Thursday, September 26, 2013

1st Field Trip!

This post will probably mean nothing to anyone but me, but it was a first for me as a mama so it had to be recorded on the family blog...

I went on my first field trip today... as a parent! It was SO much fun. And so much more laid back than going on a field trip as a teacher... although I did find myself counting kids and making sure everyone was holding hands, etc. I just loved every second. I think I'm going to make it my goal to go on every field trip from this point forward. =)

Our theme this month at school has been transportation and community helpers so the Pre-K class got to go on a field trip around our community (the Square). We walked from the church/school and visited the Covington Flower Shop...

Pom-Poms & Pirouettes... (A store that another mama from Garrison's class owns)

Sweet Treats Bakery...

And the bank... not Terrell's bank, but the one on our Square. Garrison was a pro here. He knows all about banks.

Then we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the middle of the Square. Super cool.
We had so much fun. I loved sharing the experience with him and being there as his mom. I've technically been on a field trip with him once before (last year when both our classes went to the Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch together), but my focus was on my own class. I was there as a teacher first. So this time was extra special.

HUGE thanks to Pops for coming over to keep Austin so I could spend the morning with my big boy. Austin normally does not like to be left out. He was heartbroken Tuesday night when Terrell and Garrison went to football practice without him. But this time, he did great. I think it helped that Garrison was already at school when I left so I was leaving him solo versus Garrison and I leaving together. Plus he was super excited to see Pops. I'm hoping I can do lots more field trips in the future. Maybe even every single one. =)

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