ones. Even though the little man isn't smiling and isn't in the best mood, I'm still glad we did it. I hope we can do it every year. Anyway, after taking our "beach picture" we went inside and changed clothes and got ready to go to Apalachicola. Once again, daddy got in the back of the jeep and it took us about 25 minutes to get there. The ride was eventful this time too. Somehow, when we got there we ended up driving over a bridge that was several miles long. My dad spotted it first and wanted us to drive over it... not sure why, but Terrell didn't ask any questions he just went ahead and got on the bridge. It was a strange feeling because we didn't know where the bridge was taking us and when our first opportunity to turn around would be. But, we made it and were able to turn around once we finally reached the end and we actually had a really pretty view as we were driving over. After our trip back over the bridge we went and ate at this neat little place called Papa Joe's Oyster Bar and Grill. It reminded us of Pastime Grill at home in Barnesville. It seemed like a place for the locals and fishermen. The food was great and Garrison could be as loud as he wanted there. The next two pictures below were taken outside of the restaurant.

Our last day at the beach was Thursday and it was absolutely beautiful! The ocean was extremely calm and completely clear. It reminded me of the ocean and beach in Honolulu... just gorgeous. We stayed out as long as we could that day. Garrison actually got in his turtle float in the ocean for over half an hour and loved it. The waves just gently rocked him and he was totally relaxed. Terrell and I finally made the decision to bring him in out of the water. If it was up to him I'm sure he would have stayed even longer.

AnAn and Garrison in the ocean.

Going out to the ocean in his float for the first time.

The picture above was taken right before going out to eat on Thursday night. Garrison decided to help everyone take the dogs out before we left. He was so cute following the dogs around and trying to help. We went back to Apalachicola for supper and ate at a place right on the corner in town. Their menu offered something for everyone and we really enjoyed it.
We made lots of memories on this vacation and had a great time. I can't wait to get all of our pictures printed and into my vacation album. Everyday was lots of fun and Garrison had a ball. It was so neat to see him excited about being at a new place and enjoying all of his new experiences. Even though we had to come back a day early for my cousin's wedding, and Garrison had trouble going to sleep every night in his Pack n' Play, this vacation was fun and relaxing and everything we hoped it would be. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

So after our fun, long weekend Terrell had to go back to work on Tuesday and we both had to get back into our normal rountine for a few days before leaving for vacation. Everything was pretty normal up until about 1:00 on Tuesday. Terrell was working in Social Circle and I knew he had plans of coming home for lunch but that Garrison and I didn't need to wait on him to eat because it would probably be 1:00 or after before he got home. So Garrison and I went ahead and had lunch... leftovers from grilling out the day before, and we were just playing and waiting on Terrell to get home. Terrell and I were actually talking on the phone (he had a blue tooth in his ear) while he was on his way home like we typically do.

To make a long story short (and so my nerves don't get the best of me by recalling every detail) Terrell was in a single car accident on his way home for lunch. He was going around a curve on a 2 lane highway between Covington and Social Circle when he ran off the road just a little. In an attempt to steer back onto the road and make the curve, he over-corrected/ compensated/ whatever you want to call it, and lost control of his truck. He slid horizontally down the road a little ways (perpendicular to the road, taking up both lanes) before hitting a guard rail and flipping down a steep embankment 20-30 feet. I knew as soon as I heard the noise in the background and the sound of Terrell's voice over the phone before we were cut off that he was just in an accident. I had that terrible feeling in my stomach and just knew that that had to be what happened. I immediately started calling him back and trying to keep myself calm. After calling 2 or 3 times in a row, I told myself to give him a couple of mintues and then try again. The whole time I was fighting tears and panic, but within 3 minutes he called me and told me he was okay. I managed to ask him what happened and he said he flipped his truck but was okay and that the sheriff was there so he needed to go. I could tell his voice was a little shaky, but I just started thanking God that he was fine and crying a whole lot but trying not to scare Garrison.

Again, to make a long story short, I talked to Terrell again a few mintues later and then Garrison and I went to the scene of the accident. I was able to look over the guard rail and see Terrell's truck several feet below completely upside down. We are both sooo thankful that he walked away from this accident. It could have been much much worse. We waited there on the side of the road for a special wrecker to come and pull the truck out of the hole it was in. One of Terrell's co-workers, Beth, stopped by and helped entertain Garrison while we waited. It was also there on the side of the road that we called our parents to let them know what happened. Terrell's dad and my mom both offered to come over if we needed them. So after convincing Terrell that he definitely needed to see a doctor to be checked out, and us accepting that it would be best if Garrison didn't have to go with us, Terrell's mom headed to Covington.

As soon as the wrecker got the truck we left the scene to come home and get Garrison ready for his nap. Plus, Terrell really wanted to take a shower and change clothes. He was flithy from having to climb the embankment once he got out of the truck. We were both still really shaky at this point, but so very thankful that he was okay. When Terrell's mom got to our house, we left to go see the truck at the body shop they had taken it to. We made pictures of the truck and Terrell tried to get out anything important he needed. The biggest things were our laptop, his cell phone, and his GPS.

Then we finally went to Newton Medical's emergency room... it was a very long night for us (and for Terrell's mom who was keeping Garrison). We finally saw a doctor and Terrell was x-rayed and had a CT scan and everything looked fine. No broken bones and no internal injuries. He was prescribed some pain medicine and muscle relaxers and told to take it easy for a couple of days. I think we got home a little after 11:00 that night. We were exhausted. Terrell had a pretty bad scrape and "goose egg" on his right leg, a bump on his head, some scrapes and scratches on his other leg, shoulder, and neck... but other than that was fine. The Lord was with Terrell and kept him from harm when his truck flipped down that steep embankment. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! After seeing the truck upside down the way it was, it truly seems like a miracle that Terrell was able to walk away. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about just how blessed we are. Below are the pictures we made of the truck after it was towed to a body shop.

This is the back passenger window and the window that Terrell crawled through to get out of the truck. Because the truck landed upside down and was practically in a hole at the bottom of a bank, he wasn't able to open a door. This window was already busted out, so this is the one he crawled through.

The tailgate is what is in the bed of the truck. It was found a few feet from where the truck landed.

God was Terrell's ultimate protector and kept the driver's seat completely safe. We are so thankful for His amazing grace and His goodness to us!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

(Picture taken by Terrell's dad on Memorial Day at our house)

It's really easy to forget what Memorial Day is all about. When I see Memorial Day on the calendar I think about a long weekend, the end of the school year, and the start of summer. But Memorial Day is so much more than that. It's a day we honor and remember those who have served and those who are serving our country so we can continue to be free. I'm very thankful for all the men and women who have sacrificed for my freedom and I was reminded of the true meaning of the holiday several times throughout the weekend. I'm glad that I was reminded because it is because of those who have served and are serving that I was able to enjoy such a wonderful weekend with my family. Here are some of the details of everything that happened during our long weekend...

Memorial Day weekend was a lot of fun for our family! It's always soo nice when Terrell has a bank holiday and we get to have a long weekend together as a family. Our weekend started on Friday as soon as Terrell got home from work. My parents came over around 5:00 to keep Garrison and spend the night because Terrell and I had plans to go to the Braves games on Friday night and a day of shopping on Saturday. (This counted as our date night for the month of May, plus an anniversary date since we're leaving for vacation on our actual anniversary).

The Braves game was lots of fun... but we got wet! As soon as we got inside the stadium and made our way to The Chop House to eat supper, it started pouring down raining. We ended up having to wait a pretty good while to be seated, but we didn't care since we were dry while we waited. We really enjoyed our dinner at The Chop House, and I'd like to make that a regular tradition. We both agreed it's the best stadium food we've ever had. Anyway, after the rain delay, we made our way to our seats (first row in left-center field) and watched the game under our umbrella just about the entire time. A light rain was falling for most of the night. Finally with 1 out in the 9th, it started pouring down again and they went into another rain delay. We decided to head home at that point and sloshed our way to the car and finished listening to the game on the radio. Thank goodness Granna and Papa were spending the night because it was a really, really late night for us.

Saturday morning we woke up and got to see our little man and spend some time with him before going out shopping for the day. Terrell got us all McDonald's for breakfast and then we all prepared to head out. Terrell and I left for Macon and my parents left for Barnesville with Garrison. We had a great time shopping. I don't think either one of us remembered what it was like to go shopping without a stroller and diapers and a little man to entertain. We stayed in stores trying on clothes and picking out gifts for as long as we wanted. It was really nice. Once we got back to my parent's house late Saturday afternoon, we all went to Southern Pit in Griffin for supper. Southern Pit is one of Terrell's all time favorite places to eat. We had a good time and enjoyed all the food and were especially glad to see Garrison.

Sunday morning we went to church and enjoyed a great Memorial Day service. It's always so refreshing to be back at our home church. And, Garrison went into a new Sunday School class... he's now in the 1 year old room. He seems like such a big boy being in a new room away from the babies. Sunday for lunch we went to Maxi's and ate lots of good food before going home to my parent's and getting Garrison ready for his nap. He took a nice, long 2 hour nap and after this weekend we are feeling pretty encouraged about his sleeping habits/potential for the beach. He had a really good night on Saturday and took long naps on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. After his nap my Nanny came over to see Garrison and spend some time with him, and a couple of hours later, my Granny and PawPaw stopped by. We ended up ordering pizza and all eating together. We were really thankful that Garrison's great-grandparents had an opportunity to spend time with him this weekend.

Monday morning we slept in a little later than usual and then got ready for Terrell's parents to come over for a cook-out. Garrison took his usual morning nap and then Nana and Pops came over just a little after he woke up. We grilled out cheeseburgers and had salad and corn on the cob and chips and dip... it was so good and lots of fun. They even brought an ice cream cake for dessert to top it all off. They had fun playing with Garrison and we loved getting to grill out on Memorial Day at our house. It was a really fun weekend and we loved spending the start of the weekend together, just the two of us, and the end of the weekend with lots of family.