Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Layton's 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Layton's 3rd birthday on Saturday with a tractor party!! It was so much fun and SO perfect for our tractor lover!!

While this was a super easy party to plan for, it didn't come together quite so easily. There was one point leading up to the party when I seriously thought I was in over my head... cleaning, decorating, preparing, and tons of stuff/errands/responsibilities, etc happening at one time made for a CRAZY Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. I almost lost it and declared us done with home parties for good. #itwasbad But thankfully everything did in fact come together and we ALL had the absolute best time celebrating our littlest man with family. This party was a huge success and big ole blessing!! YAY!

Our all time favorite and very own personal graphic designer did Layton's invites for us. He was so smitten when he saw them! Thanks again Megan for your awesome work!!

Pre-party family picture! (I think I was finally somewhat calm by this point, ha!) 

The favor table and picture display. =)

Our tractor lover with 2 of his most favorite tractors...

His framed invitation along with our tractor cookie favors...

We went with yellow table cloths and toy tractors for centerpieces. =)

The cake table! This was probably Layton's favorite spot of the whole party.

The cake was perfect!! Layton was THRILLED. He chose strawberry and it was sooo good. 

My uncle, Layton's great uncle, provided the party entertainment for us. =) We scheduled this party around a time when my aunt and uncle (who live in Suches, GA...  the north Georgia mountains) could come and bring their tractor. It turned out to be the biggest hit!!

Layton was totally mesmerized. 

And excited!

He was also pretty nervous and intimidated and declared he didn't want to ride the tractor at first. #hechangedhismind =)

We kicked off the party with eating lunch and this little lunch date was precious. Sandwiches, CFA nuggets and fruit, and chips and dip were delish. We needed a break from pizza. Ha.

By the time we finished lunch Layton had asked for his tractor cake no less than 14 times, so we finally obliged. =)

I think he was tad overwhelmed with us singing to him!

He was a pro at blowing out the candles though!

The cake was delish! And the second our birthday boy was finished he was asking to open presents. =) This party was such a big deal to him and so much fun.

Present opening started off at a slooow pace, but finally picked up some speed. Ha! His gifts were the best. Him and his big brothers have been playing with everything almost non-stop. 

I love this picture of my guys. So blessed with all 4 of them.

The big surprise of the party was waiting in the kitchen for the birthday boy....

#farmerLayton #readytocutthegrass #futurelandscaper

It was super wet and rainy off and on so we didn't take his new tractor out right away... we had rides on the real tractor instead. =) We went youngest to oldest and Piper rode first. Haha! Layton knew it was safe after Piper's ride so he was confident and ready when it was his turn! #fulfillingadream Hahaha.

He LOVED riding on the big tractor and it turned out to be a huge favorite for all the kiddos. From ages 1 all the way to 9, every single kid loved their ride and was so excited for their turn.

The older kids even got to steer and "drive" themselves. =) They went all over the neighborhood and loved every second.

We wrapped up the party by finally letting Layton take a ride on his very own new tractor. He's in love. =)

Even though things were a little crazy and stressful during the party countdown, everything really did turn out perfect. And most important of all, our birthday boy had a ball and loved every second of his tractor party!! 

Huge thanks to our families for coming to celebrate with us and to Uncle Terry for bringing his real tractor and making Layton's party extra special!! Every birthday party for my boys holds a special place in my heart, but this one will always remind me that if the birthday boy is happy, everything else is perfect. =) 

Happy Birthday again to our very favorite 3 year old!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Layton's Birthday & Selph Family Valentine's

Layton's 3rd birthday was Sunday (Garrison's and Layton's birthdays are exactly 5 years and 1 week apart) and we celebrated our littlest man with our fun and simple birthday traditions. Other than the sickies invading us on Sunday, everything turned out pretty special. 

We all woke him up with Happy Birthdays! and his 3 balloons. He was smitten with everything. =)

Then we all came down for breakfast together and Layton's birthday doughnut. He was so sweet while we sang to him. And a huge fan of his doughnut!

We all made it to church together but Garrison came down with a little fever and had to leave early. After take out for lunch and getting our birthday boy down for his afternoon nap we had a busy couple of hours! While Layton slept, we Valentine-d. =) Austin signed his name to 22 Valentines. Hard, hard work for a PreK-er! They turned out really cute and perfect for our football lover. 

Meanwhile Garrison worked on his Valentine mailbox and signed Valentine stickers to go on his packs of Skittles. Thankfully he was feeling well enough to do it! This was our first year to do store bought Valentines for him (which bothered me just a little.... or a lot.... at first), but it worked out perfect. We just didn't have the time or energy for anything more elaborate and he's at an age that doesn't require cutesy Valentines. Haha. 

After lots of laundry, finishing up Valentines, waking up Layton, and a little play time outside we were ready to take out our birthday boy for his special dinner. With very few options available in our neck of the woods on a Sunday, we opted for one of Layton's fave restaurants about 10 minutes from our house and right near the interstate.... Waffle House! Hahaha! He was so excited when he realized where we were!!

We had the yummiest waffles for supper and sat right near the window so we could watch the big trucks go by. I'm telling you his day was MADE. It was perfect! Waffle House for the win!! =)

We had the best birthday meal with our littlest love. I'm so thankful we remembered good ole Waffle House. =) Sometimes the best ideas are the easiest. 

Now for a recap of our Selph Family Valentine's Day... 

Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early as always, but to a BIG surprise waiting for me in our bathroom... these beauties, a big, over-sized card, and a box of Resse's cups. I was sooo surprised! We typically don't exchange any gifts for Valentines we just get the kids a little something and then celebrate as a family. But giving/receiving gifts is my primary love language so my heart was full! 

Garrison was able to make it to school after staying home on Monday and then Layton and I tackled a couple of errands before coming home and doing a few Valentine "activities". Heart stickers and conversation heart graphing.... =)

After school was a big whirlwind of Valentines, snacks, homework, candy, and messes and then once I heard from Terrell that he was on his way home I sent the boys upstairs for technology time with strict instructions not to come down. Thankfully our electronics totally held their attention. 

For the past several years we've done a family Valentine celebration with a special dinner and then reading of our I Love You Because hearts. It's special for the whole family and just a really sweet tradition. 

A whole lot of love spelled out on our hearts!

Terrell was able to grab take-out for us from one of our favorite restaurants (J. Henry's!) and the boys requested Wendy's chicken nuggets. Hahahaha! Ohhh, chicken nuggets. We got to pick what we wanted for dinner so it was only fair they got to pick what they wanted too. =) We love some good take-out for Valentine's when it's on a week night!

So while Terrell was on his way home and my 3 little loves were busy upstairs, I was able to prep for our dinner. So fun! I saved a red plastic table cloth from Garrison's birthday party, used some pink construction paper for personalized place mats, set out a couple of candles, and then prepped and set out the boys' little gifts. Super sweet and simple.

We found the boys these little Valentine containers at Walmart and threw in a few goodies, plus laid out their cards they'd gotten in the mail. 

Once Terrell got home with dinner, we lit the candles and called the boys down for their surprise.

I was able to capture Garrison's reaction. =)

We had a fun and sweet start to our night! 

The things you see Garrison and Austin holding is squishy foam. It's been the biggest hit and is way better than play doh! 

They loved everything. =) We got ready for dinner shortly after finishing up going through their goodies and ate on red paper plates and had the best meal. It was sooo good. And it got darker and darker so it became more like a real candle light dinner. It was one of my very favorite family Valentine meals. So blessed with my 4 guys!

After our delicious supper we read our hearts around the table and it was super sweet. It was also pretty crazy. Layton "read" aloud almost the whole time. Ha! So we were talking over him while he was pretending to read his hearts. Some really sweet words were shared along with lots of hugging and laughter. 

We love this tradition every year... even if it does get loud and a little crazy. =)

We made the boys an ice cream, mini brownie, and chocolate syrup dessert before wrapping up our special night. Even though we had some craziness and I may or may not have stressed just a teensy bit about getting it all set up and ready, it turned out perfect. Our version of perfect at least. =) It was definitely one of my favorite Valentine's ever. 18 Valentines with my love and lots with my little men. Valentine's Day is silly to some but for me it's a day to be intentional about celebrating the ones you love. It was a great one. 

This weekend we've had a major change of plans (a postponed tonsillectomy for Garrison to be exact), so we're focusing on Layton's birthday party and gearing up for our now much more fun Winter Break! Happy Friday Eve! Have a great weekend!!