Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Highlights

May was a FULL month. We were full steam ahead every single day this month until this past weekend. I think it's safe to say that May has become our busiest, craziest month. But, we enjoyed lots of highlights and fun, celebrations and parties. We had our stressful, low moments too but the highlights are what we'll always remember. So here they are from the beginning....

We kicked off May with Teacher Appreciation Week! Serving on PTCO this year was the best. Working with these ladies was so much fun and we had a GREAT time serving our school, students, and teachers. Garrison started with a stomach bug on Sunday, April 30th so I missed helping out with Monday's breakfast but was there the rest of the week to hand out goodies to bless our teachers. And, I was on the receiving end of the goodies myself! It was a busy week but so much fun.

Immediately following Teacher Appreciation Week, my mom, sister, and I got ready to host a baby shower for my cousin. It was another busy and full weekend but the shower turned out perfect. We had so much fun celebrating mama and baby girl. =)

Next up, our high school girls' soccer team made it to the Final Four and we hosted! So we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take the boys to watch them play. We had a fun night cheering on our girls.

Baseball practices finally slowed down and we were able to enjoy some outside time at home. Finally. YAY. 

We had a great Mother's Day weekend with all the moms in the fam and I was spoiled good by my boys.

Then we had our very last baseball games of the season!

All 3 of my boys enjoyed the season lots. =)

2 really fun and special seasons in the books!

After school popsicles and outside time was pretty fun too. Yay for being done with homework!!

Then we got to watch our biggest boy in his end of year 2nd grade program.

We had a great 2nd grade year and now we're pretty excited about experiencing a new school next year! We LOVE our primary school (PreK-2nd) but we've heard some really great things about our elementary school that we're looking forward to lots.

The night after the 2nd grade program the boys enjoyed their first swim of summer and we had the best Friday night with friends. So much fun!!

On our first free Saturday morning (no more baseball games) we decided to take a family walk per the boys' request. They rode bikes and we walked. It's one of our favorite family time activities. =)

The big boys' had their choir programs the next night at church and achieved gold medals for attendance. =)

Then we were treated to Waffle House by Granna and Papa afterwards. Yum!

We kicked off the last week of school with Austin's baseball party on Monday night....

We had the best little team and such a fun season!

Tuesday night we were actually home and able to squeeze in a game night!

On Wednesday I was able to sneak away from my class for a few minutes to go and watch Austin's little PreK program. It was precious! Each student received a special award that was unique to them and Austin was awarded "Dancing King". Hahaha! We were soooo blessed by his teachers and his PreK experience this year. God answered our prayers in a big way and we are so grateful and give Him the glory!

On Wednesday evening we enjoyed Garrison's baseball party and celebration of "The Perfect Season". So proud of our undefeated team and grateful for awesome coaches and teammates.

Then on Thursday we had our last day of school!!

This was them on the 1st day and they've grown so much! Every first day and last day picture comparison gets me. We were blessed with a great school year but were all excited and ready to welcome summer by our last day!

On Thursday I got a picture with my precious school babies and enjoyed their sweet Kindergarten program at the Fine Arts Center. Most of them signed out after the program so I spent my last day busy finishing report cards and permanent record folders. I'm super excited to keep in touch with these kiddos and will always consider them my own.

The last week of school is also when fidget spinners invaded our house! We searched high and low for these things and Terrell finally found some... plus ordered some. Ha! They've been the biggest hit and all 4 boys are big fans. =)

On Friday morning our firstborn baby had his tonsils and adenoids removed and did great. He's recovering well but still has a ways to go before he's back to 100%. The whole fam has enjoyed lots of ice cream and popsicles with Garrison Cade. =)

And on yesterday we had a lazy Memorial Day at home until around 4:00 when me and the littles went over to my Nanny's for a grill out/graduation party. Garrison slept for most of the day and wasn't up for leaving the house so Terrell stayed home with him. We enjoyed getting out and being with family but we're ready for our biggest to get well so we can all get back to normal. We've definitely felt everyone's prayers and he has felt extra special and loved. We're excited to have him fully recovered!

May has been full. Mostly fun, kind of stressful, definitely busy, and a little challenging. It was memorable for sure! Now we're excited for June and our 1st half of summer!! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Currently we are wrapping up the school year and trying to survive the total craziness of May. It's been wild but we are doing it and almost there! I hate that I haven't been able to document the past couple of months like I would've liked. I've missed blogging regularly something serious. So an update is overdue. 

Here's a look at the details happening around the Selph household currently...

*Eating... Our eating habits lately have been all over the place. Thanks to the busyness of this time of year and mama's exhausted state, I've cooked some simple meals, I've skipped cooking, we've had whatever we can find around the house, and we've had take-out. So a little bit of everything. This week we are having pizza twice since the boys' baseball parties/banquets are both happening this week... and we're also having tacos per Garrison's request before his tonsillectomy on Friday. Not the healthiest week ever, but I'm not complaining!

*Planning... Currently we are planning for Garrison's tonsillectomy. (Prayers are very much appreciated.) It's not going to be the most fun start to summer ever, but we are ready to get it over with and put all of the sickies that plague our firstborn behind us! We've bought lots of food he can eat and enjoy and are trying to determine a game plan for his downtime... and also how to manage little brothers in the process. We're also planning for a June full of out of town trips. We aren't 100% positive we'll make it on our anniversary trip next month (it will all depend on Garrison's recovery), but we're hoping we can. We're also heading to Gatlinburg for a long weekend and heading to the beach for our annual summer vacay. It's going to be a busy month!

*Loving... The school year wrap up! The past 10 weeks of me working full time in the midst of baseball and tutoring and homework and mom-life, etc. have been a shock to the system and a MAJOR whirlwind. So I am especially thankful to be wrapping up the craziness and welcoming Summer Break! 

I'm also really loving this last month of school with my Kindergartners. It's just a fun time of year and excitement is in the air. =) Even though I experienced some reeeally trying times after starting full time, I've fallen in love with my class and with Kindergarten in general. God knew exactly what I needed in going back to work and I'm so grateful for His grace.

*Not Loving... Stress about my job status for next year, hot weather, not sleeping all night, and how quickly my house seems to get messy. 

*Watching... We have been watching lots of season finales or episodes leading up to season finales lately. And they've been so good! We've finished this season of Scorpion and Blindspot and are closing in on the end of Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods, and Survivor. We've also been watching lots of Braves games and Atlanta United games. =)

*Reading...  I recently finished The Magnolia Story (Chip and Joanna's testimony of how "Magnolia" came to be) and loved it. It's a really neat inside look at them as individuals and then how they came together. They didn't have an easy road to get where they are now. And I would say even now, it isn't easy. But God's faithfulness and plan is all over their story. If you love them as a couple or just admire their work then I would recommend the book.

I just started Nancy Thayer's The Guest Cottage and so far it has me hooked! I loooove a good beach read. And Nancy Thayer is similar to my favorite "beach read" author Elin Hilderbrand, so I can't go wrong with her. I'm looking forward to lots more good books in my future!

*Trying... To soak up these last days of school and to truly savor our summer. Once I started working full time, I got overwhelmed, stressed out, stretched thin, and exhausted so fast that I went straight into survival mode. I didn't focus on the present very well, I didn't slow down very much (not by choice mind you), and I didn't enjoy the craziness at all. So now that baseball is over, the school year is almost done, and a slower pace is coming soon I really want to enjoy it and soak it up. It's sometimes easier said than done, but being intentional and being grateful goes a long way.

*Hoping... For a smooth surgery for Garrison and a smooth and speedy recovery! We're ready to put it behind us and praying everything goes great. Having just been through the recovery myself last year I'm hoping I can really help to make it a good one. Again, prayers are appreciated. I think we're all nervous and anxious to get it over with.

*Wanting... Extra rest and downtime (which is coming soon thankfully!), my littles to handle Garrison's recovery well (there's already been some concern and tears over Garrison not being able to play for a while), a pool (still don't have an exact time table but every summer the longing is strong!), and................. I'd really like a full time position teaching. Gasp! I'm just as shocked and confused as you are. Ha. The whole experience of going back to work has been a TOTAL roller coaster. #alltheemojis But, now that I'm almost done, I've realized and accepted this is my profession, my calling. Plus I've enjoyed my class so much, enjoyed teaching again lots, and honestly given how hard I've worked, I feel the tug to be the real thing, not just a "sub". My feelings, emotions, and even prayers over this have been all over the place, but next year Layton will start preschool and be one year away from PreK and the hope of financial freedom after living 8 years on only 1 full time income is a really big deal and amazing hope. =) God knows best and I'm trusting in His plan..... Nervous and even a little anxious, but excited and hopeful about what He knows is best for our family and what He will provide through His perfect plan.

*Needing... Peace going into this summer not knowing what the upcoming school year will bring. Also a successful surgery and full and quick recovery for my baby coming up!

And that's a little peek at life around here currently. Hope to be back to blogging lots more this summer! Thanks for praying for Garrison!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend was such a sweet one. I loved and enjoyed it so much.

The sweetness actually kicked off on Thursday morning with Muffins with Mom with Austin. The entire PreK at our school treated their moms to muffins and juice and I was able to enjoy both of my big boys being with me for the occasion. (Garrison wasn't feeling well so he hung out with me while he waited for Nana to come and pick him up. We are sooo thankful for grandparents!!) Austin was so excited and the best little host. We loved our special time together.

The fun continued Friday night when my guys took me out to eat! I loved my special date with my 4 favorite guys ever!

We even shared this delicious dessert.... and we rarely order dessert when we're out so this was a treat!!

Once we got home the big boys gathered up their little gifts for me and surprised me with all of these goodies! They were so sweet and so proud of what they'd made for me. It was the sweetest!

On Saturday morning we woke up to rain and cancelled baseball games so we all slept in and had the laziest morning ever. We were bummed about having to make up our last games of the season but that extra rest and sleep was a GIFT to this mama. Terrell went and got us McDonald's for breakfast (Happy Mother's Day to me!) and then the boys played and Terrell and I went back to bed! We haven't done that in years. YEARS!! It was so nice and sooo needed. 

Of course by Saturday afternoon I was reminded of why you can't spend the whole morning sleeping, ha, because things got busy fast trying to buy groceries, do some laundry, clean the house, and get ready to go out. But it was worth it. And the bonus was that Terrell and the boys cleaned the house for me while I was off buying groceries. They made my weekend so special!!

Saturday night we went out with Nana and Pops to celebrate Mother's Day and had a great time. We ate at one of our new favorite places and then went out for ice cream. It was a fun night celebrating Nana.

And thanks to all of my extra rest on Saturday, I stayed up a little past my bedtime and read this right before calling it a night. I love this. 

Sunday morning with my loves. So blessed to be their mom!

We had a busy but short morning at church before coming home early to get ready for our full afternoon. We had a big lunch with lots of family at my parents' house and had a great time celebrating with Granna. We ate good, laughed a lot, and the boys had a ball. It was a pretty great afternoon with all the moms in the fam, including my Granny who had a really good day.

Then late on Sunday afternoon we went over to my Nanny's house to celebrate with her. We ordered pizza for supper and just all hung out together. 

And the great-grands had so much fun. Especially these two. =)

Sunday night we even managed to get everybody in bed almost on time before it was back to work for mama. Ha. I made lunches and prepared for the week before watching a show with Terrell and calling it a night. We had a GREAT weekend together and I'm so thankful for the way my family celebrated me and made me feel extra special. I'm also thankful I was able to celebrate with my favorite moms and the ladies who have helped shape me into the mama I am today. 

Amazing grace. I experienced it all weekend long. =)

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things About being Their Mom

Mother's Day week is a sweet one for me and each year since Garrison was 1 I've written about a few of my favorite things about being their mom. It's just a little way for me to document life right now with my babies and some of the precious things I'm thankful for and love about being their a mom.

*Their love for their mama. =) This one gets me just about daily. In the midst of the craziest season of our family life possibly ever, they surprise me with the best hugs, the sweetest words, and the most thoughtful care and concern. They love me unconditionally, flaws and all, and they are my most treasured blessings. So thankful God chose my 3 boys for me.

*Their love for each other is my favorite. It melts me and makes me overwhelmed with gratefulness at God's grace. They have a closeness and bond that is super strong and the sweetest thing to witness. They can fight, argue, bicker, and brawl at times like CRAZY, but at the end of the day they want to be together and they are very best friends. Their love for each other runs deep and I've said this a hundred times probably but I am sooo thankful for the friendship and gift they have in each other and pray that they are always close.

*They make me laugh all the time. Their questions, their observations, their craziness, their silliness, their laughter, their ways, their joy. Laughing with, (and at, ha!), my boys is a big time favorite.

*They challenge me regularly and keep me on my toes. I am always learning, always seeking wisdom, and always turning to Jesus thanks to the challenging issues, trials, small and big things that come up. Being a mama is TOUGH but those challenges seem to make our bond stronger and keeps me on my knees.

*The noise. Our household is a LOUD one and the noise that we experience daily is a blessing. Yes, sometimes it drives me CrAzY or gives me a headache, but lots of times it just makes me thankful and reminds me to soak up this season. Especially when the noise I'm hearing is laughter, playing, fun, imaginations, and the sound of getting along. =) It's a blessing, loudness and all.

*Their appreciation of the small things melts me. They are grateful for me making their favorite meal... for the opportunity to wear "comfy" clothes to school on Fridays... for a special dessert..... extra time outside....game nights....a visit to the library.... a trip to the park....a surprise night out to watch our high school girls' soccer team in the Final Four. Of course they love the big outings, surprises, and gifts (and we do too!) but the way they appreciate the little, simple things and express their thankfulness is the sweetest.

*Their love of sports is the best! We are a sports loving family and it's pretty cool for us to ALL enjoy watching sports and being fans. It's something we all have in common and something I can share with them even as the only girl in the house. =) It's also pretty special watching them play sports... organized sports and backyard sports. I love, love, love to watch them play.

*The way they love the beach is my favorite! They have a love for the sand, ocean, and vacation that rivals mine. =) They talk about it, count down for it, get super excited about it, and enjoy it to the fullest once we're there each summer. It's a special place for our family and our most favorite way to vacation! And I'm thankful all 5 of us love it so much.

*Their love for family and being home is the best. I always say our favorite place to be is together and I'm soaking it up during this season big time. We love our downtime, we love our home, and most of all we love being together. It's isn't always sunshine and roses, but we ALL love and appreciate being home and being together.

*Their prayers, songs, and knowledge of Jesus is something I'm so grateful for. Garrison has accepted Jesus as his Savior but all 3 of them know that God made them and Jesus loves them and died for them. They don't understand it all quite yet but their faith is the sweetest and I pray they continue to grow in their love for and knowledge of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Happy Friday and Happy Mother's Day weekend! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites: Life Lately Edition

Life lately has been CRAZY busy... end of the school year, end of baseball, teacher appreciation, Kindergarten teaching, tutoring, and an upcoming baby shower to host has made the end of April and start of May an exhausting whirlwind. Tis the nature of this time of year. Plus my new reality. Ha. Even though things have been overwhelmingly busy, I've still managed to take some pictures over the past couple of weeks to post here in an effort to continue the family scrapbook. =)

Here's a look at life lately... (over the past 3 weeks or so)

*We've fit in just a few game nights with the new games the boys got for Easter. They've been hits for everybody! 

*Our middle man lost his first tooth!! Then the very next day lost his 2nd tooth!

It was a very big deal and a huge celebration for the whole family! The first lost tooth is a BIG deal. =) His brothers were so excited for him!

*We've enjoyed lots of exciting baseball games! Even though I'm looking forward to wrapping up the season, I still love watching my boys play.  

*Recently our umpires started giving out game balls to one member of the winning team who played a big part in the team's win.... and Austin received his very first game ball on the exact same day 4 YEARS ago that Garrison received his very first game ball. So cool! AnAn was at Garrison's game 4 years ago in Covington and she saw the end of Austin's game this time. Such a neat thing to happen exactly 4 years apart. =)

*I found this picture on my phone this week. Haha! I'm pretty sure Austin took it before school one morning. =)

*A couple of weeks ago Nana took Layton to the park near Terrell's office so Layton had a surprise visitor while he was there. He was thrilled to see daddy!

*My flowers are all blooming and bright now and I'm loving watching everything finally come to life.

*My pictures don't do it justice but it's really pretty in person!

*My view of the backyard is probably my favorite. I love the rose bushes most of all this year.

We've managed to sneak in some outside time here and there now that practices have slowed down. Yay for a slower pace coming soon! 

*Saturday night we met my parents and went out to eat with the awesome crew. =) They even got their feet wet while we waited to be seated. Haha!

*Those 3 little heads lined up on my couch earlier this week are my favorite. Garrison was sick Sunday afternoon so I stayed home with everybody on Monday. It was a nice breather for us even though I stayed busy all day.

*I got a few early Mother's Day gifts last weekend! I've wanted something in the "bare corner" basically since we moved in and the lamp we found is perfect! It's easily removable when our Christmas tree goes up and perfect for the rest of the year. And the table was a surprise find that fits the room and decor perfectly. Terrell totally surprised me with it!! He also got me another gift that we're hoping works in our dining room. My love tank is full! =)

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: We had our house cleaned this week! #allthepraisehands We decided to go for it before hosting a baby shower this weekend because there was absolutely no way we could manage getting it all done without help. It was the best decision ever and this mama was GRATEFUL!

This weekend is another full one for us... baseball games, errands, shower prep and hosting, and hopefully some extra sleep too. I am spent! Phew. May is #craziness. Even though our weekend will be full I'm still super thankful for 2 days off! Happy Friday!!