Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed one of our most laid back trips ever to the Pumpkin Patch! And we've been going almost every year for 9 years! I love this tradition. ☺

We went late Saturday afternoon so we could let Layton take a nap and hopefully avoid a super cranky 3 year old come time for our Georgia party later that night. And our plan worked! Layton got in a good nap and then we were off to our local farm/pumpkin patch for the rest of the afternoon. We stayed until closing time and had tons of fun. Plus relaxed! It was one of our best visits!

These 3 keep growing bigger and bigger every time we go. They are practically full grown now. Waaaahhhhh! 

Look at these sweet babies from back in 2014. Our first Fall back in Bville and our first visit to Twin Oaks Fun Farm. Be still my heart. 

And here they are in 2015. Thank goodness for the blog. It's the BEST having these memories to look back on and read about. 

Saturday afternoon was pretty amazing. It was a little overcast so the temps were pleasant and there weren't many people there so it was easy to do whatever we wanted and just hang out. It was a super fun trip!

They were troopers about the pictures. Every year we remind them we have to take lots of pictures and then they can do whatever they want and this year they just went along with it, easy-peasy, no big deal. #itwasamazing ☺

Mama and her boys

Daddy and his boys

The first thing they wanted to do after making pictures was enjoy the mega playground area. Playing on this is always a big highlight of their trip. 

We even got in some swing time while the boys played. It was so nice! 

The corn house is a big favorite too! 

After tons of fun playing in the corn and a little more time back on the playground they were ready to go feed the animals. Layton let the goats eat right out of his hand!

So did Garrison!

Austin is a little more like his mama and would rather be on the safe side... or the clean side.... either way, I'm with him. Haha!

After feeding the animals they wanted to try "fishing" for goldfish. #whyyyy? But daddy let them and they persisted. They wanted 3 but settled for 2. Terrell caught them both and the boys wanted them to live in Granna and Papa's fish pond. So that was our first stop after leaving. Next year they can fish if they want to but we aren't keeping any! Haha!

We picked out our family pumpkin while we were there and the boys chose a mini pumpkin to paint later. 

We went on a fun hayride (which may have been the highlight of the trip for Layton.... he has now requested a big tractor like the one that pulled us on the hayride for his birthday, hahaha), then the big boys played corn hole with Terrell while I watched Layton on the playground and then everybody ended up back on the playground and we had the whole thing to ourselves. It was such a fun and laid back trip. We all had a great time. Even though I have to force the tradition at times or can be a big hassle figuring out when to go, it always turns out fun and definitely worth it. 

We're all looking forward to carving our pumpkin, painting the mini pumpkins, and gearing up for Halloween! Happy Fall Y'all! ☺

Pumpkin Patch Past:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty great weekend and wrap up to our Fall Break. So thankful for our time off and special outings!

We kicked off our weekend fun on Friday with a trip to Stone Mountain. We had planned the trip to be a late afternoon and evening outing after Terrell finished work for the day but they closed at 5 so we made it a day trip instead. And since Terrell had to work, Granna came along! We enjoyed their pumpkin characters and all the features Stone Mountain has to offer. It was a fun Friday for sure. ☺

Recognize the Toy Story characters?? So cute!

We started the day at the Dinosaur exhibit per Layton's request. 

We are big fans of all the dinosaurs. 

After walking through all the dinosaurs the boys had a blast in the "Dinotorium". We were 1 of maybe 2 or 3 families so it was super laid back and easy. 

Next we rode to the top of the mountain! And it was shockingly cold and rainy at the top!!

We were definitely in the clouds! Plus cold and wet so we didn't stay long. Haha.

But we all enjoyed the gondola rides up and down. ☺

Layton finally got his train ride! He was thrilled!

The mini golf course was closed so after the train ride the boys did the mini ropes course before we called it a day. We had a great time. 

While we were there Austin and Layton spotted the superhero pumpkins and requested to have their pictures made with them. Super impressive and cool! This one is Thor...

Captain America!

Iron Man!

And The Hulk! ☺We were hot, sweaty, and tired by the time we left. Other than a long, traffic-filled drive home that made the boys crazy ill and hungry, it was an awesome day. ☺

Saturday morning we resumed soccer and all 3 boys had games! My soccer players sure are cute. 

My favorite numbers on the field! I love watching them play.

And I wore my new favorite shirt to their games. Terrell and the boys got it for me for my birthday and it's perfect. #allthehearteyes

On Saturday after soccer, lunch, and rest time we made our annual visit to the Pumpkin Patch! We had a great time. I'm going to blog about our trip later this week. ☺

After getting home, taking showers, and getting into pjs, we settled in for our very own little Georgia party. The big boys asked earlier in the week if they could stay up late on Saturday night for the UGA game so we decided to make a special night of it. We ate in the basement picnic style, had DQ ice cream for dessert, and let the big boys stay up until halftime.... which was past 9:00. They were thrilled but so tired. ☺

Layton gave out a little earlier so I put him to bed before halftime, but it was a fun night that we'll definitely plan to do again. While Terrell watched the 2nd half, I picked out and ironed all of my clothes for the work week. Then I crashed. Go Dawgs! Haha.  

Sunday morning and ready for church!

And the silly picture they requested. Hahaha.

The Selph 5. #oneofmyfavoritefamilyselfies

After church and lunch I bought groceries and spent the afternoon making lunches for the week (Monday-Thursday only because Fridays are lunchables day) and doing chores like laundry, dusting, and vacuuming. It wasn't exactly restful but it was needed before heading back to the normal routine today.

We have a crazy week ahead of us. Sigh. Lots of extra we aren't used to like meetings, appointments, and getting home later than normal, plus soccer and the regular school week routine. I'm a little overwhelmed already but praying we can all handle it well and enjoy our first week back. The holidays are right around the corner and it's a fun time of year! And yay for Fall temps arriving this week!! ☺

Have a great Monday!