Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Favorites: 1st Week of School Edition!

What a week! Whew. The first week of school always totally exhausts me and we're definitely limping across to Friday this morning....but I must say we've had a really successful 1st week! Both big boys are enjoying their teachers, classrooms, classmates, and school in general so far. Yay!! We are super thankful for the great kick-off to the year but so ready to rest and relax this weekend! Because it's definitely been a long one. =)

Here's our favorites from the week...

*Last weekend was so wonderful as we had nothing planned and just really laid low at home the whole weekend. It was just what we needed before kicking off our big first week of school. We even tackled a couple of small projects around the house. While the boys played outside Saturday morning and helped wash daddy's truck... mama cleaned out and organized our party/game/craft closet that's inside our laundry room. I forgot to take a before picture but things had gotten out of control in here and there was stuff shoved everywhere, including on the floor. Here's the "after" photo and it's still my happy place. Things are so much easier to find and get to now!! The box on the top shelf holds all of our leftover party items and even though the box doesn't look so great, it's the most functional way for us to store everything. Even the boys love and appreciate the new closet!

*On Saturday afternoon we also decided to switch the boys' dressers. We moved Garrison's and Austin's dresser (which they've shared since Austin moved into the big boy room in 2013) into Layton's room, and moved Layton's dresser into the big boys' room. Layton's dresser was bigger and the big boys were quickly outgrowing their smaller one that they've been sharing for almost 3 years. It also gave us a great excuse to clean out each and every drawer. The new set-ups are working perfect!

*On Sunday morning the Swatts boys matched the Selph boys! So we couldn't resist a picture. =) #somuchcuteness #overflowingwithboys

*The first week of school has meant some looong mornings for Layton and I, but I'm slowly finding a new little routine for us that doesn't make the time drag on so. On Monday we did a letter recognition activity and kept it up almost everyday this week. He's starting to recognize a few!  

*Monday afternoon hugs as soon as we pulled in the driveway! They have had a great first week but still miss each other lots. #brotherlylove

*On Tuesday morning Layton Selph insisted on wearing his book bag in just like his brothers. #Selphboys #schooldays

*For the first week of school I've been parking and picking Austin up from the "PreK Exit" and then we load up and head for the car rider line to pick up Garrison. And car rider line talks with my middle have been a favorite this week. He is LOVING school. I can't even explain just how smoothly things are going for him. Clearly mama was the only one not ready for big school because this little man is rocking it! =)

*One of the highlights of Layton's week has been daddy setting up our GeoTrax Train Set! Garrison got this for Christmas I think when he was 2 and we've had it put up for years, but this week Terrell set it up in our office in the basement and Layton is smitten!

*Layton and I have also had lots of table time this week. A color sort is always fun. =) And every time I have one-on-one time with him I'm just so thankful for the way God has worked it out for me to have one-on-one time with each of my boys. With Austin and Layton both I can remember being concerned that it just wouldn't be possible... but it has and it's been such a blessing.

*A little inside look at our Garrison Cade at 7 and a half! (Today is his half birthday. =)) I feel good when my family is near. Melt my heart! I feel happy when I get new stuff. #lovelanguage This is such an accurate reflection of his little personality right now.

*Austin got a good note home this week! Again, I am so proud of him and amazed at how easily he's transitioned and adjusted and is just thriving already. It's been a GREAT 1st week for both of my big boys.

Favorite Not-Pictured Moments: My wonderful husband has been amazing this week! I've had 2 evening meetings this week and on Wednesday afternoon I came home sick (from the heat we're suspecting after waiting outside for about 20 minutes to pick up Austin) and he had to leave work early and come to my rescue! He cooked supper and took over our evening routine and really was my hero. =) We are so worn out this morning but I don't know what I would've done without him this week! He's been making up the bed every morning and taking on lots of little extras to help me out and I am sooo thankful!

This morning we're looking forward to delivering little thank yous to the boys' teachers and we can't wait to kick off our weekend this afternoon!! We're celebrating Frankie's birthday tonight and have a super low key weekend planned. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!

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