Monday, September 6, 2010

1st Game of the Season

This picture was taken last year on Georgia's first game day and my little man actually turned 7 months old the exact same day. We watched the game from home (and unfortunately we lost) and then went to a Braves games that night while my parents watched Garrison.

This year we decided to go to the first game and once again Granna and Papa came over to baby-sit. We had already decided we wanted some family pictures before Terrell and I left for Athens.... but we had a hard time getting good ones because Garrison just wasn't interested in being still long enough to have his picture made. After battling with him and everyone working together to get his attention and keep it, we finally managed a couple of good ones.

There is a LOT of red going on in this picture so it didn't turn out great, but he looks like such a big boy with his jersey, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes on, that I just couldn't resist.

Terrell and I left for Athens shortly after the family picture session and stopped on the way at the Chick-Fil-A drive thru for breakfast. After parking and riding the bus to the stadium we were seated comfortably in the shade while we waited for the game to start. The weather was really nice until the sun made it's way directly over us and it started to get hot and then stayed hot for the rest of the game. Overall it still wasn't that bad, but I did get pretty sun burned.

It was really fun and exciting to be back at Sanford Stadium for a game. I'm glad we got to go, even though the sun and heat wore me out (along with the extra long walk of East Campus back to our car at the Intramural Fields). The bulldogs did great in their season opener and I enjoyed being there in person to cheer on my team. Being back on campus brought back memories of being there as a student and as the girlfriend of a student. I was reminded of footbll games past, lots of bus rides (since I didn't have a parking pass my first semester), spending hours upon hours at Aderhold Hall, walking a LOT on campus, and graduation for both me and Terrell. It makes me proud to be a Georgia Bulldog, and not just because I love our football team, but because I'm proud of the University they represent...which also just so happens to be my alma mater. =)

GO DAWGS!!! Now Beat South Carolina!! (Fingers are crossed!)

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