Thursday, September 5, 2013

Austin at 2

This morning we had Austin's 2 year check-up... and he didn't appreciate it one bit. In fact, he so was traumatized that our poor doctor offered both boys popsicles and a trip to the treasure chest and he didn't need a shot or anything! He just did NOT like them checking his ears or throat, did not cooperate at all, and cried his eyes out as loud as he could. It was pretty awful. On the bright side, my baby boy is healthy and doing great!

He weighed 24 pounds .05 ounces and was 32.25 inches tall. He's in the 7th percentile in both categories. He could be on the small side for the rest of his life like me or he could be more like Terrell and be small as a child but totally and completely average by the time he's an adult. The doctor isn't concerned at all about his size because he's a good eater, healthy, and 100% proportional. It sort of comes down to the fact that the Selph's and Garrison's just aren't big people.

Developmentally he's doing great. I was able to answer yes to every single question... something I wasn't able to do at Garrison's 2 year check up. Wonder if that has something to do with being the second born and picking up on things faster? They were also impressed he's potty trained. We're pretty proud of him too!

Now for a peek into Austin's life at 2...

You wake up every morning between 7:00-7:30 and are normally a happy-ready to the start the day- morning person. You take about a 2 hour nap every afternoon and go to bed around 7:45 every night. Ever since taking the paci away, you've struggled with bedtime a little. It takes you longer to go to sleep and you usually cry and need mama or daddy to come in and rub your back once or twice.

You love meal times (until you're finished and ready to get up but nobody else is so you have to sit and wait) and are typically a great eater. We never really know what you're going to like because it seems to change on a regular basis, but if we can figure out what you really want/like you eat lots and lots. Some of your favorite foods are spaghetti, green beans, chicken with ketchup, almost any kind of fruit, any kind of breakfast food, and of course any kind of cracker or snack food.

Your favorite things to do during the day are to play with Garrison... blocks, magnets, cooking, ball, animals, whatever. Y'all are best friends! You also love to play/do anything with daddy, color, play outside, watch Mickey Mouse (although you still don't watch an entire episode), put together puzzles, and have someone read to you. You love to sit in someone's lap to play. That's one of your favorite things.

We read to you before naptime and bedtime every day and we also sing songs together. Right now you love "Sunshine" (You are my Sunshine), God is Good, and Jesus Loves Me. You request me to sing Jesus Loves Me with lots of family members names subsituted for "me". Garrison and Frankie are the most popular requests I think. I love when you sing with me. It's precious. I also love to hear you say the blessing with Garrison. So sweet.

You are very smart. (Of course I've always thought so!) You know how to sing your ABC's, you can almost count to 10 by yourself, and you know most of your colors. Your vocabulary is amazing. You can point and name/identify just about anything. Reading lots of books is a huge part of that I know. You can also jump, throw, catch... if the throw is just right, and kick any ball we put in front of you. =)

You still love to be rocked, give the best hugs, like laying your head on our chest or shoulder, and are just a cuddle bug most of the time. We hope you are always loving and affectionate even as you get bigger.

You wear us out, make us laugh, have crazy meltdowns, melt our hearts, bring us joy, and give us a run for money every day. We are SO thankful God gave us you and that YOU are our precious blessing. We love you Austin and can't wait to see you grow, learn, and change this year!!

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