Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Fun & Anna's 1st Shower

We had ourselves another super fun weekend. It was bliss. We kicked off our weekend by going out to our favorite pizza buffet on Friday night. The boys were thrilled and we all ate too much. We hadn't been able to go in quite a while so it felt like a special treat to enjoy all we wanted of our fav pizzas. Yum.

Then Saturday morning we were up bright and early for Garrison's 9:00 football game. I love Fall weather, but not so much having to sit outside in it when it feels like it's freezing cold because you haven't experienced temperatures below 60 degress in a looong time... so therefore it really is freezing cold. And the cold must have effected my baby because he just wasn't into this game. He was sort of out of it... and yawned a lot. And, come to find out he's one of the youngest on the team because he's with a group of 4 to 7 year olds. We just discovered this last practice and aren't very happy about it... but what do you do? We're already half-way into the season and committed now. Anyway, we've noticed that with all the teams the bigger, faster, older kids get the most playing time and the most opportunities to touch the ball and play. Which made me quite defensive on Saturday morning while I froze. But Terrell and I are trying to remember that #1: He's only 4, and #2: If he's having fun that's all that matters. We survived the game, Garrison said he had fun, we called it a success, and I got over my defensiveness and moved on.

After a trip to the grocery store and grabbing some yummy take-out for lunch we prepared for nap time for Austin and for Garrison and I to bake our cake... after a quick nap for mama too. Everything went great (except when I discovered the icing is sold separately even though the box shows a picture of a yummy, iced cake AND says all you'll need to make what's on the box is eggs, water, and oil... very misleading if you ask me). It turned out delicious and the whole family loved it! Garrison picked out strawberry which I think was an excellent choice. Who knows, I just may decide to bake from a box more often. 
Saturday afternoon and evening was filled with play time and craziness for the boys while their daddy attempted to watch the UGA/LSU game. And we won!!! Terrell only yelled crazy loud at the TV once... while his children stared at him wide-eyed... and then he caught himself and started laughing. So the boys knew he was okay and daddy hadn't lost his mind. I love him. He snapped out of it in 2 seconds. I was so proud.

Then yesterday was my sister's first bridal shower! My Nanny and I hosted it for her and I think everything turned out great. She got lots and lots of presents and we all enjoyed catching up and eating good shower food. We have lots more showers coming up and I think Layton is a big fan of shower food. I'm already looking forward it.

The bride to be!
The delicious cake! (Anna's new last name will be O'Mary) I loved how it turned out and am so thankful it survived all the transporting I put it through.
Presents!! Yay for shower gifts and filling your home with all things NEW. =)

After the shower wrapped up we made a few pictures... which turned out to be SO hilarious and we laughed til we cried.  

My Nanny attempted to work my "fancy" camera and couldn't find us when she looked through. So we were cracking up before she took the picture... then afterwards when we saw it and realized I barely made it in and was cut off a little we could not stop laughing. It was soo funny.

Then we made a picture with Anna and both of our grandmothers. Nanny (my dad's mom) is on the left and Granny (my mom's mom) is on the right. Nanny was still cracking up. Ha! I am so blessed to have both these ladies in my life. They are one of a kind.

I loved throwing Anna her first shower and feel like I'm probably almost as excited about the next one as she is. I can't wait!

All 3 of my boys were happy to see me when I got home for supper last night. They had a fun day together but really made me feel loved when I got home.

We enjoyed our weekend to the fullest and are going to try to survive a wild and crazy week ahead without stressing, meltdowns, or any more doctor's appointments than are already scheduled!

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