Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Currently it is the 2nd week of school and things are getting real. As in I started tutoring after school this week, our biggest started soccer this week, both big boys start choir this week, and we are experiencing just a little taste and preview of our crazy Fall schedule. Whew. It's going to take some adjusting and a little time to get our bearings but we're determined to enjoy it and make the most of it. =)

Here's an inside look at all the happenings around here currently...

*Eating... Tonight is our only night off this week so Terrell is grilling! With practices and getting home late every Wednesday after picking up the boys from choir on his way home, grilling is about to be super limited. So we're going to enjoy grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, and butterpeas tonight. Last night Terrell brought home CFA for us after his meeting there, and tomorrow we're having our Simple Chicken Parmesan or "chicken spaghetti" as the boys call it. Garrison requested Hamburger Helper this week (ha!) so that's what we're having Thursday with some simple sides. This week we're eating pretty good but I can't make any promises for upcoming weeks... it will probably be very limited and super simple around here.

*Planning... We are currently planning our middle man's 5th birthday party! He will be 5 on September 3rd (Terrell just mentioned a week or two ago that he can totally grasp the fact that Garrison is 7 no problem... but he's having a hard time wrapping his mind around Austin turning 5... It definitely feels like a big one!) but we're having his party the weekend before so we can avoid Labor Day Weekend and so we'll have the long weekend to celebrate our birthday boy as a family. So we're deep into planning as we speak! =) Austin has decided on a Braves theme and it's going to be a fun party to plan! He is a big time sports lover and his past 3 birthdays, the only ones he's been able to decide for himself, he's chosen something sports related as the theme. We're pretty excited. 

*Loving... My boys' teachers (!!!), tutoring (LOVE... I think I've found my new calling... Please Lord send me more students!), being back in the hometown (still so thankful to be back), our moms being retired (they help us out so much and there are several things we wouldn't be able to do without them), counting down to Fall, the hope of cooler temps!, and one on one time with my littlest.

*Not Loving... Ummmm, would it be terrible to say August?? August just isn't my favorite. To quote one of the characters from a previously read Elin Hilderbrand book, Beware the 8 weeks of August! Ha. It just drags on and is so hot! Every August seems to be exhausting with going back to school and starting up our extra-curriculars again... plus we usually get sick (the boys already have runny noses), plus I usually don't sleep well due to stressin' (my own fault I know), plus I'm usually overwhelmed with our new schedule and commitments, plus it's just hot and we're over the summer season. So. Like I mentioned, August isn't my favorite so I think that sums up what I'm not loving currently. =)

*Watching... The Olympics!! We love the Olympics and this time the boys are super into it too! That's pretty much all we're watching right now. We still keep up with the Braves and still watch Duck Dynasty but that's it for now because nothing else is on. I'm excited the Olympics will help tie us over until our shows come back on. I miss hanging out and watching our favorites shows with my husband!

*Reading... I'm just about to finish Elin Hilderbrand's newest book Here's to Us. So far, so good. She's my new favorite author and I'm keeping a running list of her books that I haven't read yet so I can make sure to read them. I just love the setting of her books and really enjoy her writing and characters. I think I'm going to try a Charles Martin book next possibly. I've heard lots of good things about his books lately so maybe it's time to branch out. =)

*Trying... To embrace August and the return of a crazy schedule. I always sort of dread, not in a terrible, awful way but in a things are about to get crazy way, the start of another sports season. Getting homework done, the family fed, everyone to and from practices, everyone bathed/showered and in the bed, lunches made, etc is a lot of work. It wears us out and makes for some really crazy, busy evenings. BUT, these are the days and the memories and the fun that are my boys' childhoods! So I want to be intentional about enjoying it and making the most of it and even appreciating all the craziness. We really work hard to prioritize our family and our "together time", so as long as family time and none of our members are lost in the shuffle, this is a season to embrace and have fun with.

I'm also trying to figure out a really good routine for me and my littlest man while his big brothers are at school. I LOVE having some good one-on-one time with him and being able to teach him and play with him and enjoy quality time with him.... but the activities I do with him and the things we play together last about 10 minutes. Ha! He's not even 2 and a half yet so our little 10 minute increments of quality time can make for a long morning. Plus I think he's starting to miss his brothers. I'm trying to find a good balance of time away from the house and time at home, time spent with structured play and time spent with independent play. And there's always the times he's just my little shadow while I clean or do laundry. =) I think we'll get there eventually but right now we're still trying to figure out this brand new routine of ours.

*Hoping... For Fall to arrive a little early! It's probably a long shot but we're supposed to see temperatures below 90 this week!! That's a start!

*Wanting... A smooth transition into our busier schedule, a fun soccer season for the whole fam, a great first month of school, and a stress-free mama! =)

*Needing... This is a want and a need and a hope and a prayer and everything in between... MORE STUDENTS! God opened the door of tutoring for me at the end of the school year and it was something totally brand new to me and not something I was looking for or planning on or anticipating at all. But it has been the best surprise and such a gift!! I'm completely in love and so grateful for the opportunity to teach and make a huge difference for students and families, but also still work from home and maintain flexibility for my family. Out of all the various things I've done since becoming a mama to help bring in a small income from home or working part time, tutoring has the most long term potential and is by far my favorite thing I've ever done, short of teaching my own babies. I've mentioned several times on the blog about the sacrifices we've made for me to be home and the need for me to find a job for this school year, and right now I'm definitely going to continue tutoring (for a long time I hope!) but in order for this to be my *only* job, then I need more students. I would so appreciate your prayers because I believe this is what God has for me and our family, I'm just unsure of when He'll send more kiddos my way. Trusting His timing isn't always easy, but I know He is faithful and I'm excited about His plans!

And that's an inside look at life around here currently. =) Happy Tuesday!

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