Monday, September 16, 2013

1st Game & Birthday Outing

We had a super fun and busy Saturday... filled with my baby's first football game, my other baby's first train ride, and the whole family's first Sky View Atlanta ride. It was eventful, exciting, and an adventure as Garrison told us multiple times during our outing.

Saturday morning started with my hubby running a 5K (he isn't a runner and technically isn't supposed to run because of his back history, but he had to participate for work and did great considering he didn't "train" at all. Men are just like that... not fair. I was very proud!). Then we all met at Garrison's first ever football game. He was nervous and apprehensive and may have wanted me to hold his hand throughout the game when we first arrived, but he overcame his fears and did great!

I see the nerves all over him in this picture. The what am I doing out here I've only been to one practice nerves. He had to miss his second practice due to our gender reveal get-together so it took him a while to catch on. But once he did, he did a really good job and had fun. Yay!

Another little Selph thought he'd join the team too. Soooo funny! At first he just wanted to sit with Garrison and then even after Garrison got called out to play he made himself at home and declared himself team mascot. Haha!

Garrison played mostly defense (which caused him to shed a few tears at the end of the game when he realized he didn't get anybody's flag) but he was in for offense a few times too and even got to snap the ball once. I've never pictured him as a center but for his first time ever, he did great!
We're calling his first game a success!
After the game, lunch, and naps (for everybody!), we got ready for our special birthday outing for Austin. We got him a small gift for his birthday but planned an outing for him too. Although I think he's a little too young to appreciate a birthday outing and to understand it was all about him and all for him, he had fun and we had a great day as a family. We originally planned this outing for Labor Day but since the boys were sick it got postponed til Saturday... it was a perfect, beautiful day!

We got on the closest Marta station to our house (which is still a good ride away) and rode all the way into Atlanta, changed trains, and rode to our first stop. Austin was super excited when we first "boarded"...
But as soon as we started moving he decided the safest place was in mama's lap....
After a looong train ride and even having to stand up once we changed trains (it was crazy how crowded Marta was... thank goodness for the stroller), we finally made it to our first stop and walked to the Varsity for supper. The Varsity was also packed out... mostly with Braves fans. Who knew? The boys ate a good, traditional Varsity meal and then we made our walk back to the train station to ride for 2 more stops until we reached our destination of Sky View Atlanta.
The boys did great. Austin was a little scared climbing in (as you can see on his face) but once we started moving he loved it.
It was a super cool experience for all of us. It's enclosed, (so perfect for little ones), plus it's air conditioned and roomy. And the view is pretty amazing too. We all really enjoyed it. All the pictures below were taken very high in the air from the ride itself.

Afterwards we had to make a stop to pet the horse. One day we'll have to take the boys on a carriage ride.
We walked back to the station and rode the world's largest escalator. Oh my. Terrell and I had never seen one so long. CRAZY! It gave me a weird feeling to be on it because it was so high and SO steep. The even crazier part is that this is one of 3 you ride to get down to the train. The other 2 are more of a standard size... but still. We felt like Batman going to his cave. The walls down there are like the inside of a cave. Garrison was fascinated.
Here's another view looking up. Terrell and the boys are over halfway down. I'm telling you it was totally crazy.

We rode Marta back to our car with some interesting people from the city... ha! Once we finally got home both boys had I'm so exhausted, why did you keep me out so late? meltdowns but finally crashed by 10:00. It was full day and we all had fun!

Yesterday was nice and relaxing and Terrell and I even helped in the nursery at church. We were blessed with a great weekend and enjoyed celebraing our baby boy all over again. =)

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