Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites: Soccer and Baseball Edition

This week has been a good one. We have enjoyed a LOT of soccer and baseball this week and it's been confirmed to me again that I was just meant to be a boy mom. 😊 I feel incompetent to raise these wild, rough, LOUD boys lots of days, but when it comes to their love of sports and enthusiasm for our teams, we just get each other. All 5 of us. And it brings me so much joy and makes me feel so good about being extremely out-numbered. Ha!

Here's my faves from our week full of 2 of our favorite sports....

*On Sunday we took the boys to their very first Atlanta United game at Mercedes-Benz stadium! Back at the beginning of the summer we took them to see the team play at Kennesaw State but on Sunday they got to see the team play in MLS action at the coolest stadium ever. 😊 

*It was SUPER crowded (another MLS attendance record), but we were there early (for the showing of the Final game of the World Cup) so we got to see the entire team arrive and walk in!! Garrison got to high five every single player!! (I may have been a tad more star struck than he.... just a tad.)

*The Golden Spike! 

*We had so much fun! Layton got restless a few times but the 2nd half was super exciting and held his attention good. We came away with the tie but loved watching our team. Getting out of the stadium was craziness but we made over to the CNN Center for supper before getting back on Marta and then eventually getting home. Hopefully we can make this an every season tradition sort of like we do with the Braves. 

*On Monday our biggest was off to soccer camp! He went to a brand new camp without knowing a soul and ending up having a great time. We were so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone. The camp was half a day Monday through Thursday so it was a lot of shuffling back and forth but totally worth it for him to have such a great experience.

*Monday evening was all about the Home Run Derby at our house. We let the boys stay up late to watch the first round and they were SO into it. They knew every player (and their stats!) before they were even introduced. #baseballcardexperts It was so fun watching with my guys! We recorded it for them so they got to watch the final rounds Tuesday morning. 😊

*A lunch date with these 3 at our favorite pizza buffet was a definite highlight this week. I'm confident buffets are going to become quite regular with these growing boys.  

*The All-Star game Tuesday night was another huge favorite for the Selph fam. We were all so proud of our Braves. The boys were so excited they were on the edge of their seats the whole time. Haha. This picture is the boys cheering and clapping for Nick Markakis during his first at-bat at his first ever All-Star game. We let them stay up a little late again and they finished watching the game on Wednesday morning. 

*Layton has always been a sweat-er. Since he was a baby. Especially on his head. So after letting him and Austin play for a little while on the playground when we dropped off Garrison for soccer, his hair was sweaty and wet.... so he decided to style it crazy on the way home and was thrilled that it "stuck". Haha. 

*Then Austin asked Layton to do his hair..... hahaha. Not the same effect but still pretty cute. 😊

*This week I had to take Austin to the dentist for a quick little procedure and both of his brothers had to come along to. #helpmeJesus So after some serious talks beforehand from both me and Terrell in terms of prepping everyone involved (be on your best behavior, stay quiet in the waiting room, no fighting, you cannot go back with Austin and mama, VERY best behavior, if you do a great job we might go to Dollar Tree afterwards, etc), I was still sweating a little going in. But God's favor was upon me. Austin did awesome and the other brothers in the waiting room were amazing as well! So they got to take that trip to Dollar Tree (which should be noted played a KEY role helping Layton Thomas stay motivated). The trip to Dollar Tree where they were able to spend $5-$6 each appeared to be one of the highlights of their summer. Ha!! We appreciate the little things. 😊 And well behaved boys in dentist offices!!

*Baseball cards from Dollar Tree are the BEST. #traders #cardpros

*This right here is still a dream come true. We love our pool time and it's a favorite every single week!! 

This weekend we're doing a lot around the house.... yardwork (Terrell), buying groceries (me), swimming (all of us), tackling a school project for my classroom (me), cleaning house a little (all of us.... mainly me), going to church (all of us). and enjoying our downtime at home. 😊 Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

NEW this Summer

Unbeknownst to me, this summer would turn out to be a summer full of new (to me) things.... and, I must say, I think I'm a fan of all the new! It's been pretty interesting taking on some new and different routines, habits, and experiences without really planning to, but so far (during the summer at least!) I'm enjoying them all. 

So I compiled a detailed list for future reference, pros and cons, the sake of memory, etc. Because these things need to be documented. 😊


1. The first thing new that happened this summer began at the very end of post-planning before I was officially even out of school for the summer.... I signed up to begin selling Mary Kay. Whaaaaa?!? Hahaha. Definitely not in my future plans or anything I thought I might be doing this summer! My parapro actually started selling it earlier this school year and brought all of her goodies to post-planning one day so we could experiment and test out all of the products once we finished up our school stuff for the day. Sooo, on a total whim, I talked about it with Terrell and with his blessing, signed up. Ha! I've been using various Mary Kay products since high school and once I got a preview of their new skincare regimen/line, it was basically love at first sight/feel and I was hooked. And selling it seemed to be the best fit for us in terms of benefitting from discounts and such. It's been really fun so far and I LOVE the products I'm using now. They're effective, they're easy to use, a little goes a long way, they smell great, and they're affordable. So all around awesome. 😊 I'm planning to continue selling as long as I can, but I'm not positive what that will look like during the school year. So we'll see how it goes and what God's plan looks like. For now, I'm just thankful for my little side job and enjoying my skincare products and make-up. 

2. The second new thing that happened this summer is probably the only thing that I was intentional about entering the summer..... LAPS IN THE POOL!! Haha! Since the beginning stages of dreaming of a pool for our new home, I've wanted to swim for exercise. So once the dream was finally realized, I've done just that. Now, I was waaaaaay out of shape entering the summer. So swimming for exercise was challenging. I mean swimming a few laps was exhausting and required taking breaks at various points so as not to put myself in danger. But, all summer I've swam laps every time we swim (minus a few times that we've had company and I haven't been able to swim before or after), and now I'm swimming 20 laps every single time!! TWENTY! I feel like a triathlon athlete out there! (Minus the running and biking part, haha) But seriously, 20 laps non-stop is a big deal. I'm hoping to make it to 30 laps before swim season is over. We'll see! It's going to be hard to swim multiple times a week once school starts back. Boo.

3. The next habit that formed this summer is possibly because of swimming almost every single day..... night showers! I haven't showered at night consistently since high school but this summer, night showers made a comeback that I'm hoping will continue during the school year! I started at the beginning of the summer when I first began swimming almost daily. I think I just wanted to wash my hair and be able to use conditioner and get a brush through it before bed. Haha. But then once I started, I LOVED it. It makes me feel clean, refreshed, and relaxed in the evenings and before putting on pjs…. something I didn't even know I was missing, and it's made my mornings this summer SO much easier and faster!! This new summer habit is the one I'm most concerned about going back to school. I mean once school starts our evenings are going to be super full, I'm going to be super worn out, my bedtime is going to be much earlier, and my wake-up time is going to be much earlier. Sigh. It's going to be tough but I really don't want to give up my night time showers. They are just the best. And they are also what led to my 4th new thing this summer.....

4. A new do! 😊 Once I tried out showering at night and pulling my hair up into a bun (still wet)while I stayed up to watch a show or read or whatever before going to bed, I woke up with wavy, damp hair. Woohoo! So then I tested out a few products to find out what would work best for me, and now all I do is let my hair down each morning while I'm getting ready and scrunch and "fluff" it with some curling defining cream. That's it! No hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, heating element of any kind is needed!! It takes me all of 5 minutes! #praisehands #awesomeness #itsthelittlethings After YEARS of fighting my hair every single morning for waaaay too long, this has been super exciting! 😊😊😊 And, I no longer have to wash it daily. Which is a huge bonus! The nights I don't wash it, I usually wear it up the following day in a bun or pony tail, or I have the option of brushing it out and adding a few curls with the curling iron. The possibilities are endless. Hahaha! I am VERY excited about easier and faster mornings getting ready and being able to sleep a little later..... but I'm also pretty nervous about not having a shower to help me wake up. I can't be in sleep-walking mode when I get to school. I just don't function well that way. I need plenty of time to get awake good before I'm good to go for the day. Soooo, only time will tell if this new gig with the new do (made possible by the night showers) will last. #eeesh

5. Yet another new thing that started this summer is listening to podcasts! I'm always late to every single digital/technology party. Always. It just takes me a while to get on board I guess. Of course I'd heard of podcasts before this summer and knew they existed, but I never tried them out until my besties officially introduced them to me. And now I'm hooked! I've listened to several this summer and it's become one of my favorite things to do whenever I have a few minutes to myself. So I don't often get to listen to one start to finish without interruption. Haha. But whenever I'm cooking for a few minutes by myself, or folding clothes while the boys are in another room playing, or just getting ready in the bathroom, I listen to one... or part of one I should say. I've also listened by the pool. My most favorite is probably Bible Binge with Knox and Jaime. They crack me up with their "reviews" and analyzations of Bible stories. They take a story from the Bible and help me see it differently and with new eyes.... while also making it very relatable to modern day issues/scenarios and making me laugh. They just expand my knowledge of the Word and take Sunday School Bible stories deeper. I also love the  Proverbs 31 podcast (which is super new), Friends of a Feather, Mom Struggling Well with Emily Thomas, The Happy Hour with Jaime Ivey, and God Centered Mom. So quite a few. 😊 Again, I'm concerned I won't be able to listen as much once school starts back. Realistically I will probably only be able to prioritize 2 or 3 of them. But we'll see how it goes. Thanks to Brandi and Megan for introducing me!! It makes the sometimes mundane and regular stuff I'm doing more truth-filled, encouraging, or Jesus centered than before.

6. And last but not least, is a big one. This summer I am attempting to comprise a CHRISTMAS list for myself and the boys... with their input of course. Every year I want to get an early start on Christmas shopping and every year I don't get started until November. Which isn't early at all. And last year was pure craziness because I was working full time for the first time and everything was very last minute and rushed and stressful. So in an effort to avoid all of that we're attempting early lists. And by we, I mean my side of the family. We exchange wish lists on my side and Terrell's side because it makes shopping so much easier. So this year I got my sister and mom on board and hopefully the guys will cooperate too. Haha. I'm hopeful that I can begin purchasing some gifts pre-October. It's a lofty goal but I know I will feel so much more relaxed come November and December if I've already done some shopping and have a good head start. (But first I need to make sure I can get my own list ready... and a list started for the boys.... before school starts. 😊)

The unexpected new this summer has been fun!! And hopefully it will all transfer over to the school year! 

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites: Sweet Summertime

This week has been a sweet one. The boys got along great for the most part, we enjoyed lots of pool time, lots of inside play time, everyone slept a little later than normal, and we just seemed to savor summer a little more this week. It's been a good one. 

Here are my faves from the week....

*On Sunday after church Austin gave Garrison a little card he'd made for him in Sunday School and when Garrison showed it to me, he was SO touched that he had tears in his eyes! It was the sweetest thing ever. (Garrison's stomach had been hurting Sunday morning up until we got to church so Austin made him a card and had his class pray for him.) It was so special to witness such sweetness between my babies. 

*The boys have officially become frog rescuers! Haha! Every time we go to the pool they check the skimmers for us and find and rescue frogs. And sometimes they have to get creative to make the rescue happen. I love (and appreciate!) getting to sit back and watch. 😊

*Around the time Terrell gets home I'm usually done in the pool because I need to cook supper or I've already been swimming all afternoon and don't want to get back in again. But I still enjoy hanging out with my guys even if I'm done swimming for the day.... so my new thing is to sit and watch while listening to a podcast. And those things are becoming a little addicting for me! Haha. 

*These 3 LOVE Dude Perfect. Garrison discovered them on YouTube months ago and then found their show and it's been super popular all summer long. And since my kiddos were so into these 5 guys who are hilarious and do crazy tricks centered around sports and such, I decided to research them a bit and find out a little more about them. Well let's just say that now mama might be the biggest fan of all. Hahahaha. They love Jesus, their testimonies are super cool, they are all young married guys and new dads, they are hilarious, and I love them. Ha! If you've never heard of them, check them out for your kids. The Selph fam are definitely fans!

*I am *trying* to tackle a little school work every now and then this summer. It hasn't been easy though thanks to our BACKYARD.... but we've managed a teeny bit here and there. My big boys finished their (voluntary) summer reading assignments for school this week and Layton has been practicing his letter and number recognition and a little handwriting. I'm hoping to do a little more, especially with Layton, before school starts.... but the struggle is real. We want to swim and do fun summer stuff! The teacher in me is facing a serious internal battle. Haha!

*One afternoon post-swimming, the boys decided to play a game together. All on their own! Without me suggesting it, or encouraging it, or setting it up, or refereeing! It was awesome!! They did so good being fair and getting along and following the rules. My cup runneth over! 😊

*We had an impromptu family get-together and water gun/squirt battle one day this week! It was sooo fun! We laughed hard and had a blast. 

*Terrell grilled for us this week and we ate outside per the boys request. (Layton wasn't thrilled about the family selfie. Haha!) Oh summertime how we love you!

*Currently my babies are off with their grandparents and cousins enjoying "Nana Camp". They are having a ball! And mama got to enjoy a girls day doing some school shopping and Terrell and I are looking forward to our second date night in a row. 😊

It's been a really fun week around here. We are looking forward to our weekend and being reunited with the boys and then taking them to the Atlanta United game at the Benz!! We are so excited!

Happy Friday!! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Weekend Recap

We had a super fun summer weekend around here so I wanted to recap everything I can remember. 😊

Summer mornings have been popular for playing baseball in the garage in underwear only OR outside in the driveway almost fully clothed. Haha! Friday morning immediately following breakfast they all took off outside to play. And mama tackled some chores solo while listening to a podcast. A new thing for me that I'm really enjoying!

The boys are also loving foosball this summer. For this particular game, Layton was watching and cheering non-stop. It was after supper and Terrell and I were downstairs cleaning and kept hearing him cheer for both of his brothers over and over and over again.... so when I went to investigate this is what I found. 😊 We had a pretty fun, simple, at-home Friday.

Then, Saturday morning was all about party prep! We hosted a combined birthday party and Father's Day celebration for 3 members of Terrell's side of the fam at our house Saturday afternoon and the main event was his sister's 40th birthday!! We had so much fun decorating and getting ready for our little get-together. 

We found a few cute decorations and one of our favorites was caution tape that said "Caution, Old Zone, Slow Senior". Hahaha. 

Terrell also had the idea to tie black balloons all around the pool. If you look closely you can see them. I loved his idea. 

We also found a caution sign to add to the deck. Haha! Everyone LOVED all of our little decorations.

The party started around 2:00 and we swam and laughed and had water squirt battles and had so much fun. 😊

Pool parties are my favorite. 

Terrell grilled for us and after we ate the honorees got to open their gifts.  

A funny, new tradition we've started with Terrell's family is taking a selfie every time we all get together. So after dinner and dessert and presents, we went out to the deck to keep the tradition going. And this time we took not one, but TWO family selfies! 😊 First, we got one of Terrell's Granny with us. She is about to turn 96!!

Then we did another one by the pool of just the 11 of us. They both turned out great! 

Then there was more swimming before the Redings had to get on the road for home. But not before I snapped a cousin picture! We had so much fun celebrating with everyone and loved hosting another pool party. 

We wrapped up our Saturday night by letting the boys stay up late to watch the entire Atlanta United game. We came away with the victory and had some tired boys come bedtime. Saturday was pretty awesome for the Selph boys. 😊

Sunday we went to church and then came home and had leftovers for lunch. Then I bought groceries and had a little rest time before joining my guys at the pool. 

We grabbed take out for supper and then settled in to watch the MLB All-Star announcement show. I should have popped popcorn given how excited the boys were and how they hung on every single word. Haha. We are so thrilled and proud of our Braves who made the team!! 

We enjoyed a GREAT summer weekend. I'm so thankful for summer, family, and pool parties. 😊

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Selph Family 4th

July 4, 2018 might go down as my favorite 4th to date! It was SO MUCH FUN!!

We all slept in on Wednesday morning and had a late breakfast and did some cleaning and playing while Terrell did yardwork.... and then it was time for me and the boys to make our annual 4th of July dessert. 

But first, a blast from the past.... July 4, 2014. Layton's first Independence Day. 😊

Chocolate Chip Delight: We made chocolate chip cookies (thank you Pillsbury, haha), then dipped them in milk and put a layer in our dish before adding a layer of cool whip and repeating the process. And of course the boys got to enjoy the leftover cookies.  

While Terrell was doing yardwork he found a turtle! And we fell in love. Haha! He was just the cutest. We had the best time watching him walk around and explore. 

We released him in the shady area behind our playset.... but are still calling him our pet. 😊

Around mid afternoon we were ready to host our first ever 4th of July pool party. #squeal #soexcited #yayforpoolparties

My parents came over, Anna, Piper, and Frankie came over, and my Paw Paw was even able to stop by and watch us swim and eat with us. We had so much fun!! We swam, we talked, we laughed, we ate. It was awesome. 😊 

We even got to use our big baseball glove float! It was a HUGE hit. 

AnAn with her girls! 

Part of our spread... minus the BBQ and baked beans. Yum!

And our finished dessert! Plus AnAn made Stripe Delight. The best summer desserts ever!

After everyone finished eating we were all back in the pool.... and the glove float became the hit of the party. 😊

The grown-ups at each end of the pool starting pushing the cousins back and forth like they were on a water ride. We laughed so hard watching them!

The kiddos had the BEST time and loved every second.

They got to enjoy tons of thrill rides and this is my favorite shot of the night. I'm glad I jumped out of the pool to grab my camera for a minute. I mean look at their faces! Pure joy!! #priceless

We had an awesome afternoon and evening celebrating America's birthday. So many laughs, so much fun, lots of good food, and amazing quality time with family. It was definitely one of my all-time favorites!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!