Monday, August 1, 2016

1st Day of School!

Friday was our 1st day of school and it turned out to be a pretty great one! Yaaaay!!! The boys woke up easily and in good moods (PTL!) and we had a really smooth morning with the only hiccup being that we left packed lunchboxes sitting on the counter and Terrell (who was driving separately) had to turn around to go get them after we were already a few minutes away from our house. So we had a little bit of a later start since we waited on daddy so we could all go in together, but other than that, everything went perfect. =)

Annual 1st day of school picture!

My 2nd grader. Be still my heart. I can remember making his first ever 1st day of school picture for his little 1 year old preschool class 6 whole years ago. They just grow so fast. *Tear* 

Austin's 1st day of big school!

This one going to big school PreK has just tugged on my heart since the moment I accepted it as reality. But God led us here and made it clear this was where Austin was supposed to be. I am so proud of my middle! 

And of course baby brother couldn't be left out! Layton Thomas requested to put on his book bag and make pictures and go to big cool too. =)

I can hardly handle the cuteness and the blessing and the priceless GIFT I have in these 3.

We said a sweet prayer together in the car on the way to school and after finally making our way to a parking space and having to wait in the car for daddy to arrive with lunchboxes we were ready to embark on the 1st day. 

We walked Austin to his classroom first and I can't even describe the emotions I experienced. My baby, who I never thought would attend "big school"/public PreK, who doesn't seem old enough to go to school all day, who is so smart and mature and READY, just did amazing. Mama was the one struggling. His teachers have made the best impression on us and they were welcoming and so reassuring to him on Friday morning. I could tell he was nervous but he went right in and put his lunchbox where it was supposed to go and handed over his book bag and then moved his name onto a little whiteboard to show he was present and then found him a book and sat down to read. And so did Layton. =) I wish I would've gotten a picture but I was distracted with helping calm down a couple of students who were upset. It's a big step and huge transition for most PreK-ers. 

Austin was amazing. It was scary and hard leaving him, but he was just fine. Thank you Jesus. Since his teachers were super busy with a few students who were struggling and having a hard time, I just got a quick picture of Austin by his door before giving hugs and kisses and telling him bye. I was sooo proud of him. 

We finally made it to Garrison's classroom and his class from last year stayed together so it was pretty special to walk in and have everybody say hey Garrison. =) I only got one picture of him and his teacher and her eyes are closed! Oops. But since it's the only one, I had to post. We are really excited about him having someone we know personally who goes to our church (who actually serves as one of my "teachers" on the preschool hall!). We are looking forward to a great year!

Layton and I left the school and told daddy bye and went straight to the grocery store. And I honestly believe having somewhere to go immediately after leaving the school is what kept me from crying. Before we left the store I had already gotten a text from a friend with this picture. =) I was so thankful to see his smiling face and that he has a buddy he already knows in his class!

Layton and I had a pretty quiet morning. We bought groceries and then he played outside while I brought them in, then he played independently or followed me around doing laundry and before we knew it, it was time for lunch! I thought my lunch date with this little man was pretty special. He was napping by 12:15 and  when he woke up we went to pick up our big boys!

One of our favorite back to school traditions is a special treat/snack/cupcake waiting on us when we get home the first day. Last year I also decided to throw in a welcome home card and it was a huge hit so I did it again this year.

Even though the wait was long and Layton was melting, we were home by about 3:40ish this year and the boys both had great days! Austin told me several things about his day... They went outside twice, they didn't start centers yet, they read 2 books, they sang and danced, they didn't get to go to the library, he played with about 3 different friends, he got an agenda (which he loves and feels is such a big deal and which he originally called a Virginia, hahaha), and he had a great day. Garrison got in the car and declared, I am exhausted! But his day went really well too!

I wish I would've had my phone ready to capture their very first reactions to their little surprise when we walked in the door. Priceless! They were thrilled. I love how much they appreciate the little things. Garrison said, I forgot you did this!!

They were super sweet and we had a really low-key afternoon. And yay for Friday because everyone was worn out!

Terrell brought home pizza for supper and we had a laid back Friday night. So thankful for 1st day of school success! Now we're ready to tackle our first week!!

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