Thursday, November 16, 2017

Little Notes from November

*Soccer season is officially in the books. It was fun, it was busy, it was exciting, it was exhausting, it was a blessing. I am thankful for the season, thankful for the opportunity to watch my boys play a sport they love, and thankful for the friendships and fun that come from our teams. And now I'm thankful for the off season. Mama is ready. ☺

*This week has felt sooo long and s   l    o    w. #whenisitFriday? #bringonThanksgivingBreak We started off the week with daddy going out of town, 2 out of 3 boys needing to go to the doctor, mama feeling under the weather, and me preparing for my first ever state audit as a PreK teacher. (Daddy is now home. YAY!!! We miss him so much when he's out of town! My boys are on the mend. Thank you Jesus. I still have the crud but we've almost made it through the week. And, our audit... that we were randomly selected for... went super well.) But it's been a long week. I'm about checked out already. Ha. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. 

*Even though I'm worn out and ready for our break, I am looking forward to a teacher feast today at school, a fun party/feast tomorrow with my students (we're recreating the 1st Thanksgiving and my class is the Pilgrims and yesterday we invited our Native American friends to join us as we celebrate our harvest so generously supplied by our wonderful parents. ☺), AND I get to go see my baby in his very first Thanksgiving school program. He has a line to say and everything. I am so excited to be there and watch him and his class. I had to miss his first little program of the school year so this one is super special. 

*Our Christmas decorations are coming out soon!! #happydance #alltheChristmascarols #allthetwinklelights Most years we pull out a little at a time over the span of a couple of weeks and finish up with the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, with me working, I think we're about to do some heavy duty decorating starting this weekend.... or today? or immediately! ☺ 

*My hubby is home and I am sooo thankful! He really is the best and does a TON for us around here. And last night, when I complained of my sore throat driving me crazy and a longing for ice cream, he went to DQ for me. My only regret is that I didn't request a large. Haha. It was delish and soothing! Now I need a whole carton of vanilla bean ASAP!

*We use a video monitor for the boys during the night (we have 2 cameras, 1 for each room) and we can monitor any shenanigans going on if needed but mainly it's because we can talk to them through it and because our room is far away from their rooms. So this way we can hear them if they wake up crying, sick, from a bad dream, etc. Well, the cameras still work but our monitor quit working over the weekend. So we've been without for days. Boo. So bedtime has been a little more challenging and I haven't been sleeping as well because it's too quiet. The new monitor is on the way and I'm counting down. Clearly I'm dependent on modern technology. Haha.

*Our county approved a new school calendar for next year that will change things up a bit. It's not the calendar option I voted for so I'm not thrilled, but we'll make the best of it. We get an extra week of summer but a shorter Thanksgiving Break and shorter Winter Break. I may be in the minority but as a teacher and as a mama I prefer all my breaks. Week long breaks. I'm fine with starting a little earlier in order to keep them. But it'll be fine. I'm a little concerned about a Monday start (we've done a Friday start the past few years) but we'll survive and make the best of it. School calendar problems really are first world problems. #keepitinperspective

*Our Christmas card is officially in the works!! Yaaaaaay!! We chose our picture, chose our line, and now my bestie is working on doing her thing! Christmas cards in general are just one of my favorite things! I can't wait to see what she comes up with. And to share our family photos this year. I love them!!

*I'm so excited to wrap up this week of school, enjoy our weekend and our break, and welcome Thanksgiving and the Christmas season! It's my favorite time of the year!! Happy Friday Eve!

***Happy Anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law!! This date 4 years ago is one of my very favorites EVER!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Favorites: Busy, Busy, Busy Edition

Well this week has been a doozy. I think I've reached my busiest stretch of the school year yet. Eeesh. Unfortunately it's been a little stressful. I really just want to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas and start decorating my house and Christmas shopping but I am CONSUMED with all things school right now. Boo. It'll all work out and be fine I know, but I love November and this is the first time in years I haven't been able to truly enjoy the start of the holiday season. So that's disappointing. But TGIF!! Yay for Friday and weekends and soccer wrapping up and plans for decorating soon! ☺

Here's a look at my faves from our week of BUSY....

*But first, going back to before Halloween, Austin and I were able to enjoy Field Day at school. It was so much fun. I'm super thankful we get to be at the same school for a few years!

*And then the day after Halloween, we let Layton stay home with Granna because he woke up exhausted and moody and emotional. #blessit He stayed in character as Bat America almost the whole day. Hahaha. He is already talking about what he wants to be next year for Halloween.

*Layton Thomas wrapped up his very first soccer season this past Saturday! He was the youngest on his team and I believe the most improved! ☺It was so fun watching him play. And funny. 

*Garrison also wrapped up his regular season of soccer on Saturday. He had a great season and loved every second. We have a tournament this weekend and then that's a wrap! I have LOVED watching my boys play. 

*Since mama is overwhelming busy right now, the rest of the family has to pick up my slack. So we taught our firstborn an important life lesson on Sunday night.... vacuuming! He did a great job and mama was thankful!!

*We celebrated Austin's soccer season this week with his team party. Even though he had to miss a few weeks during the middle of the season due to HSP, he had a great one! 

*We had a super fun party and loved celebrating his undefeated team with his coaches and teammates. 

*This is the only team picture I got, which another mom sent to me, and you can't even see Austin's face. Haha. But he's right beside Garrison. Who wasn't even on this team. ☺Austin did amazing all season long. Watching all 3 boys play was just so fun. I'm ready for the off season but treasured all those game days.

*The very next night we celebrated Layton's season with his team right here in our neighborhood. It was a fun night for all of us.

*We got to roast marshmallows and everything. ☺

*Garrison was the only one who wanted a s'more but all of us had a great time. Layton was part of a sweet team with sweet families.

*First Christmas pjs of the season came on last night!! Thanks Granna! They all requested them after baths/showers last night because it's chilly here.... yay!!

*We had chili and baked potatoes last night and enjoyed a quiet evening at home thanks to a rainy day and a cancelled soccer practice. 

*And now Garrison and I are almost done with his school project! #allthepraisehands #mamaloathesaschoolproject

We are so thankful for the weekend! It's going to be full of soccer, Georgia football, more soccer, grocery shopping, a little school work, and extra rest! 

 Happy Friday!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 was super fun!! We all enjoyed our traditions and a great night celebrating one of the boys' most favorite holidays!

Layton has been counting down to Halloween for weeks and weeks. So it's possible he was most excited and looking forward to the big day. ☺ He even got to dress in costume for school! We chose Captain America from our dress up box so his Halloween costume wouldn't get messed up. Haha.

Then Terrell sent me this picture of my babies on Tuesday morning! #blastfromthepast #meltme

 My para and I wore our matching I Teach the Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch shirts and remembered to get a picture Tuesday afternoon before we left for the day. We had a really fun day with our little students. 

Then around 6 it was time to make our way across the neighborhood to Granna's and Papa's for our traditional pre-game meal. ☺ It is always so festive, so fun, so busy, and so good! It's our favorite. And so perfect that we get to enjoy the meal and the night with Anna and fam, my parents, and Terrell's parents. #lovelanguage

Mama and daddy ready for the big night!

After finishing up our hotdogs and chili we rushed around trying to get everyone into costume. Before supper my kiddos were CRAZY. Bouncing off the walls excited and running around the front yard with limitless energy. Haha! Thankfully we managed to get them fed and by the time they got into costume they weren't quite so crazy. ☺

My guys! A Storm Trooper, Ultron, and Batman!!


Love! ☺

Storm Trooper!



After finishing up some pictures of the boys, a sweet little cowgirl joined us!! #cutestthingever!!

She was so funny looking back at the boys. I think she was confused by all the masks! 

I love this one! She had to really check them out to make sure they were the boys. ☺

She made faces at the boys and was hilarious with our little photo shoot!!

Her pink guns were presh!

My favorite 2 year old and the cutest, most adorable cowgirl EVER!! 

We loaded up in the back of the suburban and began our Trick or Treat adventure!

But first a selfie. ☺


Baby Girl! 

We had such a fun night!! The boys chose to keep trick or treating instead of heading home to hand out candy, so that's what we did. They were a little disappointed when we got home too late to give out candy (so we still haven't figured out our perfect system yet), but we all had a great night! Our neighborhood is the best!! We saw lots of friends and spent the whole evening with family. It's one of my favorite traditions. We sorted candy after getting into pjs and then we all crashed. It was awesome. ☺

Happy Friday and Happy November!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy Halloween!! Before we kick off our Halloween festivities I wanted to recap our weekend. We enjoyed lots of our yearly Halloween traditions and had such a great few days. It was just what we needed and the perfect combination of rest and fun. ☺

Friday right after school the boys got to paint their pumpkins. This tradition started a few years ago and is definitely a favorite. It's so simple but they LOVE it. So mama loves it too!

And here are the final DRY products of the boys' mini pumpkins.

Garrison went with a GA theme, Austin went with a bright and colorful theme, and Layton went with a layered theme. Haha. He had soo much paint on his. It finally dried. ☺

Later that night after supper, we finally carved our pumpkin! Garrison was a huge help as always, Austin was pretty grossed out as always, and Layton was a curious, semi-involved observer as always. Hahaha!

I love their faces! Cleaning out the pumpkin is always the most exciting. And grossest. Ha! 

Layton and Austin both used the spoon....

But as you can tell from Austin's faces in each picture, it was fine by him to watch. And me. ☺

Daddy and the boys decided they wanted a Georgia G this year instead of a traditional jack o lantern, so while daddy was hard at work attempting his toughest design yet, the boys watched Spookley. Perfect for pumpkin carving night.

The finished product!

We were really proud of our G. (But I want to go back to a traditional jack o lantern next year... our poor G has already started to cave. #blessit)

Then on Saturday we celebrated our favorite 2 year old at her 2nd birthday party!

It was the sweetest, cutest party. 

The theme was shoes and it was PERFECT for Piper Caroline! Baby Girl is all about some shoes. Everything turned out so cute and fitting for the birthday girl.

Her cake was precious!! And soo good!!

We had lunch together and then laughed so hard watching her open her presents. She loved every single one!

After opening lots of presents, it was time for cake. She was getting sleepy but still so excited. 

She beamed when everyone started singing to her. #cutestbirthdaygirlever

We had so much fun celebrating with her at her party! 

We came home from Piper's party and crashed for a bit before getting ready to head out and celebrate Papa's birthday. We cheered on our Bulldogs and then went out to eat with the whole fam. I'm pretty sure Piper thought we were all singing to her again. ☺

We had such a great Saturday. #actionshot Thank you Lord for the blessing of family. 

Sunday was super cold! We went to church, bought groceries, ate lunch, took a quick nap, and then watched Garrison play soccer. It was a full one but we loved the cold weather! Of course it's warming up this week but hopefully Fall will be back to stay!

We are super excited about enjoying our Halloween traditions tonight! Fun, sweet, yummy, and a tad wild. ☺

Happy Halloween!!