Friday, September 24, 2010

Potty Training Dilemmas

Well, we officially began the potty training process last Sunday night when we got home from Barnesville. We decided to go ahead and introduce the potty once we realized that Garrison was very aware of when he was wet or had a messy diaper, and he was deciding to tinkle in the bath tub every single night. These were our clues that he might be ready, so I went and bought a potty seat for him and big boy underwear (although, it may be awhile before we test those out). Before putting him in the bath tub last Sunday night, I told him he was going to use the potty and that he could not go in the bath tub anymore. He finally went on the potty and I was soo proud! He went on his very first try, and he didn't go in the bath tub! Yay! This also gave me another clue that he's ready to potty. But.... since then things have been a little confusing.

First of all, he really seems to like going to the potty. He's very proud of himself and every single time we take him he goes even if it's just a little. So he knows what to do and seems to understand that part. But, I can't seem to figure out the timing. I try to take him very regularly, including first thing in the morning, after meals, snacks, naptimes, etc. but sometimes he's really wet even though I've just taken him 10 minutes earlier. This makes me wonder if he's not ready yet, because he doesn't understand not going in his diaper or can't control it, etc.

We're also struggling with interrupting play time to make him go. For example, earlier this week he was outside playing with Terrell while Terrell grilled. I had taken him a little before he went outside but I was sure since he'd had a pretty good bit to drink that he wouldn't make it until Terrell came in. Therefore, we basically had to drag him in throwing a little fit because he wasn't ready to come inside. That time he did not want to potty, but eventually did so that he could go back outside. After that little episode, I felt like maybe our expectations were too high and we were taking it a little too far with this being his first week. I definitely don't want him to have a negative association with the potty.

Another issue I'm struggling with is the fact that he goes to preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays and is not going to the potty at all while he's there. I'm going to ask what they do about little ones who are potty training, but since he's one of the older ones in his class I'm very doubtful that they'll be able to take him to the potty.

So, those are the dilemmas. (The ones I'm remembering at least). When I decided to go ahead and start the process I told myself that this was just going to be "introducing" him to the potty and if we continued to see signs that he's ready and making progress, we'll keep going. If we decide he's just not ready and literally can't control it, we'll back off and give him more time. Now, I'm torn between knowing what's best and which category he falls in. It's also hard knowing what advice is best for us and our little man. We know moms who started extra early and therefore had success early, but the "training process" to achieve success took a little longer. And, we know moms who waited until their child was almost 3 and basically did the potty training in a couple of weeks, but they were dealing with diapers up until that point. We haven't even been doing this a full week yet, so I guess the first thing we need to do is give it more time. And, I guess I'll start reading up on the topic a little more too...

Oh, since I forgot to include this picture with my previous post I wanted to include it with this one. This is Garrison at his very first Buggy Days when he was 7 months old. Precious!

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