Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crazy Weekend

This weekend was a little crazy for us, but hey, it was still a weekend and we still enjoyed ourselves. I had a show on Friday night in Covington and it went really well and was a lot of fun. I've done a couple of shows for this particular group of ladies (who all happen to be school teachers) and they keep me laughing. I'm looking forward to doing a show in November for another one of the group. Normally we go out to eat on Friday nights or at least get take-out, but since I had to "work" we had our family night out on Saturday. Saturday was really relaxing. We slept as late as we could and stayed around the house watching college football and playing with Garrison for pretty much the entire day. Then, after Garrison's nap we all dressed in our Georgia outfits and went to Conyers to Jim 'n Nick's for supper. It was very good, as always and Garrison did great. Since he was a baby and had to sit in his car seat while everyone else ate, he's always been a good restaurant baby. I think the difference now that he's older is that he can get impatient while waiting on his food and he can be kind of loud. Saturday night he was patient and quiet and did really good.

My two guys... with the little one waving to mama.

We wanted a picture of all 3 of us before we went out to eat... so our only option was to take it ourselves. I think it turned out pretty good. =)
Saturday night was a really rough night for the little man.... and his daddy. Garrison didn't sleep well and Terrell was not happy with the way the game went. Terrell actually said we can't all wear our Georgia stuff again at the same time because we always lose. =( And my poor little man was up just about every other hour. I think his stomach was bothering him and he just couldn't ever fall into that deep sleep. We ended up sleeping late Sunday morning and trying to recuperate from the lack of sleep that night. Soo, Terrell and Garrison didn't make it to church that morning. I wouldn't have been able to go anyway because I had a show in Watkinsville at 2:00 and had to be there by 1:15. The show went great and I was home before 5:30 and just in time for supper.

Even though I was feeling just a tad bit blah about the weekend since it was "sandwiched" by two shows and I knew things would be a little crazy, I'm SO grateful that God continues to bless my business and allows me to stay at home. I was home all week with Garrison and didn't have to leave the house for "work" until Friday night. Then, he got to have quality fun time with his daddy. I worked two days for a few hours and the reward of that work is that I'm home with my little man everyday. In Premier, one of the things we always hear at Rally's and trainings is to know your "why". I haven't lost sight of my "why" yet and the Lord continues to remind me. His name is Garrison Cade and my prayer is that my business will continue to grow and be successful, but more than that, that I'll be the mom God would have me to be and that I'll honor Him as I love and nurture and parent the sweet little boy that He's blessed me with.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Potty Training Dilemmas

Well, we officially began the potty training process last Sunday night when we got home from Barnesville. We decided to go ahead and introduce the potty once we realized that Garrison was very aware of when he was wet or had a messy diaper, and he was deciding to tinkle in the bath tub every single night. These were our clues that he might be ready, so I went and bought a potty seat for him and big boy underwear (although, it may be awhile before we test those out). Before putting him in the bath tub last Sunday night, I told him he was going to use the potty and that he could not go in the bath tub anymore. He finally went on the potty and I was soo proud! He went on his very first try, and he didn't go in the bath tub! Yay! This also gave me another clue that he's ready to potty. But.... since then things have been a little confusing.

First of all, he really seems to like going to the potty. He's very proud of himself and every single time we take him he goes even if it's just a little. So he knows what to do and seems to understand that part. But, I can't seem to figure out the timing. I try to take him very regularly, including first thing in the morning, after meals, snacks, naptimes, etc. but sometimes he's really wet even though I've just taken him 10 minutes earlier. This makes me wonder if he's not ready yet, because he doesn't understand not going in his diaper or can't control it, etc.

We're also struggling with interrupting play time to make him go. For example, earlier this week he was outside playing with Terrell while Terrell grilled. I had taken him a little before he went outside but I was sure since he'd had a pretty good bit to drink that he wouldn't make it until Terrell came in. Therefore, we basically had to drag him in throwing a little fit because he wasn't ready to come inside. That time he did not want to potty, but eventually did so that he could go back outside. After that little episode, I felt like maybe our expectations were too high and we were taking it a little too far with this being his first week. I definitely don't want him to have a negative association with the potty.

Another issue I'm struggling with is the fact that he goes to preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays and is not going to the potty at all while he's there. I'm going to ask what they do about little ones who are potty training, but since he's one of the older ones in his class I'm very doubtful that they'll be able to take him to the potty.

So, those are the dilemmas. (The ones I'm remembering at least). When I decided to go ahead and start the process I told myself that this was just going to be "introducing" him to the potty and if we continued to see signs that he's ready and making progress, we'll keep going. If we decide he's just not ready and literally can't control it, we'll back off and give him more time. Now, I'm torn between knowing what's best and which category he falls in. It's also hard knowing what advice is best for us and our little man. We know moms who started extra early and therefore had success early, but the "training process" to achieve success took a little longer. And, we know moms who waited until their child was almost 3 and basically did the potty training in a couple of weeks, but they were dealing with diapers up until that point. We haven't even been doing this a full week yet, so I guess the first thing we need to do is give it more time. And, I guess I'll start reading up on the topic a little more too...

Oh, since I forgot to include this picture with my previous post I wanted to include it with this one. This is Garrison at his very first Buggy Days when he was 7 months old. Precious!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Buggy Days

This weekend was Buggy Days at home in Barnesville and we enjoyed a fun-filled, HOT, and very sweaty time. Terrell, Garrison, Bailey and I arrived at my parents house a little after 5:00 on Friday. On normal weekends that we plan to spend in Barnesville we don't leave until sometime Saturday morning, but since we got married, Buggy Days weekend always calls for a Friday evening arrival. It just makes things easier when we're able to wake up in Barnesville on Saturday and get to town whenever we want instead of having to travel on Saturday morning with an entire day of busyness and activities ahead of us. We went to El Durango for supper with my parents and sister and were able to see people there we hadn't seen in months. The food was great and so was catching up. =)

Friday night my mom kept Garrison so that my dad, Terrell, and I could go to the Trojans football game. I hadn't been to a Trojans game or any other high school football game for that matter since Halloween of 2008 when they played the last game ever at Summer's Field. I loved going to the games back in high school and even my first couple of years in college. So I saw this as an opportunity to go and see our new stadium plus enjoy the game, because I really do love high school football. I was nervous about letting my mom keep the little man because I was afraid he would have a hard time going to sleep and it would be a major ordeal. Thankfully he did great for her and I was able to enjoy the game without worrying. We had a lot of fun and the Trojans won! The new stadium is sooo nice. The entire facility is super nice. Being at the game brought back memories for me, but since my memories were at Summer's Field it also made me sort of think ahead to the future... one day I'll be taking my own kids to games or even watching them play or cheer. Wow, I didn't want to think that far ahead.

After a crazy night (that included the little man being up from 3:30 to 4:30 am talking and playing) we had breakfast and went into town. I took the picture below after we had been there awhile.

We probably weren't there 5 mintues when we literally started to feel the sweat rolling off of us. Buggy Days is normally hot, but this year it was crazy, miserable hot. We could hardly enjoy ourselves. The best part was being able to go inside Past Time to eat lunch. Eating lunch in a nice, air-conditioned room brought huge relief and a good break from all the sweating. After lunch we wanted to finish looking at all the booths and started fighting the crowds down Market Street. About that time, the little man decided he had had enough of the stroller and the sun and the crowd. He got really ill really fast and we needed an intervention quick. Terrell was also on the verge of "having enough" (and was ready to go to the car to listen to the Georgia game), but wanted to make sure Garrison was okay and comfortable first. I don't remember who spotted the shade that would make my little man all better, but once whoever spotted it, we were there. Sweet relief came behind the 1st National Bank parking lot between the bank and the drive thru. We hung out there and let Garrison get out of the stroller and roam and play while Terrell headed for the car to listen to Scott Howard's play by play and Papa headed for the funnel cake booth. It was so much nicer in the shade. Believe it or not, 100 degree weather is actually bearable in the shade.

Garrison and AnAn hanging out and cooling off.

When Papa arrived with the funnel cake, the little man had to sample. And, to no surprise to anyone, he loved it. So it looks like a taste of funnel cake will be a new tradition each year for Garrison Cade.

After enjoying the funnel cake and the shade, Granna took Garrison to our shady spot where we would watch the parade (and change a poopy diaper) while me and Anna went back to get Garrison a Clifford dog Buggy Days toy. Once we got back to wait for the parade we had large drinks with ice that Garrison really enjoyed. After drinking lots of water and Sprite, he ate Past Time ice while he people watched until the parade started.

Once the old cars came by, the parade had his full attention. He even waved back to the people in the parade and seemed fascinated throughout. I would say the parade was definitely his favorite... except for the funnel cake maybe.

After the parade was over we had plans to go over to Terrell's parents' house to spend the afternoon with them and Kara, Denny, and Allison. Garrison was soaking wet from sweat and the cup of ice that spilt right in his lap, but he was so exhausted that he fell asleep before we even got to their house, dripping wet and all. Bless his heart. We had completely worn him out. Unfortunately, he never took a nap at their house. We stripped him down and made him comfortable and read some books, but he never did fall asleep. A small part of it could have been due to the power nap in the car, but the main reason was because he had another poopy diaper. I hate when that happens. It can really interfere with a naptime! So, once he got up he played with his new Clifford dog, and played with Allison, and played with Nana and Pops, and even played the piano.

Once we left Nana and Pops', we went back to my parent's house for a cookout. My grandparents were able to come and our family friends (i.e, one of Anna's best friends) Sandra and Stewart came too. Garrison had a bit of a meltdown after supper and that's when lots of guilt overtook me. I could have cried. I probably would have if we'd been at home. My poor baby was just so worn out and didn't feel good and I think he was a little overwhelmed from everything we did that day that he just couldn't take it anymore. And of course I felt like it was all my fault. What was I thinking trying to do so much in one day and subjecting my little man to it all? How could I let this happen? This is all my fault. (Those were just some of the thoughts going through my mind as I almost have a meltdown with Garrison.) Things settled down once he had his bath and went to bed and I eventually started to get over it, but I would definitely say that lessons were learned during Garrison's 2nd Buggy Days. We decided we need to go early next year and walk through and look and shop, but then come home to the air condition and just relax and have a little down time. Then, we can go back for the parade. The parade is what he'll enjoy the most anyway as he gets older. And after the parade, a nap needs to be top priority.
Okay, so back to our Saturday evening. We watched college football and the Braves the rest of the night before going to bed. Garrison was extremely congested and not breathing well, so even though he slept, we didn't so much. He sounded terrible and I could hear every sound he made and was a little too tense to sleep soundly. When we woke up Sunday morning we knew he couldn't go to church, and honestly we felt pretty rough and weren't really up for it either. It was really disappointing to not be able to go because we love going when we're in town and are always so spiritually refreshed after the worship service. We really can't wait til we'll be able to go every Sunday. But this time, we were just really really tired from not sleeping much 2 nights in a row. My mom actually kept Garrison Sunday morning so we could go back to sleep. Then we got lunch from town and brought it home before getting the little man settled for a nap. Thank goodness he took a good nap Sunday afternoon. He definitely needed it. We got back to Covington in time for supper and were all worn out. It was definitely an extra busy but very fun weekend. Yay for more good times with family and the tradition of Buggy Days. =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cookout in Covington

On Saturday we had a cookout at our house! We actually made the decision to have a get-together at our house because we had to miss the last get-together that my Nanny had for the Garrison side of the family. Sometimes it just doesn't work out for us to be at every family function (another reason we're hoping to move home to Barnesville sooner rather than later) and it's always kind of disappointing... so this time we decided to do a little cookout at our house. We started by mentioning it to my parents and sister and then invited all of my grandparents (Granny, PawPaw, and Nanny). Then we invited my dad's brothers and their families and decided we would wait to see if they could come before inviting anyone else. When we were planning this, Terrell sweetly reminded me that there's a reason both sides (my mom's and my dad's) of my family only get together once a year (Thanksgiving). We just have a really big family and only my parents are brave enough to gather 30 plus men, women and children under one roof. =) Anyway, when it looked as though at least one set of aunt/uncle/cousins could make it we decided to stop our invitation there and wait to plan a completely separate gathering for the Piper side of the family. So we planned our menu and cleaned house all week in preparation for our get-together. We finally got to put the leaves in our semi-new dining room table and set the table for 12. The table was huge. It filled up our entire dining room but was perfect for everyone being able to sit together. I had to use 2 different sets of place-mats just so I would have one at every seat.

My parents arrived first with my Granny and PawPaw around 3:45. They came in and got right to work. I told Terrell later that they were the reason I never stressed out while preparing the food... my mom and Granny were so busy helping me that I never had a chance to feel overwhelmed. They just jumped right in and made everything easy! After we got the hamburgers prepared and seasoned, the guys headed outside to do the grilling.... with the little man in tow. He loves being outside and he definitely wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity for some guy time outside.

Garrison also decided to check on things inside too... but made it clear that he preferred to be on the other side of the door. He did not want to come in.

Terrell grilled 21 hamburgers and 8 hotdogs (a new record for us) while the guys talked and the little man played. While he was grilling, Anna, my Nanny, Chip, Christy, and Laney arrived. Chip, Christy and Laney had never seen our house so it was fun to give them the tour and catch up.

When everything was almost ready, I decided to go outside to check on Garrison and get ready to bring him in to wash his hands so he'd be ready to eat. Not only was he soaked in sweat (Terrell was too... grilling 21 hamburgers can heat everything up fast), but he was flithy from playing. His shirt, face, arms, and hands were black and gray from dirt and who knows what else. After carrying him inside crying, I decided to take his shirt off and clean him up in the bathroom the best I could. So Garrison ended up wearing khaki shorts with no shirt for the rest of the evening. Thankfully everyone was understanding and thought he was just as cute without his little polo shirt on.

While he waited for supper to get ready, he spent time with AnAn and drank some "juice" (sweet tea). It was decaf and he didn't have too much so I think it was fine. =)

Once the hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans, salad, corn, chips and dip were ready we finally sat down to eat. Everything was really good and all of our guests seemed to enjoy themselves. Yay! We had brownies with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and cool whip for dessert. Garrison loved everything and would hardly let me finish a bite without begging for some of mine. For the rest of the evening we watched college football and the Braves game while catching up and talking, plus playing with the little man.

After supper, Garrison picked out some books for AnAn to read. And she got to read the same 3 books about 5 times. =)

We had a great time with family on Saturday and were very thankful for how well everything went. It was also really nice that Garrison's great grandparents had some quality time with him. Sometimes it can be really challenging to see them while we're in Barnesville because our time is already planned out and divided up so much when we're there. So it was great that Garrison could see them and spend time with them this weekend. And we're definitely looking forward to more family gatherings in the future.

Fast forward to Sunday after church: The little man went to bed a little later than normal Saturday night (not extremely late, just later than his usual bedtime) and then woke up around midnight. He had a little bit of a hard time getting settled again so he could go back to sleep, but finally got okay and slept the rest of the night. When we got home after church on Sunday, he had a MAJOR meltdown. Terrell and I couldn't remember him being so upset before. I couldn't even tell you what set him off. He was just so irritable and cried and cried and cried while we made lunch. Nothing made him feel better. He calmed down a little for lunch and eventually ate a little, but lunch ended in another meltdown. He was extremely ill... and tired we decided, so naptime couldn't come fast enough. The moral of the story, in the words of my husband, "Garrison doesn't get to stay up late again." Here's my sweet, exhausted baby before naptime. After naptime, he was all better.

Okay, I had to include this funny story too. (Sorry this is SO long.) Friday around supper time Garrison had been asking for a cracker, but I kept telling him that we were about to eat. I was on the phone with Terrell, who was almost home from work, so my full attention wasn't focused on Garrison. I heard a rustling sound behind me and turned around to find my starving child eating from the Cheez-It box. It was soo funny. He had actually taken the box off the shelf in the pantry, opened it up, and helped himself. Terrell got home just in time to see everything for himself. All we could do was laugh. He probably ate 8-10 before I took them away from him.

After finishing his crackers you could still see the evidence on his shirt. =)

Monday, September 6, 2010

1st Game of the Season

This picture was taken last year on Georgia's first game day and my little man actually turned 7 months old the exact same day. We watched the game from home (and unfortunately we lost) and then went to a Braves games that night while my parents watched Garrison.

This year we decided to go to the first game and once again Granna and Papa came over to baby-sit. We had already decided we wanted some family pictures before Terrell and I left for Athens.... but we had a hard time getting good ones because Garrison just wasn't interested in being still long enough to have his picture made. After battling with him and everyone working together to get his attention and keep it, we finally managed a couple of good ones.

There is a LOT of red going on in this picture so it didn't turn out great, but he looks like such a big boy with his jersey, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes on, that I just couldn't resist.

Terrell and I left for Athens shortly after the family picture session and stopped on the way at the Chick-Fil-A drive thru for breakfast. After parking and riding the bus to the stadium we were seated comfortably in the shade while we waited for the game to start. The weather was really nice until the sun made it's way directly over us and it started to get hot and then stayed hot for the rest of the game. Overall it still wasn't that bad, but I did get pretty sun burned.

It was really fun and exciting to be back at Sanford Stadium for a game. I'm glad we got to go, even though the sun and heat wore me out (along with the extra long walk of East Campus back to our car at the Intramural Fields). The bulldogs did great in their season opener and I enjoyed being there in person to cheer on my team. Being back on campus brought back memories of being there as a student and as the girlfriend of a student. I was reminded of footbll games past, lots of bus rides (since I didn't have a parking pass my first semester), spending hours upon hours at Aderhold Hall, walking a LOT on campus, and graduation for both me and Terrell. It makes me proud to be a Georgia Bulldog, and not just because I love our football team, but because I'm proud of the University they represent...which also just so happens to be my alma mater. =)

GO DAWGS!!! Now Beat South Carolina!! (Fingers are crossed!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ready for Fall

Even though my plan was to write all about Fall, I decided to include a few pictures. These were taken Monday night while Garrison and Bailey were outside with Terrell while he grilled. (Another reason I'm looking forward to Fall~ more outside time with the little man.)

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year, and with the exception of Christmastime, it's my favorite time of the year! I love the weather cooling off, watching football games, the leaves changing, decorating my house for Fall, carving our pumpkin, enjoying Halloween, and to top it all off.... counting my blessings, spending time with family, and eating too much on Thanksgiving Day. This Fall is going to be really busy for us but I'm already looking forward to the craziness. I have lots of shows scheduled (which is a good thing, but it does mean more work and busier days are ahead), of course we'll be in Barnesville for Buggy Days (a tradition that I wouldn't miss), we're going to attempt a family weekend get-a-way with my side of the family the weekend after my birthday, we're planning a trip to a pumpkin patch, we'll celebrate my dad's birthday the weekend of Halloween along with taking the little man to 'Trunk or Treat' at our church, we're planning to have our family pictures made, we'll be awaiting the birth of our niece Shannon, we'll hopefully get an early start on Christmas shopping (chances aren't that great, but we'll try), and finally, we'll kick off the Christmas season with the "Lighting of the Trees" and then enjoy Thanksgiving Day. Our weekends are going to be packed full of stuff to do and even though I'll probably get a little stressed along the way, I'm thankful for all the fun ahead.

Terrell and I are actually kicking off the Fall season this weekend by going to Georgia's first game. We're really excited about going because we didn't get to go to a single game last year. I will admit that when it comes to attending Georgia games, I'm a little picky. I prefer attending night games later in the season. I don't handle major heat so well and I've had a few bad experiences with feeling sick at those 12:00 games when it's 100 degrees out. For the most part, I enjoy watching from the comfort of my own air conditioned living room, or with family/friends in their air conditioned living room... Terrell, not so much. I think he would go to every game, home and away, if he could. Maybe we can during retirement. =) Thankfully this weekend the weather is going to be a little cooler and hopefully I won't feel like I have to pass out. It should be a really fun day and a nice, long weekend. Yay for Labor Day!


I have to mention really fast that I took the little man to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time yesterday morning. I had a couple of places to go to in Conyers and was riding right by so I decided to stop and check things out. We were the only ones there besides the employees! I didn't have my camera with me so I couldn't get any pictures, but Garrison had a ball. He rode the same few little car rides several times and got to see Chuck E. sing on stage and all that good stuff. He actually didn't want to leave... so we had a little issue getting out the door. I tried to give him plenty of warning that we were about to go bye bye, but apparently he needed more warning that than. He basically planted his little feet and wouldn't move, therefore mama had to pick him up and carry him out. Thankfully, he was just extra whiny... not kicking and screaming. I definitely want to take him back since he did enjoy it so much and we had the place to ourselves. I've just got to come up with a plan of action so he doesn't have a meltdown over leaving....