Thursday, September 13, 2018

Our Newest Member!

Our family welcomed a sweet, precious, beautiful new member one week ago today!! Harlie Franklynn O'Mary made her debut at 8:20 Thursday morning, September 6th weighing 9 pounds, 8 ounces (wowzers!!) and measuring 20 and a half inches long. She is just so, so precious and we are all beside ourselves with joy and so in love!!

My first glimpse at my newest niece and Piper's baby sister!

I made a TON of pictures because I couldn't help myself. She is just perfect!

Aunt Meg's first time holding Baby Girl!

These are my favorites! She is a healthy girl!! 😊

And I had the privilege of changing her into her little sister onesie before she got to meet her big sister Piper!

I'm telling you this was one special meeting. I have MELTED over these pictures several times now. The love and sweetness just OVERFLOWS! And the pictures truly speak for themselves. I am soooo thankful I was able to be there for this. He's a good, good Father.

My heart can hardly handle it. 

I mean!! #smitten


The O'Mary fam! Party of 4!!

So excited to watch these sisters grow up together. Sibling love is just the best!!

Love these precious girls!!

The boys got to meet Harlie Friday night and it was just a love fest. 😊 They are smitten. And loud and hands on and crazy. Haha. #boys #phew

Uncle Terrell even got in some baby time. My fever remains at bay.... mainly because of my nieces. 😊

We are so happy for the O'Mary fam and us!! 😉 Our family is blessed beyond measure.

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3

Friday, September 7, 2018

Austin is 7

On Monday morning, September the 3rd at 8:37, our second born baby boy turned SEVEN! It's been a crazy, wonderful, fast, wild, and amazing 7 years!! 

Austin has been a blessing and complete JOY to our family from the very beginning. He is sweet to the core, popular with his peers and adults alike, extremely smart, never meets a stranger, loving and affectionate, and super comfortable in his own skin. We are just so, so thankful God gave us him. He makes our family more fun, our days more happy, and our house more loud. 😊 He is one of a kind and we are so glad he is ours!

My middle baby on his actual birthday shortly after making his debut. #hewasworththelongestlaborever 

Seven Fun Facts at 7:

1. You are still the smallest and shortest in your class but you excel at sports! You are really athletic and fast and just have a natural talent for baseball and soccer. We absolutely love to watch you play!!

2. You are loving 1st grade so far! You've really matured this year when it comes to school and haven't had any anxiety so far this school year. You've been a huge help with Layton every morning walking him to his room and hanging out for just a minute to help him feel comfortable before going to your class. We are so proud of how well you've embraced 1st grade and lots more independence this year!

3. You lost your first top tooth on the first day of school and your snaggle-tooth grin is a favorite for everybody! It melts me daily because it's possibly the cutest smile I've ever seen.

4. You are a baseball expert right now! You LOVE collecting baseball cards, following Major League Baseball, and of course our Atlanta Braves. You are a super fan and an MLB statistician. Hahaha. You know more about Major League baseball and it's players than almost any other kid or adult I can think of. 

5. You have an awesome relationship and friendship with both of your brothers. You look up to Garrison and are super close to him but you also play with Layton and have the best time when it's just the two of you together. You also love to aggravate him and drive him (and the rest of us!) crazy. I am so thankful for the way the 3 of you love each other. You all sleep together in the same room every single night now and still prefer being together rather than apart. It's a special bond I hope you never take for granted. 

6. You continue to love books and reading! Yay!! You've started reading to Layton and it's the sweetest blessing to your mama. You also remind us to practice sight words with you and LOVE the library... at school and in town!

7. Your favorite foods right now are tacos, scrambled hamburgers, chicken tenders, granola bars, chips, and fruit gummies. 😊

We are so thankful for the day you were born! God gave us a priceless gift in you and we love you more than you'll ever know!! Happy Birthday to our middle man and sweet second born, Austin Carson Selph!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Long Weekend Fun + Austin's Birthday Celebrations

We had such a fun and much needed long weekend!! We were able to celebrate Austin turning 7, get some extra sleep and rest (praise!!), enjoy lots of family time, and take care of several errands and chores around the house. It was productive, lazy, wonderful, and fun. We savored every bit of it. And I'm thankful for the extra day off today for my boys and the extra time to work at school for me! 😊

The fun started on Friday at school for our birthday boy with lunch with daddy and cookie cake with his class. I think Austin was a huge fan of both. 

We kicked things off officially on Friday afternoon with a home cooked meal (one I made over the summer and froze for a night like Friday), swim time for the boys, and quiet time for mama. I crash hard on Friday nights so my quiet time while the boys swam plus my night shower sent me right to bed at 9:00. Hahaha! It's rare I go to bed that early, but mama (and Mrs. Selph!) was SPENT. 

On Saturday we all slept in before getting ready for Austin's special birthday outing. We ate breakfast at Waffle House (per Austin's request) and then made the trip just 15 minutes from home and took the boys to the High Falls Water Park! 

The water park has been around since 1981 and Terrell and I both made our fair share of trips here growing up but hadn't been with our own kids. It's pretty "old school" in terms of water parks, but we had so much fun!! They've added a few things over the years and the Selph boys had a blast. So did mama and daddy! 😊

The main attraction is 2 large water slides that we spent the majority of our time enjoying. This is Garrison after his first trip down! Haha!!

All smiles. They LOVED the slides and went down no less than 100 times. 😊

Layton enjoyed the slides too! He went down with me or Terrell every time and we laughed so hard. I'm not sure who's more excited to go back... me or the boys. Hahaha.

We took a couple of snack breaks and sno cones were the favorite! I'm telling you we had so much spending hours on water slides. It was the perfect gift for our birthday boy and the best time for the whole fam!

Saturday afternoon and evening were spent watching college football and the Braves, Sunday morning we went to church, and Sunday afternoon we met Terrell's side of the fam for more birthday celebrations. We had a great time catching up and celebrating some belated birthdays.

Then on yesterday, our middle man officially turned 7! So we enjoyed all of our birthday traditions starting with 7 balloons bright and early yesterday morning. 

Then Austin (and the rest of us!) got to enjoy our traditional birthday breakfast.  

After donuts for breakfast, Terrell and I went back to bed because LABOR DAY. Hahaha. It felt so good to be lazy! The rest of the day we cleaned the house, did laundry, I decorated for Fall, we watched some of the Braves game, and we went swimming. It was glorious. I even managed to get in 30 laps in the pool. #possiblylastlapsofsummer

To wrap up his special day, Austin requested I make tacos and then he asked to watch Dude Perfect. 

We had a GREAT long weekend and loved celebrating Austin's 7th birthday with him. I'm hoping to have one more birthday related post coming this week and then I'll be sharing the news about my newest niece's arrival!! It's an exciting week around here!!