Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Together Again Edtion

The first half of our week was reeally different. Layton was an only child! Garrison and Austin spent all day Monday, Tuesday, plus Wednesday morning, with Nana, Pops, Allison, and Shannon and we were left on our own for a few days. Monday morning was emotional for everybody. Layton was confused, the big boys were super excited about spending time with their grandparents and cousins but also pretty sad for Layton, and mama was struggling big time too. Together is our favorite place to be and we don't "separate" often. So Monday was a little tough on us but we're together again now and I'm pretty sure fun was had by all! 

The big boys had a great time away and even though Layton cried for his brothers a few times and seemed a little confused off and on, I think he did awesome being an only child for a couple of days! We had lots of extra quality time together and enjoyed some special outings with our baby. 

Here's a look at my favorite happenings from our week...

*Monday morning shortly after saying bye to the big boys we tackled some errands in town and then set off for school supply shopping! Layton was a pretty good shopping buddy! He only started getting into the supplies after our trip got a little long. But we managed to get every single thing from the list and are calling school supply shopping DONE. =)

*Monday afternoon after a nap, snack, putting together puzzles, some letter practice, taking Bailey out, and checking the mail, little man was ready for some table time and magnet building. 

*Our time at the table was possibly my favorite one-on-one time with him over our days on our own. It was just sweet, uninterrupted, quality time. I loved watching him concentrate and I loved focusing my attention on just him... studying his little face and mannerisms and soaking him up. It was pretty special watching my baby play. 

*He also tested out Austin's nap mat for me. It's Layton approved and good to go!

*Monday evening after supper we decided on a little family walk thanks to temps below 95. Haha. Layton LOVED our walk and had the best time "driving" around the whole neighborhood. 

*On Tuesday he got in some one-on-one time with Granna while I tutored and then we ran some errands and enjoyed a playdate with Baby A that afternoon. Then, daddy took us on a date! We even went out for fro-yo afterwards. It was a pretty fun night with our littlest! 

*Wednesday morning! Our big boys are home!!! All the chicks in the nest really is the best! I think Garrison and Austin were just as excited to see Layton as he was to see them. It was a sweet reunion. =)

*My rings have been away for the past couple of weeks getting spruced up and I was able to pick them up Wednesday afternoon. I felt like Terrell had just proposed again. They were sparkly and beautiful and reminded me so much of wearing them for the first time ever. =)

*We managed to squeeze in another morning at the pool! These 3 are officially pool lovers. It's so hard to leave when it's time to go!

*Yesterday while we were at the pool daddy even surprised us with an invitation to go out to lunch with him. We were pretty excited about our surprise. We looked a hot mess having just come out of the pool but we enjoyed our last week-day lunch of the summer with daddy lots. 

Today is our last Friday of summer and this weekend we have our big summer weekend planned with the boys. For the past few years we've planned a fun weekend for the boys before school starts back and this weekend it's that time again! We're looking forward to kicking things off today and making the whole weekend full of summer fun! It's been a roller coaster of emotions as we wind down our summer break, but we are going to really soak up and make the most of our last days of summer! Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover

Our Master Bedroom Makeover is finally complete!! It was a labor of love and a lot of hard work but we managed to do it! Together. Really fast. With minimal issues and marital stress. Ha! We LOVE how it turned out and I still enjoy walking in and taking in the newness because it went from being one of my least favorite rooms (appearance and decorative wise), to one of my most favorites!

At the beginning of summer I knew I wanted to tackle this makeover this summer. Before school, before soccer, before busy schedules and routines could interfere or cause us to put it off. So we got started shortly after returning from our beach vacation and finished up everything in about a week and a half. We had a little push of motivation thanks to the housewarming party we hosted so we finished pretty quickly. Yay!! 

Here's what it looked like before...

The walls were a green color, we took down the curtains left by the previous owners right after moving in but left up the curtain rods, and we had absolutely nothing on our walls because we knew we'd paint within our first year or so in the house. So the room just wasn't that great. Ha.

While this makeover was pretty big for us, it wasn't huge. Our furniture was purchased from a locally owned furniture store and we've had it around 8 years I think and even though it isn't brand new, it's still in almost new condition and really great quality, so we have no plans of replacing it anytime soon. Our comforter we just got last year for the new house, so again, not something we're planning to replace for a while. Two pretty big things we didn't change at all.

Everything else was fair game and ready for an update!

The mirror in the corner we've had maybe 10 years, and most of our furniture decor, mainly frames and such, are anywhere from 8-11 years old... so these were things we were planning to update and makeover. =)

And then there's Bailey's bed... which was a little too big for our room and something she technically didn't need given she's a miniature schnauzer and not a lab. Haha. I think my parents actually bought it for our 2 miniature schnauzers years ago. She enjoyed her king size bed while it lasted. =)

Notice the piece of furniture that became the catch-all for our bedroom? Our chest of drawers is on a wall no one really ever sees but us. Our bedroom is right off the kitchen, right near the back door coming in from the garage, so the view from the doorway is seen somewhat regularly... but rarely is this wall seen. Unless you come into our bedroom to look around or to go to our bathroom, you'd never see this wall. Hence the catch-all. Haha. Every diaper bag, purse, camera bag, all the bags ended up here. Plus the occasional hat, sunglasses, or other random item. #timeforachange  

Our nightstands were simple... Terrell's had a clock and a picture of me and the boys, mine had a lamp, clock, picture of Terrell and the boys, books, my Bible and quiet time material, my ring box and a Willow Tree piece we got as a wedding gift. The nightstands just needed a little face lift, nothing major.

Soooo.... the very first thing was did was pick out curtains. This was a must. I knew we needed something on our windows to make the room come together and just look nicer... slightly more formal, slightly more dressed-up. We found our curtains at Kirklands (on sale!) and based our decision on what would go best with our comforter. 

Then, we decided on our paint color. Terrell was a little skeptical picking out curtains before paint but I knew I had to have the curtains first and we ended up going with the paint color (a similar one at least) to the one shown on the picture of the curtains. It worked out perfect! After getting the curtains and paint, everything else was small... new frames, new decor, a new lamp, a new (smaller) bed for Bailey, and a change to our mirror. 

Welcome to our new master bedroom!

Oh how I love it. =) Everything came together perfectly. 

I updated our dresser just a little with new frames... the frame of the boys is from Hobby Lobby and the frame of mine and Terrell's engagement picture (which we almost retired but decided to keep on display just a little longer =)) is from Walmart. The decorative piece in the middle was a Kirklands find last year (on sale!) that I bought for the new house but after moving in wasn't sure where to use it. It turned out perfect for this spot on our dresser!

I love my updated mirror! We spray painted it "ivory" (which was a job simply because it's a mirror) and then I distressed it (which was another job simply because, haha). It turned out great and fits perfect with our new room!

Our nightstands just got minor face lifts. I finally found a new lamp... the lamp was actually the toughest thing to find for the whole room. It came from Fred's right here in Bville. I found new frames from Hobby Lobby and I de-cluttered a little.   

Terrell's nightstand got a new matching frame and that was it. #smallestmakeoverever 

The big piece hanging over our bed was a half-off Hobby Lobby find. It took a trip to more than one Hob Lob but we finally found "the one"! It's unique but we love it. =) 

The catch-all is no longer a catch-all! Yay!! I just wanted something super simple on this wall since it's mainly just for us. It turned out perfect! 

I found these cute little sayings at Hobby Lobby (half-off!). I love that they're sweet and flirty and fit us. =) I moved my Willow Tree piece from my nightstand to here and also moved the little mirror. And we found new "homes" for everything that used to collect here! YAY.

So that's our new master. One of our now favorite rooms! 

Up next... Layton's big boy room! Thankfully that particular makeover won't be quite as much work! =)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Good Times

This weekend was full of good times and we enjoyed it lots. =)

Friday afternoon the boys begged to go outside. It's just been soooooo hot, unbearably HOT, that we haven't been outside much at all this summer. Boo. But on Friday I had a little project I was working on under the garage so I told them they could play under the garage or in the shaded part of the driveway while I was working. We were out maybe half an hour but they had the best time. Sidewalk chalk was a huge hit and Garrison wrote messages for our guests coming over the next day. =)

We got take-out for supper on Friday night and then the boys enjoyed movie night. Even Layton watched a little Tarzan.

Saturday morning we slept in past 7 and then the boys piled up in our room. The boys have never slept in our bed and once mama makes up the bed, no kiddos allowed on the bed... so this was a pretty rare happening and so sweet.  

All day Saturday was about housewarming prep! Such a great excuse to clean the house top to bottom!! HUGE thanks to my mom and sister who helped us pull off the last minute party. We had a great time celebrating The Garrison's first house and upcoming move. It's pretty special watching your baby cousin grow up. =)

Mid-party fun with my hat obsessed baby!

So excited for this sweet couple and their little family!

Saturday night we crashed and caught up on episodes of Duck Dynasty. The proposal episode... melt my heart! I just love that family. =)

Sunday morning we spent at church and as Terrell was helping me on the preschool hall he saw Layton on the playground in this hat.... Hahaha! He was also back in the pink visor when I picked him up just like last week. He loves hats!

Sunday afternoon once Layton was up from his nap we decided to head out for ice cream at DQ! It was a fun, yummy, and very messy outing. =)

Once we got home we changed everybody into bathing suits and Terrell told them they were going to play "sprinkler soccer". The big boys LOVED it! 

Layton wasn't a big fan, but as long as he stayed away from being sprayed he was fine. It's so crazy the way he loves the pool and ocean but reeally doesn't care for sprinklers. Haha.

It was a fun afternoon for the boys in the fam. Mama enjoyed watching from afar... in the air conditioning. =)

Once they wrapped up sprinkler soccer they all came in and went straight for the shower and bathtub before the boys enjoyed a later than usual breakfast supper. Their Sunday night thing. 

So thankful for my boys and the good times we enjoyed this weekend! 

**Just for memory's sake....This morning has been a little tough. Garrison and Austin are spending the next couple of days with their grandparents and cousins and Layton isn't old enough to participate in what they have planned, so he's stuck with me as an only child for a while. I'm emotional, the big boys were emotional, and Layton has just been a little confused with some tears off and on. Hopefully things will go smoothly and Layton won't be too lost without his big brothers. We're tackling school supply shopping today and hoping he enjoys some good quality time with mama and daddy for the next 2 days. How will my mama heart ever handle college?!? Gracious. We'll be counting down to Wednesday morning around here for sure but we're also going to try to make the most of our special time with our littlest man. Have a great Monday!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: Another Summer Week!

This week has been a fun one! Plus busy! We've continued to soak up summertime lots and I think mama and daddy have almost completed the big bedroom makeover and just about have things ready around here to host a last minute housewarming party tomorrow! So it's been fun, but also a whirlwind. =) 

My favorites from the week consist of just a few happenings I managed to take photos of to document. It's basically the same 3 things. Ha. Here's a peek...

*Monday night we finished supper and baths really early so we decided to take on Family Game Night with our littlest member present! We chose Zingo and he did great! We gave him a game card and all of the pieces we didn't need and that satisfied him through 2 rounds!

*I put Layton to bed shortly after our rounds of Zingo and when I came downstairs I found the big boys engaged in Twister. Hahaha. Game Night is a big favorite around here.

 *We were able to make another trip to the pool this week. YAY! It is miserably hot here and we can't go outside to play at all... unless we're swimming! Soooo thankful we've been able to take advantage of Ms. Debbie's generosity for the 2nd half of summer!

*AnAn and Piper came along this time! Baby Girl decided she loved the pool. =)

*AND... Breaking News... Austin Selph FINALLY jumped off the diving board! Phew. He wanted to badly but was so nervous and worried about going way under that he kept talking himself out of it...

*Until baby brother decided he would do it! Haha!! After hearing over and over about how wonderful jumping off the diving board would be and how fun it is and how much everyone loves it, he decided he'd just go for it. Ha! Little man loves the water and is pretty fearless. We didn't get a good picture of him jumping in because we were rushing around making sure he was ready...but he went for it twice! We put the frog puddle jumper on him really fast and I was in the deep end trying to catch him but he was ready and just went for it! And that was all it took for Austin to try! YAY. Austin jumped twice too. We were super proud. =)

*The boys have been playing with blocks every single afternoon this week. And it's been amazing. After nap time and a snack they just head down to the basement to build and call me every time they want me to see what they've built or to take a picture. =)

*Yay for creative, independent play!

*Our field trip Under the Sea was so much fun!!

*Baby Girl and her boys. =)

*More block creations!

*We had just a few minor issues when Layton wanted to throw a ball at the blocks or get close and knock them over but after occupying him with something else, he was satisfied with parallel play. Phew. Haha.

*On yesterday afternoon the boys spent the longest time playing in the basement without calling me down so I knew they were working on something big. And I was right! Check out the Selph 5 in block/robot form!!! Left to right: Daddy, Mama, Garrison, Austin, Layton

*I was so impressed and loved their little project!! It sort of melted my heart it was so creative and precious. =)

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: So this week the boys have been all over the place with me... Hobby Lobby (twice), Kirklands, Fred's (twice), Walmart and probably somewhere else I'm forgetting. And overall, they did really well at each of those places. BUT, it's never fun to take them to these stores. Some trips are easier than others, but for the most part it's stressful and hard work. Layton yells about being in the buggy, Austin touches everything, the big boys fight over who is going to stand/walk where, all 3 of them are too loud, all 3 of them want to touch things, someone gets crazy, someone gets mad, someone gets in trouble. I count it a success to get everyone in and out without a meltdown or public display of crazy. For the most part they really do a great job for me, but they're 7, 4 and a half, and 2. It's not easy for them or for me. So in Walmart, our last trip of the week, after being in there quite a while and everyone doing okay, things started to get a little crazy. Not terrible but enough for me to just want to cry. Seriously. I just didn't have the energy or positive attitude to make it through. I was defeated and tired and ready to give up. And then, just around the corner I saw another mom... with 3 boys.... and God said, you can do this. You can make it through Walmart. I'm encouraging you right now. You are not alone. She was an angel. We smiled, shared a knowing glance, and I said, oh you have 3 boys too! And she yes, and we're all still alive! =) It was just the push I needed to make it through. God's grace always finds me just where I am, just when I need it. It was the smallest, simplest thing but exactly what I needed. 

This weekend is all about family time and a housewarming party! We're looking forward a fun one. =) Happy Friday!!