Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crazy Weekend

This weekend was a little crazy for us, but hey, it was still a weekend and we still enjoyed ourselves. I had a show on Friday night in Covington and it went really well and was a lot of fun. I've done a couple of shows for this particular group of ladies (who all happen to be school teachers) and they keep me laughing. I'm looking forward to doing a show in November for another one of the group. Normally we go out to eat on Friday nights or at least get take-out, but since I had to "work" we had our family night out on Saturday. Saturday was really relaxing. We slept as late as we could and stayed around the house watching college football and playing with Garrison for pretty much the entire day. Then, after Garrison's nap we all dressed in our Georgia outfits and went to Conyers to Jim 'n Nick's for supper. It was very good, as always and Garrison did great. Since he was a baby and had to sit in his car seat while everyone else ate, he's always been a good restaurant baby. I think the difference now that he's older is that he can get impatient while waiting on his food and he can be kind of loud. Saturday night he was patient and quiet and did really good.

My two guys... with the little one waving to mama.

We wanted a picture of all 3 of us before we went out to eat... so our only option was to take it ourselves. I think it turned out pretty good. =)
Saturday night was a really rough night for the little man.... and his daddy. Garrison didn't sleep well and Terrell was not happy with the way the game went. Terrell actually said we can't all wear our Georgia stuff again at the same time because we always lose. =( And my poor little man was up just about every other hour. I think his stomach was bothering him and he just couldn't ever fall into that deep sleep. We ended up sleeping late Sunday morning and trying to recuperate from the lack of sleep that night. Soo, Terrell and Garrison didn't make it to church that morning. I wouldn't have been able to go anyway because I had a show in Watkinsville at 2:00 and had to be there by 1:15. The show went great and I was home before 5:30 and just in time for supper.

Even though I was feeling just a tad bit blah about the weekend since it was "sandwiched" by two shows and I knew things would be a little crazy, I'm SO grateful that God continues to bless my business and allows me to stay at home. I was home all week with Garrison and didn't have to leave the house for "work" until Friday night. Then, he got to have quality fun time with his daddy. I worked two days for a few hours and the reward of that work is that I'm home with my little man everyday. In Premier, one of the things we always hear at Rally's and trainings is to know your "why". I haven't lost sight of my "why" yet and the Lord continues to remind me. His name is Garrison Cade and my prayer is that my business will continue to grow and be successful, but more than that, that I'll be the mom God would have me to be and that I'll honor Him as I love and nurture and parent the sweet little boy that He's blessed me with.

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