Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was a super productive one! Plus pretty fun with some extra rest too. The best mixture for a weekend. =)

Friday afternoon while I was cleaning bathrooms and laminating more stuff for school, Layton was supposed to be napping. Instead he was skipping his nap and reading....... and reading and reading.

Then, an hour later...... still reading. Just browsing his bookcase for another good book. Haha! He "read" for his entire nap time! At least he chose a quiet activity. Ha! I wasn't a fan of him skipping his nap, but I did love the all the reading he did. =)

Terrell brought take-out home for us on Friday night and afterwards we all got comfy and ready for soccer night. =) Instead of movie night we decided to watch Atlanta United and have a soccer night complete with popcorn and snacks. The boys don't love watching soccer as much as other sports but Terrell and I are WAY into it and love it! So the boys played a little, watched a little, and enjoyed their popcorn/snack bowls a lot. =) 

Then this happened..... #Bailey'sfavoriteboy

She loves popcorn and Layton didn't mind sharing. Haha.

On Saturday morning I woke up early and set out with one last list for my classroom in hand. In case you didn't know, or you forgot like I sort of did, teachers spend a small fortune on their classrooms! #wowzers But it's an exciting and worthwhile investment! I *think* I have everything I need now! It's not all laminated and ready to go just yet... but most of it is! YAY! I didn't take one single picture on Saturday morning because I was on a mission. Ha. The boys were home with Terrell and I was shopping at record speed. It was a fun morning for me. =)

Saturday evening we went out to eat for AnAn's birthday! We had a delicious meal together at one of our fave restaurants before heading back to my parents' house for cake, ice cream, and presents. 3 tens and 2 ones worth of candles for the birthday girl! =)

We had a fun night and great time celebrating with AnAn!

Sunday morning the boys and I set off to church for the first hour before heading home to get a start on our to-do list that was about a mile long. That's why Terrell missed church. Sigh. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

Sunday afternoon I finished cleaning the house top to bottom. Maybe it will stay that way for a while now! Then it was time to head out to the annual Prayer Walk for our schools. Love our hometown, our church, and our school system! Such a blessing to be able to do this each year. And, God gave us a rainbow right in the middle of it. We enjoyed praying over both our primary and elementary schools as a family and don't take it for granted that we're allowed and encouraged to do so!

Last night we let the boys sleep together again and they did great. This may become a more regular thing in the future. It's definitely being requested a ton by Layton Thomas. =)

And after getting the boys to bed and all of my school items organized, we loaded up my car to be ready for today. My first day of preplanning! #hopeI'mready #eeeeeeeeeek!

I'm both excited and nervous about today... and this week.... and this year. Ha! But I'm trusting in God's plan and know that this is where He has me and where I'm supposed to be. 

I hope to be back later this week with our summer in review. =) Have a great Monday!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites: My Last Week of Summer Edition

My last week of summer has been a busy one! We filled it up with some last minute errands, fun, and a head start on my classroom. We've enjoyed this summer lots. And even though I start work on Monday, I'm glad my kiddos have a few more summer days to enjoy. =)

Here are my favorites from my last week of summer...

*On Monday my mother-in-law kept the boys all day long for me so that I could spend the entire day working in my classroom. And with the help of my mom and sister, I got a ton done!! YAY!!!! Even Terrell stopped by to help and take me to lunch. =)

*Anna has been an AMAZING help to me preparing for PreK and getting my room set up. I would be lost without her help and expertise from her own PreK days. I'm not sure what I would've done without her! And my mom came in this week and cleaned my whole room and helped sort and organize and set-up. Plus Frankie cleaned my big classroom rugs for me and Terrell's mom watched the boys for the whole day on Monday. It has been a total team effort from the best family ever. I am so thankful for everyone's support and so excited about my new adventure. I still have a lot to do but it's coming together quickly now! 

*On Tuesday Piper came over for a play date so her mama could actually go and work in her own classroom instead of her Aunt Meg's. =) The boys had the best time with Baby Girl. 

*They all fit in the tent together. Haha.

*It was a fun lunch having another girl with me. =)

*Tuesday afternoon I made another freezer meal for us to enjoy once school starts back and last night we froze leftovers of our poppyseed chicken. That brings us to 8! So hopefully my family won't go hungry once I go back to work. #ImaynotcookinAugust Ha!

*Tuesday is also the day this sweet baby boy was born!! And I got to go visit him and hold him Tuesday evening! Squeal!! His mom is one of my very best friends and this little guy has 2 older brothers and 1 big sister to show him the ropes as he grows. The Swatts Party of 6 is an always favorite!

*Wednesday we made one last trip to swim at Mrs. Debbie's pool. We are so thankful she offered it to us again this summer! We've enjoyed our weekly visits this month! We can't wait to have our very own next summer! #soooooexcited!!

*These handsome boys got their back to school haircuts this week. =) 

*They also enjoyed a sleepover together that turned out super fun and peaceful. They drive me crazy and melt my heart every single day. =)

*Last night the boys got in another game of indoor baseball with daddy. This has been a huge favorite this summer. Terrell lets the big boys pitch to Layton (who last night decided to wear his little oven mitt as a glove. Hahaha.) and Terrell pitches to the big boys. They LOVE playing and have so much fun trying to beat Terrell. It's also a great incentive to clean up the playroom every time they want to play. =) A win-win!

This morning we're going to tackle just a couple more errands before we come home and spend the rest of the day playing. Well, the boys will play and I will probably try to clean. I know I'll feel better heading into Monday knowing my house is clean! This weekend we're looking forward to celebrating AnAn's birthday and enjoying lots of family time before the beginning of a brand new normal begins on Monday. So thankful for summer and so thankful for my new job! Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Big Summer Weekend

Before school starts back we like to do one last big outing and/or weekend for the kids and this weekend turned out to be it! We decided on White Water since we have season passes and the weather was supposed to cooperate (this is the rainiest summer I can remember in a while!). And I must say that being able to do things as a family with everyone being included is my FAVORITE! The last time we went to White Water Layton was only 17 months old and just too little to go, so this time was so special. I love being able to do things as a family of 5 that we all enjoy!!

We got there well before it opened and enjoyed little to no crowds on Saturday morning. It was perfect! 

We set up camp here because all 3 boys can play in this area but we ventured out to the other kiddie sections too. Layton was super apprehensive at first and only wanted to be carried in the water and was afraid to slide or climb on anything for a while, but as the day went on he became more and more comfortable and loved it as much as his brothers!

The big boys did the kiddie slides right away and I even got Layton to go down once with me. Afterwards they found their favorite things to do and sort of hung out in the same places. 

We also rode Runaway River as a family! Terrell, Garrison, and I loved it. Our littles weren't huge fans though. Ha! Austin isn't a thrill seeker and doesn't care for "adventuresome" rides and Layton got a little scared from the pitch black tunnels and going under the waterfalls. Still, I love family rides and this one was super fun! I don't think anybody was scarred and we made a deal with Austin that he'd only have to ride it once, so that's all we did. =) 

After the big family ride the boys went back to the main area where we hung out and had a ball. They did all the slides and had all the fun.

Layton enjoyed himself lots too. 

I was able to get some action shots of the big boys coming off the slides!

Layton even tried out a slide in this section by himself before me and him moved to a different little area.

And this is probably where Layton had the most fun. He did several slides and had a blast. Even Garrison and Austin came over and played several times!

We also did the lazy river twice and enjoyed that too. It was such a fun day together. Around 3:30 everyone cleared out because of the weather pattern heading our way and everyone had to leave the water anyway, so it turned out to be pretty perfect for us. It was a full day of good times. =)

On Sunday after church and rest time we surprised the boys with fro-yo before taking them to buy new shoes for school and making a quick trip to Walmart. 

Then the boys got to pick where we ate for supper and they chose Taco Bell. =) They even got to sit by themselves while Terrell and I had a mini date. Haha! 

For the last bit of our way home we rolled down all the windows (because the backseat drama was rising) and they LOVED it. Hahaha! It really is the littlest, simplest things sometimes. =) Their faces are priceless. I'm glad I snapped a quick picture.

We had a great big summer weekend!!

This week we're soaking up mama's last week of summer and starting to gear up for back to school. Ready or not, it's coming soon! Happy Tuesday! 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites: Summer Lovin' Edition

This week has been another great one. Summer lovin' is awesome. =) The boys are playing together sooo well (and it is the BEST!), we have had the perfect mix of fun at home, fun away, plenty of downtime, and we've even been a little productive this week. We are enjoying our last weeks of summer big time!!

Here are my favorite happenings from our week of summer lovin'...

*Last Friday while the boys were with Nana and Pops, I got to have a girls day out! #happydance We went to the teacher store (squeal!!!), out to lunch, and to Walmart. =) It was so much fun! I seriously can't remember the last time I got away with just the girls. It had been YEARS. Way overdue. We had the best time!!

*On Saturday we got to go pick up our boys and were so excited to be reunited!! They had soooo much fun with their grandparents and cousins! But they were still super excited to see us and glad to be home. =) It was pretty special hearing about all the fun things they did and what a great time they had. They are blessed with 2 amazing sets of grandparents.

*On Monday we had a big play date with some of our favorite friends... one of my best friend's kiddos! We added another 8 year old, another 5.5 year old, and another 3 year old to the mix! Haha!! #doublethekiddos #doublethefun They had so much fun playing together and did great. They stayed together as a whole group for stretches and then paired off by age at times too. Their mama is about to have baby #4 and baby BOY #3. I am so excited! And love that our babies are growing up together!

*Spinning contests have been a big thing this week.... and all summer. Ha! #thesummerofthefidgetspinner

*On an overcast morning with no plans I decided to take the boys on a walk... a walk for me and a ride for them. Something they love and request often. It was humid and we got sweaty but it was bearable and fun. Yay! 

*We also did a little front porch rocking this week. Terrell cleaned our rocking chairs and we found some pillows on clearance that will fit just about every season. Maybe we'll enjoy our front porch a little more come Fall and lower temps. =)

*Bubble bath fun! 

*We went swimming again this week! And Austin is doing great!! 

*Impromptu movie night. #summerlovin'. =)

*Ready to tackle school supply shopping with my guys! (I like to go early when there are no crowds and I prefer Target for our supplies. We practically had the back to school section to ourselves. Woohoo!)

*We did it!! It took a sweet forever to find supplies for 3 kiddos this year (a first for us... Layton is starting preschool this year) but we did it! The boys were very well behaved and excited to help out with finding and putting their very own supplies in the buggy. =) And we found all but 3 things from our lists. I'm calling it a huge success.

This weekend we're planning for our last big outing of the summer. We like to do something super fun before school starts back and we're crazy busy with weekends filling up fast. So hopefully our plans will work out for this weekend. Next week is my last week of summer and the following week is the boys. It's right around the corner! Eeeeek!!!! Happy Friday! Have a great summer weekend!