Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Our middle man, Austin Carson, turned 6 years old on September 3rd. SIX! Or as we like to think of it, a whole hand plus 1! Austin is such a sweet and fun blessing to our family and this post is dedicated to him on his 6th birthday (or since I'm a little late, his 6th birthday month ☺)

A few fun facts about you as a newly turned 6 year old...

*You are an amazing brother. As the middle of 3 brothers you have the honor of being a little brother and a big brother and you are awesome at both. You LOVE your brothers, want to be with them constantly, play with them, forgive them, and encourage them. They are so blessed to have you as an older and younger brother!

*You are still our cautious and most safe child. You don't like adventures and thrills, new things or big things, and large crowds and shows aren't your favorite. You prefer to watch from a distance if you're unsure about something. I will say however that if you're comfortable and confident, you're a pro and have no fear. ☺

*You are a home-body and love being with your family. Movie nights, game nights, playing outside with Garrison and Layton, playing anything at home with daddy, and sitting in my lap and being read to or watching a movie are your favorites.

*You are a HUGE sports lover. You enjoy them all and can't get enough. You know the records and stats and not only follow our teams (Braves, Bulldogs, Falcons, United, Hawks), but you also follow whatever sport is current. You would choose to watch a game over almost anything these days. And collecting various sports cards is a hobby you love!

*You are doing great in Kindergarten! Even though we've discovered from your teachers that you are a pleaser and perfectionist (which is causing a little anxiety unfortunately), you are excelling at it all. We are so proud of you and thankful for your sweet teachers!

*You aren't as laid back as we once thought. Maybe it's part of growing up, maybe it's making the transition to Kindergarten, or maybe it's just a phase, but right now you are super conscientious and want everything to be just right... specifically when it comes to school and soccer. You've become a little tough on yourself which is very surprising to us because it's a first! And because you're pretty good at just about everything!

*You are still very sociable and friendly and are popular with everybody. You are a favorite in almost every setting and your sweet, funny, and loving personality makes you irresistible.

*Your primary love language is still physical touch. You like being close to us, sitting in our laps, laying in our laps, and you still asked to be carried up the stairs pretty regularly too. ☺ You love giving hugs, receiving hugs, and are super affectionate. You are a cuddle bug for sure.

*You love tacos, fidget spinners, your family, scrambled hamburgers, the beach, superheros, Pokemon, sports, doing everything with or like Garrison, candy, Taco Bell, school breaks, all kinds of chips, and playing football on the iPad. 

You are the sweetest, funniest, most lovable and charming 6 year old we know! You are our very favorite middle man and we are so thankful God gave us you! Happy Belated Birthday Austin Selph!! We love you more than you'll ever know! 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Austin's Birthday Celebrations

Austin's fun birthday weekend full of celebrations began Friday (September 1st) after school. The boys came home to the water slide already being delivered for the party and changed into swimsuits right away. They LOVED sliding and playing Friday night while mama and daddy worked hard to get ready for the big party coming up the next morning. 

Layton still isn't a fan of the big water slide so he played in the baby pool and was totally satisfied. ☺

We celebrated Austin on Saturday the 2nd with a super fun fidget spinner party and special friends and family. The whole day was a hit start to finish and our middle had a great time.

And then on Sunday morning we woke up with a 6 year old! We started the day with our tradition of balloons in bed. ☺Six balloons for our six year old!

He held as many as he could for his picture.

Then we all came down together to enjoy birthday doughnuts!

He loved us singing to him. ☺

Austin decided Sunday morning that he really, reeeally wanted to go back to Chuck E Cheese for his outing again this year. It was a last minute change of plans but it ended up working out perfect. I went to church for the 1st hour while the boys stayed home and got ready. Then we were off for lunch and an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese. ☺

All 3 boys had so much fun and Austin's day was pretty perfect. 

Deal or No Deal was his favorite game. The big boys have watched the show several times on GSN and are big fans. So this game of chance trying to win the most tickets was a blast.

After cashing in their tickets and picking out their prizes (which is like the highlight of any trip to Chuck E Cheese, haha), we headed home and the boys enjoyed the water slide again. We had it for the whole weekend and they made the most of it!

AnAn and Piper came over and enjoyed some water fun too!

It was a GREAT afternoon for everybody. Austin loved his special day.

This little man had a blast too. ☺

Monday was lazy and relaxing with more fun on the water slide and lots of down time at home. Long weekends are the best!

To wrap up all the birthday celebrations, Terrell went and ate lunch with Austin at school on Tuesday. It made his day. (And his mama's since I got to walk into the cafeteria and see them both.) ☺

We had a great weekend celebrating our birthday boy!! I'd say turning 6 was tons of fun. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites: Irma Edition

Happy Friday! Our week turned out super crazy and unexpected so I thought I'd attempt to document our faves from the craziness. ☺

We found out at the very end of our school day on Friday that school would be closed both Monday and Tuesday due to the expected impact of Hurricane Irma. It was exciting news because of extra days off but also made me a little leery of the approaching bad weather. But we went ahead with our regular weekend plans which included a lazy Friday night movie night, and pretty much all soccer for Saturday and Sunday. Plus church. 

Layton came down with something similar to rsv last week so he couldn't play in his first ever game, but Terrell went to watch Austin play early Saturday morning while me, Garrison, and Layton traveled to Garrison's away game and Terrell and Austin met us there in time to see the whole game too. Austin scored twice in his game and his team won in a shut out. My number 4 played awesome. ☺

We didn't get any pictures at Garrison's games because of cheering and excitement and frigid winds. His team won their 1st game on Saturday but lost a close one on Sunday. And by Sunday afternoon the wind was crazy and the temperature was dropping. We FROZE at the soccer field. So we came home and moved everything from our front porch under our garage and watched the weather while we settled in for our extra days off. 

Monday morning was lazy and laid back. The weather wasn't super scary just windy and rainy. I changed all the sheets on all the beds and did laundry before letting the boys do a "Fall craft" aka paint a construction paper pumpkin. Haha. They loved painting and we were enjoying our day off to the fullest.

Until the power went off. In the middle of lunch. Thankfully that's all that really happened here for us. We didn't have any trees to fall or any sort of wind damage or even scares from the storm. But being without power definitely made the day crawl by. 

But I finally finished my book! And I think this one may be my favorite Elin Hilderbrand book! And I've read a ton and loved a ton, I just especially loved this one. ☺

By Monday afternoon we were pulling out all the puzzles, games, papers, ideas, THINGS we could come up with. 

Terrell was probably the most bored in the house. Ha. He finally got out to get ice so we could save our food and he managed to find us supper for Monday night. I think the whole town was without power so he waited in line at Ingles for at least half an hour with tons of other people looking for a hot meal. We ate by candlelight and flashlight Monday. Everybody slept decent and thankfully our house was cool and the only issue we had was the lack of noise. We are all used to sleeping with some kind of noise so it was too quiet for everybody! Thankfully we could listen to the wind and rain even though it had calmed down quite a bit.

Tuesday we were still without power so we decided to head over to my in-laws who actually never lost power. I was able to shower (#yaaaaay) and then we made chili and baked potatoes to have for supper. It felt good to get out of our house and to have power for a while! We even got in some fun games while we did laundry Tuesday night. School was cancelled for Wednesday and we were relieved to have another day off since things for most of our county were far from back to normal (including us!).

Late Tuesday night around 11 our power came back on (SO thankful!!) and even though I was half asleep I knew I was going to make the most of Wednesday!

Wednesday morning we woke up to normalcy and were off to run all of our errands that since I started working, typically have to be saved for the weekend. It was awesome. ☺ The boys and I had a great day together. 

Our favorite part of the whole day was Target! #ourfavoritesectionofthestore I decided to get the boys a bag of popcorn to share while we shopped and the sweet lady working gave them 3 separate bags. #God'sgrace #Ihopeshewasblessedtherestofherday

Wednesday I was able to get a lot done and then we all went out to eat with my side of the fam at our fave Mexican restaurant. It was a fun way to wrap up our time off. We were back to school and reality on yesterday and are somehow still worn out this morning. Haha. But this picture of Garrison reading on the way to soccer was my favorite sights from yesterday. I am so thankful he loves to read!!

And this little man donned his soccer uniform for the first time last night before soccer pictures and was the cutest thing ever! I just about couldn't handle it!! He was so proud and loved wearing his soccer clothes. ☺

This weekend is Buggy Days for our hometown and Terrell and I have special date planned too. (We're getting to enjoy one of Terrell's birthday gifts that we're super excited about!) We are so thankful it's Friday and looking forward to our weekend! 

(Continue to pray for those affected by the crazy hurricanes. Our power being out for about 36 hours was a minor inconvenience compared to what others have suffered and lost. I am remembering them and praying for them daily.) 

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Austin's 6th Birthday Party

We celebrated Austin's 6th birthday with a super fun fidget spinner party on Saturday! He requested a party at home, with the water slide, and finally decided on fidget spinners as his theme. ☺ Despite the craziness of trying to pull off a party at home after the first month of school and my first time back in the classroom as the real teacher in 8 years (and a minor crisis with the cake), we pulled it off and our birthday boy had a super awesome party. YAY!!

Megan created our invites again and did a perfect job as always! Her work is the best!

Pre-party family pic! The big boys enjoyed 4 days of water slide fun since the slide was delivered on Friday and because of the long weekend wasn't picked up until Monday evening. (Layton never did the big slide... he preferred the baby pool and little slide, haha!) Big, BIG thanks to Granna and Papa for providing Austin's party entertainment for the 6th year in a row! Next year we're providing the entertainment!!

I loved the colors for this party. They were just bright and fun. And the cake table turned out perfect. It was basically my main decor spot and was super easy to put together.

The cake turned out amazing and just like Austin wanted! We avoided a major last minute disaster with the cake but everything worked out and it was so good and one of our favorites!

Even though the theme was a little different it was super easy to plan for. Spinners for favors was a hit with the kiddos and easy for mama. #winwin

In the dining room I threw some plastic tablecloths and extra spinners on the tables and that was it. Nothing fancy or complicated but just right for the party. Austin was so sweet telling me thank you and being so impressed with everything. ☺ I'm really glad we made the effort to give him the party he wanted. We were tempted to skip the home party this year 

Our outdoor set-up.

And this year we decided to let the kiddos eat outside. They're dripping wet and eager to get back on the slide anyway, so it just made more sense.

Our birthday boy!

Party guests! ☺

Terrell grilled hotdogs and we had chips and fruit. Good end of summer food.

Time for presents!

He got lots of goodies off his wish list and some shopping money too. He was pretty excited about all of his gifts.

My favorite part of every party... singing Happy Birthday to my babies. And I love this shot of him grinning at me! #allthehearteyes

Action shot mid-song. ☺


Layton assumes he gets to blow out candles on every cake at every birthday party. Haha!

The cake was soo good and so worth the last minute craziness. YUM! After the kiddos scarfed down their cake and ice cream they ran back out to the slide. 

Including Baby Girl! #hollywood #cutestthingever

Austin had such a fun party and declared it the best ever. ☺ He was so appreciative of everything and thanked us multiple times. We worked hard to pull it off and it was definitely worth it. Yay for another fun and successful birthday party celebrating our most favorite middle man! 

(I'm hoping to recap more of his birthday next week, but have given myself a lenient goal of making it happen before the end of the month. Haha. Beginning of the school year busyness and exhaustion is still upon us and mama is still adjusting to our new normal.)

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!