Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happening Lately

*Yesterday I went for my anatomy scan ultrasound. Terrell was able to drop Garrison off at school and then meet me there since I had Austin with me. I am so thankful for the flexibility of his job right now. It makes such a huge difference!

Anyway, I loved seeing my precious baby Layton! He was so active at first and I couldn't feel a thing. It was crazy. She wanted him to be still so she could get the pictures she needed and do all the measuring they do but he was just all over the place. So far I usually only feel him when I'm sitting down. Every now and then if I'm laying on my side I feel him but mostly it's just when I'm sitting. I feel him at school a lot while I'm working with my kids on their crafts and I feel him when watching TV or when I blog. =) By the end of the ultrasound he was perfectly still and looked sound asleep.

Everything looks great and we are so grateful! I found out today I have to go back for one more picture they weren't able to get... of his lips. Seems random but I'm glad they're thorough. With all 3 of my babies I was a tad nervous going into the "big ultrasound" appointment. You just want confirmation that everything's okay and that your baby is healthy, strong, and growing. So far, so good! I am measuring right on time and he weighs 10 ounces now so he is perfectly average. I am so excited to meet my sweet little man.

*Yesterday was also a special day because Garrison got to sleep on his top bunk last night. He was so excited. It took him a little longer to fall asleep, but once he did he slept all night and we didn't hear a peep out of him. We decided to try this out since Austin will be moving in just 2 shorts weeks and we want another option for sleeping arrangements for times when one of them is sick. They'll be sharing a full-size bed every night together so having the top bunk as an option for Garrison will be nice. I can't believe my baby is ready to move to a big boy bed and that my boys will be sharing a room. It should be an interesting adjustment for everyone involved. =)

*Something else sort of neat about yesterday is that Terrell and I were able to watch an ESPN special on the Manning family last night. (Yay for watching TV together and spending over an hour hanging out on the couch!) It was SO good. It was all about Archie Manning, his childhood, college years, and then his family life and pro career... and of course there was a focus on all 3 boys as well. I loved seeing all the home videos of the boys and finding out more about their oldest son Cooper. They were such great parents... and still are. Archie was an amazing dad to them growing up, even as a pro athelete, and you can still tell how much his kids love and respect him. Peyton called his dad his best friend. What a compliment to a dad! I just love that family. They are pure class in my opinion. And knowing that we're having 3 boys as well just made me love them even more. Watching all those videos made me beside myself excited to have 3 boys. I can't wait for all the fun coming our way. The Manning boys talked about how playing in the backyard with their dad sort of defined their childhood. That is so Terrell. He plays with our boys all the time outside when he can. What a blessing. I'm so exicted. =)

*Okay, enough about yesterday... This Saturday Garrison and I are baking a cake. From a box. My first time ever... if you don't count brownies. I always say I'm a good cook, but I'm no baker. I just don't bake. Recipes that require a big, fancy, crazy-expensive mixer, flour, vanilla, etc just ain't for me. I cook supper for my family almost every night. And they think I'm a great cook. I just don't do homemade desserts. Until now. Even though it isn't from scratch, it's still homemade. You better believe I'm counting it as homemade. It may not be a Pioneer Woman cake, but it will be delicious (I hope!) anyway.

Garrison is a huge Pioneer Woman fan. He loves watching her cook and everything about her family and the ranch. Almost everyday he requests me to make something she has made. He doesn't understand that half of the recipes he himself wouldn't like. He also doesn't understand that I don't have all the crazy ingredients needed for a complicated dessert just lying around. Plus I don't bake... as I already mentioned. Sooo, I've tried a couple of recipes for supper that have been big hits but that's about it. So it's time to bake my baby a cake. You see, I'm picking up a cake Saturday afternoon for my sister's bridal shower on Sunday and the boys won't get to have any. So we're going to bake our own. Perfect timing. I'm thinking about letting Garrison pick it out and everything. We'll see how it goes... hopefully I won't mess it up...

*We think we've made final decisions about Halloween costumes. Yay for not being last minute like every other year! Garrison has decided he wants to be Superman. I would've preferred a firefighter or something a little more homemade but this year he can definitely decide all on his own, so Superman it is. He really got into Superman after watching the original movie on Labor Day when he was sick. Since then Superman is his favorite. Spriderman and Batman are his costume back-ups.

Austin is going to be a lion like Garrison was for his 2nd Halloween. If it fits. The lion costume is one of my favorite ever. So adorable and cute! And since this may be our last year to pull off Austin dressing up as an animal, we're going to take advantage of it. We're also planning to let the boys go house to house this year and then hand out candy and my parents' house. They have the perfect neighborhood for this so hopefully it will be a super fun night.

*We have a special few days coming up. Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip with Garrison. (So thankful my father-in-law can come over to hang out with Austin so I don't have to miss this one!) On Saturday we have Garrison's 2nd football game, a big UGA game, and we're baking a cake. Then on Sunday I'm giving my sister her first bridal shower. =) I may or may not have anything to blog about until all those fun things happen. We'll see. Happy Wednesday!

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