Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Fun & Anna's 1st Shower

We had ourselves another super fun weekend. It was bliss. We kicked off our weekend by going out to our favorite pizza buffet on Friday night. The boys were thrilled and we all ate too much. We hadn't been able to go in quite a while so it felt like a special treat to enjoy all we wanted of our fav pizzas. Yum.

Then Saturday morning we were up bright and early for Garrison's 9:00 football game. I love Fall weather, but not so much having to sit outside in it when it feels like it's freezing cold because you haven't experienced temperatures below 60 degress in a looong time... so therefore it really is freezing cold. And the cold must have effected my baby because he just wasn't into this game. He was sort of out of it... and yawned a lot. And, come to find out he's one of the youngest on the team because he's with a group of 4 to 7 year olds. We just discovered this last practice and aren't very happy about it... but what do you do? We're already half-way into the season and committed now. Anyway, we've noticed that with all the teams the bigger, faster, older kids get the most playing time and the most opportunities to touch the ball and play. Which made me quite defensive on Saturday morning while I froze. But Terrell and I are trying to remember that #1: He's only 4, and #2: If he's having fun that's all that matters. We survived the game, Garrison said he had fun, we called it a success, and I got over my defensiveness and moved on.

After a trip to the grocery store and grabbing some yummy take-out for lunch we prepared for nap time for Austin and for Garrison and I to bake our cake... after a quick nap for mama too. Everything went great (except when I discovered the icing is sold separately even though the box shows a picture of a yummy, iced cake AND says all you'll need to make what's on the box is eggs, water, and oil... very misleading if you ask me). It turned out delicious and the whole family loved it! Garrison picked out strawberry which I think was an excellent choice. Who knows, I just may decide to bake from a box more often. 
Saturday afternoon and evening was filled with play time and craziness for the boys while their daddy attempted to watch the UGA/LSU game. And we won!!! Terrell only yelled crazy loud at the TV once... while his children stared at him wide-eyed... and then he caught himself and started laughing. So the boys knew he was okay and daddy hadn't lost his mind. I love him. He snapped out of it in 2 seconds. I was so proud.

Then yesterday was my sister's first bridal shower! My Nanny and I hosted it for her and I think everything turned out great. She got lots and lots of presents and we all enjoyed catching up and eating good shower food. We have lots more showers coming up and I think Layton is a big fan of shower food. I'm already looking forward it.

The bride to be!
The delicious cake! (Anna's new last name will be O'Mary) I loved how it turned out and am so thankful it survived all the transporting I put it through.
Presents!! Yay for shower gifts and filling your home with all things NEW. =)

After the shower wrapped up we made a few pictures... which turned out to be SO hilarious and we laughed til we cried.  

My Nanny attempted to work my "fancy" camera and couldn't find us when she looked through. So we were cracking up before she took the picture... then afterwards when we saw it and realized I barely made it in and was cut off a little we could not stop laughing. It was soo funny.

Then we made a picture with Anna and both of our grandmothers. Nanny (my dad's mom) is on the left and Granny (my mom's mom) is on the right. Nanny was still cracking up. Ha! I am so blessed to have both these ladies in my life. They are one of a kind.

I loved throwing Anna her first shower and feel like I'm probably almost as excited about the next one as she is. I can't wait!

All 3 of my boys were happy to see me when I got home for supper last night. They had a fun day together but really made me feel loved when I got home.

We enjoyed our weekend to the fullest and are going to try to survive a wild and crazy week ahead without stressing, meltdowns, or any more doctor's appointments than are already scheduled!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

1st Field Trip!

This post will probably mean nothing to anyone but me, but it was a first for me as a mama so it had to be recorded on the family blog...

I went on my first field trip today... as a parent! It was SO much fun. And so much more laid back than going on a field trip as a teacher... although I did find myself counting kids and making sure everyone was holding hands, etc. I just loved every second. I think I'm going to make it my goal to go on every field trip from this point forward. =)

Our theme this month at school has been transportation and community helpers so the Pre-K class got to go on a field trip around our community (the Square). We walked from the church/school and visited the Covington Flower Shop...

Pom-Poms & Pirouettes... (A store that another mama from Garrison's class owns)

Sweet Treats Bakery...

And the bank... not Terrell's bank, but the one on our Square. Garrison was a pro here. He knows all about banks.

Then we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the middle of the Square. Super cool.
We had so much fun. I loved sharing the experience with him and being there as his mom. I've technically been on a field trip with him once before (last year when both our classes went to the Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch together), but my focus was on my own class. I was there as a teacher first. So this time was extra special.

HUGE thanks to Pops for coming over to keep Austin so I could spend the morning with my big boy. Austin normally does not like to be left out. He was heartbroken Tuesday night when Terrell and Garrison went to football practice without him. But this time, he did great. I think it helped that Garrison was already at school when I left so I was leaving him solo versus Garrison and I leaving together. Plus he was super excited to see Pops. I'm hoping I can do lots more field trips in the future. Maybe even every single one. =)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happening Lately

*Yesterday I went for my anatomy scan ultrasound. Terrell was able to drop Garrison off at school and then meet me there since I had Austin with me. I am so thankful for the flexibility of his job right now. It makes such a huge difference!

Anyway, I loved seeing my precious baby Layton! He was so active at first and I couldn't feel a thing. It was crazy. She wanted him to be still so she could get the pictures she needed and do all the measuring they do but he was just all over the place. So far I usually only feel him when I'm sitting down. Every now and then if I'm laying on my side I feel him but mostly it's just when I'm sitting. I feel him at school a lot while I'm working with my kids on their crafts and I feel him when watching TV or when I blog. =) By the end of the ultrasound he was perfectly still and looked sound asleep.

Everything looks great and we are so grateful! I found out today I have to go back for one more picture they weren't able to get... of his lips. Seems random but I'm glad they're thorough. With all 3 of my babies I was a tad nervous going into the "big ultrasound" appointment. You just want confirmation that everything's okay and that your baby is healthy, strong, and growing. So far, so good! I am measuring right on time and he weighs 10 ounces now so he is perfectly average. I am so excited to meet my sweet little man.

*Yesterday was also a special day because Garrison got to sleep on his top bunk last night. He was so excited. It took him a little longer to fall asleep, but once he did he slept all night and we didn't hear a peep out of him. We decided to try this out since Austin will be moving in just 2 shorts weeks and we want another option for sleeping arrangements for times when one of them is sick. They'll be sharing a full-size bed every night together so having the top bunk as an option for Garrison will be nice. I can't believe my baby is ready to move to a big boy bed and that my boys will be sharing a room. It should be an interesting adjustment for everyone involved. =)

*Something else sort of neat about yesterday is that Terrell and I were able to watch an ESPN special on the Manning family last night. (Yay for watching TV together and spending over an hour hanging out on the couch!) It was SO good. It was all about Archie Manning, his childhood, college years, and then his family life and pro career... and of course there was a focus on all 3 boys as well. I loved seeing all the home videos of the boys and finding out more about their oldest son Cooper. They were such great parents... and still are. Archie was an amazing dad to them growing up, even as a pro athelete, and you can still tell how much his kids love and respect him. Peyton called his dad his best friend. What a compliment to a dad! I just love that family. They are pure class in my opinion. And knowing that we're having 3 boys as well just made me love them even more. Watching all those videos made me beside myself excited to have 3 boys. I can't wait for all the fun coming our way. The Manning boys talked about how playing in the backyard with their dad sort of defined their childhood. That is so Terrell. He plays with our boys all the time outside when he can. What a blessing. I'm so exicted. =)

*Okay, enough about yesterday... This Saturday Garrison and I are baking a cake. From a box. My first time ever... if you don't count brownies. I always say I'm a good cook, but I'm no baker. I just don't bake. Recipes that require a big, fancy, crazy-expensive mixer, flour, vanilla, etc just ain't for me. I cook supper for my family almost every night. And they think I'm a great cook. I just don't do homemade desserts. Until now. Even though it isn't from scratch, it's still homemade. You better believe I'm counting it as homemade. It may not be a Pioneer Woman cake, but it will be delicious (I hope!) anyway.

Garrison is a huge Pioneer Woman fan. He loves watching her cook and everything about her family and the ranch. Almost everyday he requests me to make something she has made. He doesn't understand that half of the recipes he himself wouldn't like. He also doesn't understand that I don't have all the crazy ingredients needed for a complicated dessert just lying around. Plus I don't bake... as I already mentioned. Sooo, I've tried a couple of recipes for supper that have been big hits but that's about it. So it's time to bake my baby a cake. You see, I'm picking up a cake Saturday afternoon for my sister's bridal shower on Sunday and the boys won't get to have any. So we're going to bake our own. Perfect timing. I'm thinking about letting Garrison pick it out and everything. We'll see how it goes... hopefully I won't mess it up...

*We think we've made final decisions about Halloween costumes. Yay for not being last minute like every other year! Garrison has decided he wants to be Superman. I would've preferred a firefighter or something a little more homemade but this year he can definitely decide all on his own, so Superman it is. He really got into Superman after watching the original movie on Labor Day when he was sick. Since then Superman is his favorite. Spriderman and Batman are his costume back-ups.

Austin is going to be a lion like Garrison was for his 2nd Halloween. If it fits. The lion costume is one of my favorite ever. So adorable and cute! And since this may be our last year to pull off Austin dressing up as an animal, we're going to take advantage of it. We're also planning to let the boys go house to house this year and then hand out candy and my parents' house. They have the perfect neighborhood for this so hopefully it will be a super fun night.

*We have a special few days coming up. Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip with Garrison. (So thankful my father-in-law can come over to hang out with Austin so I don't have to miss this one!) On Saturday we have Garrison's 2nd football game, a big UGA game, and we're baking a cake. Then on Sunday I'm giving my sister her first bridal shower. =) I may or may not have anything to blog about until all those fun things happen. We'll see. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Buggy Days!

We had a super fun weekend at our hometown's annual arts and crafts festival... Buggy Days! If you're not familiar with Buggy Days, it's kind of a big deal. =) Barnesville was the Buggy Capital of the World back in the day. We made buggies for all kinds of famous people. So this is how we remember and celebrate and have a community homecoming.

I love it... I love the booths, food (even though we don't eat a ton of the food, the smells alone are worth it), buggies, seeing people we know and haven't seen in a while, catching up with old friends, and the parade of course. And this year was extra fun because it wasn't 100 degrees! Yay for a cooler, fall day! Boo for rain... because it eventually did... but we were back at my parents' house before it started to pour so the timing worked out almost perfect for us. 

The boys were very excited about Buggy Days and ended up having a really fun time. The very first thing they got to do was pick out a new toy courtesy of Granna. They both got new John Deere wooden trucks. They have played with those things non-stop all weekend. After purchasing toys we browsed booths with both sets of grandparents and let the boys play on the caboose in town.. big hit!

We ate lunch inside a restaurant because it would be almost impossible for the boys to eat sitting outside on a sidewalk somewhere (and we needed a bathroom), and then last minute decided to check out the kids area. Well, of course there was a line to get a wristband for the bouncies and train and all the fun stuff... and it started to rain... and there were lines for everything there once you finally got the wristbands. Sooo, we had to pass this year but decided the kids area may be where daddy and the big boys hang out next year. My kids have just never noticed it and never asked about it, so we weren't very prepared when Garrison and Austin both noticed the cute little train ride and then Garrison decided he wanted to play on the bouncies too. Thankfully he wasn't too disappointed.

After we struck out there, we ate funnel cakes under the bank drive-thru while it sprinkled and rained a little before heading down another street of booths... where my big boy decided to get his face painted... for the first time ever. He insisted I stand right beside him and hold his hand, so when I wanted a picture he grabbed Granna's hand instead. This was clearly a BIG deal. =)
So proud!
Shortly after it was time to head to our usual spot to watch the parade. And of course it started raining a little again. We still enjoyed it. Except for the loud firetrucks. They blew the horns and sounded the sirens one too many times. Poor baby didn't like it one bit.
After a potty break and settling back in, he was so worn out from all the fun, he fell asleep. Garrison did the exact same thing his first or second Buggy Days... and I'm pretty sure he was under an umbrella too. Precious.
We spent the afternoon hanging out at my parents' house, giving the boys a bath, watching football, and resting before they fed us a yummy supper and it was time for us to get on the road. For the first time in 8 years (since we got married and moved away), we turned Buggy Days into a day trip. We are trying so hard to make church here a priority that we just can't spend the night away all the time like we used to. And it's kind of nice because we don't have to worry about the packing and laundry and sleeping away from home. We miss our church in B'ville and even miss spending the night sometimes too (and are still praying we get to move back to the hometown), but this way is for the best. As long as we're here anyway. We're loving our Sunday School class and feeling more and more comfortable and at home at FBC Covington. God has been faithful as we've stepped out of our comfort zone and gone against what we "wanted" by forcing ourselves to find a church home here... and we think we have!
The boys were exhausted from our day full of fun (so much so that our annual Buggy Days massive meltdown occurred at my parents' house Saturday afternoon... not fun) and actually fell asleep on the way home. Austin was asleep almost the whole way and Garrison fell asleep about 5 minutes from our house. They both went to bed easily around 8:30 and slept really late Sunday morning. I was worn out and slept great too.
We had a really fun Saturday and only wished we'd had more time to see everything and enjoy more of the day. The rain interrupted us a little, although I loved and appreciated the cooler temperatures SO much, but I'm thinking next year calls for an earlier arrival. This year it just felt like we ran out of time and didn't get to see and do everything we wanted. Since we'll have 3 baby boys in tow next year I guess we'll wait and see. Who knows, maybe we'll be living in Barnesville by this time next year and can enjoy the whole weekend like 5 minutes from our house. That would be awesome. I like that plan. =)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby #3

In the moment when we first found out we were having another boy, I found myself sort of shocked. Not totally, mouth hanging open, utter disbelief shocked... because I had a "boy" feeling going in and this wasn't our "try" hoping/wishing/dreaming for a girl at all... but I was a tad shocked nonetheless. Shocked that I'd be way out-numbered. Shocked that we'd have a house full of boys and only boys. Shocked that God decided to give us another boy. It was a bit of an overwhelming/whoa/I hope I'm ready for this feeling.

As the day went on my emotions felt all over the place. I was thrilled. I was nervous. I was in love. I was surprised. And it all started to sink in. The craziness, adventure, roughness, sports-loving, loudness, fun, and all things sweaty and dirty heading my way for all 3 of my baby boys' childhoods... and teenage years... and as long as they're under my roof. Cue another mix of emotions.

In the days ahead, other than the anxiety I felt about sharing our news and the sadness I temporarily felt for my firstborn when he expressed his big-time disappointment, I've felt grateful and excited. Nothing short of pure joy over this precious gift. God chose US to be his parents. God chose us for these 3 boys. It has been such a WOW feeling and I have been totally overwhelmed by His goodness.

But I'll be the first to admit that it's been a little intimidating to think of raising all boys. Although I have always heard that boys are easier. They are simple. They don't have the hormones, drama, and issues that girls have. Ha! They love their mamas... I already know this to be fact. =)

However, I've also heard that boys don't communicate well. They don't tell their parents a whole lot. They're more independent (a good and bad thing in my opinion). They are "attacked" viciously by Satan as they grow. And they leave the nest faster.


So it is a little intimidating. My mind could really wander to future challenges we'll face or what life will look like as they grow up to be men. (Crazy.)
I'm already praying for their relationships with Christ (most important thing EVER), their friends, their relationships with each other, their future wives, everything I can think of. I'm praying we remain a close knit family and that my daughters-in-law are like sisters and a huge blessing to our family. I'm also praying for Terrell and I as we parent and raise our house full of boys. It's going to be wild for sure. 
And every time the occassional intimidation sneaks in and gets me a tad nervous, I just remember and return to a verse we talked about in Sunday School the day before we found out our Layton is a Layton...

He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he. Deuteronomy 32:4.

This baby boy is part of God's plan. And we get to be his parents! It's amazing for me to think about how God planned it all. The timing, the 3rd boy, everything. I am SO, SO excited. I can't wait to meet, hold, and love on my newest baby boy. I am SO looking forward to welcoming him to our family and introducing him to his amazing big brothers. He was a surprise blessing that I am beyond grateful for.

Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17 
Quick update: Garrison hasn't mentioned wanting a girl again since the night we revealed the gender. (I'm so thankful!) In fact he has been super excited about Layton joining the family. I guess he just needed a little time to accept the news that he's going to have another brother. He makes me pictures of our family of 5. He asks how to spell Layton's name. He talks about having 2 brothers. He reminds me that Austin is going to be a big brother like him. The way he has so quickly adjusted to the news has been a huge blessing that I am praising God for. I think he's getting more excited by the day, just like me. =)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

18 Weeks!

Things are moving right along! Here's an update on Baby Layton and how things are going...
Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: 18 Weeks

Size of baby: 5.5 inches long and weighs 5 or so ounces... about the size of a sweet potato

Total Weight Gained/Loss: 6 lbs so far. I have another appointment a week from today so we'll see if I'm holding steady or gaining fast.

Maternity Clothes: More and more. They're just more comfortable! As soon as I can I'm going to start wearing my maternity jeans. Ahhh. Relief! But I won't wear them until the weather is right!

Gender: It's a BOY! Layton Thomas Selph. =)

Movement: I've finally started to feel him off and on! Yay!! I absolutely love it.

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular lately, I'm just hungry a lot!

What I Miss: Hmmm... I still don't feel quite right in the mornings so I definitely miss that "normal" feeling, and I'm starting to feel out of breath easily... which is scary since I'm not even half way there...

Sleep: I've been sleeping really, really good lately! I'm so thankful for good sleep and lots of rest!

Symptons: I'm really hungry, I have a tad bit of morning sickness, and I'm starting to "feel" the load of carrying baby boy.

Best Moment this Week: Finding out we're expecting our 3rd boy, feeling him move, planning the nursery, and making a list of things to register for. So exciting! There are just too many things that won't survive a 3rd round so we're looking forward to getting some new necessities.

What I'm Looking Forward To: The ultrasound/anatomy scan I have coming up next week!
Austin's update at 18 weeks

Monday, September 16, 2013

1st Game & Birthday Outing

We had a super fun and busy Saturday... filled with my baby's first football game, my other baby's first train ride, and the whole family's first Sky View Atlanta ride. It was eventful, exciting, and an adventure as Garrison told us multiple times during our outing.

Saturday morning started with my hubby running a 5K (he isn't a runner and technically isn't supposed to run because of his back history, but he had to participate for work and did great considering he didn't "train" at all. Men are just like that... not fair. I was very proud!). Then we all met at Garrison's first ever football game. He was nervous and apprehensive and may have wanted me to hold his hand throughout the game when we first arrived, but he overcame his fears and did great!

I see the nerves all over him in this picture. The what am I doing out here I've only been to one practice nerves. He had to miss his second practice due to our gender reveal get-together so it took him a while to catch on. But once he did, he did a really good job and had fun. Yay!

Another little Selph thought he'd join the team too. Soooo funny! At first he just wanted to sit with Garrison and then even after Garrison got called out to play he made himself at home and declared himself team mascot. Haha!

Garrison played mostly defense (which caused him to shed a few tears at the end of the game when he realized he didn't get anybody's flag) but he was in for offense a few times too and even got to snap the ball once. I've never pictured him as a center but for his first time ever, he did great!
We're calling his first game a success!
After the game, lunch, and naps (for everybody!), we got ready for our special birthday outing for Austin. We got him a small gift for his birthday but planned an outing for him too. Although I think he's a little too young to appreciate a birthday outing and to understand it was all about him and all for him, he had fun and we had a great day as a family. We originally planned this outing for Labor Day but since the boys were sick it got postponed til Saturday... it was a perfect, beautiful day!

We got on the closest Marta station to our house (which is still a good ride away) and rode all the way into Atlanta, changed trains, and rode to our first stop. Austin was super excited when we first "boarded"...
But as soon as we started moving he decided the safest place was in mama's lap....
After a looong train ride and even having to stand up once we changed trains (it was crazy how crowded Marta was... thank goodness for the stroller), we finally made it to our first stop and walked to the Varsity for supper. The Varsity was also packed out... mostly with Braves fans. Who knew? The boys ate a good, traditional Varsity meal and then we made our walk back to the train station to ride for 2 more stops until we reached our destination of Sky View Atlanta.
The boys did great. Austin was a little scared climbing in (as you can see on his face) but once we started moving he loved it.
It was a super cool experience for all of us. It's enclosed, (so perfect for little ones), plus it's air conditioned and roomy. And the view is pretty amazing too. We all really enjoyed it. All the pictures below were taken very high in the air from the ride itself.

Afterwards we had to make a stop to pet the horse. One day we'll have to take the boys on a carriage ride.
We walked back to the station and rode the world's largest escalator. Oh my. Terrell and I had never seen one so long. CRAZY! It gave me a weird feeling to be on it because it was so high and SO steep. The even crazier part is that this is one of 3 you ride to get down to the train. The other 2 are more of a standard size... but still. We felt like Batman going to his cave. The walls down there are like the inside of a cave. Garrison was fascinated.
Here's another view looking up. Terrell and the boys are over halfway down. I'm telling you it was totally crazy.

We rode Marta back to our car with some interesting people from the city... ha! Once we finally got home both boys had I'm so exhausted, why did you keep me out so late? meltdowns but finally crashed by 10:00. It was full day and we all had fun!

Yesterday was nice and relaxing and Terrell and I even helped in the nursery at church. We were blessed with a great weekend and enjoyed celebraing our baby boy all over again. =)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Everyday Life Lately

Here's what we've been up to lately... you know, in addition to finding out the exciting news that we're expecting our 3rd baby boy... =)

Last Friday Austin took Mickey Mouse cookies to school and was able to celebrate his birthday with his class. He was so cute when we sang to him. Not nearly as overwhelmed as he was at his party!
I think everybody enjoyed their cookies. =)
Saturday morning before Austin's party (while the guys were busy with other party preparations) my mom and I had to take the boys with us to the store to pick up balloons and a few last minute items for the party. The boys were in for a huge treat! They got to drive around the store!! Which they loved and thought was the best thing ever. So cute.  
Totally worn out from partying both boys fell asleep as soon as we got in the car headed home Saturday afternoon. And they both had a book in their laps. Boys after their mama's own heart.

Sunday morning I stepped way out of my comfort zone and took the boys to church (here in Covington) solo! This was a BIG deal considering I went to Sunday School (where I only know the names of about 3 couples so far) without my husband. Yay for being brave!

Garrison went on a field trip this week to the Post Office and had a homework assignment one night to write or dictate a letter (or draw a picture) to a friend in his class. Then he got to mail it when he went on his field trip. The friend was chosen for him on an addressed envelope so it made things super easy. This is what he decided he wanted to write to Audrey so I wrote it down first and then he copied it. I thought he did great! Afterwards he said, that gives your hand exercise and energy! And it hurts. Cracked me up.

Austin and I have lots of time together on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Garrison is at school so I'm trying to start introducing letters to him and we're working on counting a little more too. He's an eager learner so far. =)
My big boy is growing up. He rarely has a quiet time in his room anymore. Typically he watches 1 or 2 thirty minute shows before choosing something quiet to do. Sometimes he colors or draws at our dining room table, sometimes he plays/builds with magnets in his room, sometimes he's working at his tool table in the office. He is, for the most part, totally independent and lets me do my thing and even take a nap! I'm very proud. I snapped this picture earlier this week... and captured the carpet burn on his face from a fall he took at school.

Garrison's class went on their field trip yesterday. I was really torn about not going but in the end felt that I couldn't. We never asked a baby-sitter to come because everybody works and we're an hour away and didn't think it was truly necessary (nobody was sick, we weren't desperate, etc.). However, I knew I didn't want to attempt Garrison's field trip with Austin. Austin is just a busy body and doesn't want to stay in his stroller unless he's totally entertained or totally worn out. I knew if I took Austin it would turn into a trip all about keeping up with Austin versus enjoying time at the Post Office with Garrison. Sooo, I decided it would be best to sit this one out.

As soon as I saw pictures from the field trip with almost every single other mama from his class present, my heart sank and I felt terrible. Then, his teacher told me when I picked him up that at the start of the field trip he was very unsure and apprehensive about it because I wasn't there. (Cried about that one as soon as I got home. Oh, the guilt.) Thankfully he was Ms. Vicki's buddy throughout the trip and in the end had a great time. He never asked me why I didn't go or made me feel any worse... so that was a blessing too! Needless to say, for the next field trip, mama will be present... and I think I'm ready to vow to never miss another field trip again. Just about nothing feels worse than the feeling you let your child down. Gracious.
That's what we've been up to lately. Now we have a fun Saturday planned and are looking forward to a great weekend. Happy Friday!!