Monday, December 11, 2017

Catching Up

Merry Christmas! I feel like I've been "away" for months. Haha. But I'm back among the living and I'm pretty sure I survived the 2 most busy and pressure-filled weeks of my school year in addition to a horrible stomach bug. It wasn't fun, (or pretty!), but I survived and didn't let it totally steal my joy. Although I've definitely experienced a pity party or two over not being able to shop during the week, wrap presents during nap time, and just generally enjoy Christmas time quite yet simply because I've either been working nonstop (literally not stopping except for food and sleep... I've felt like a college student cramming for finals... except minus the studying and inserting the working) OR because I've been terribly sick. This is the most I've missed my stay at home days this entire school year. So that's been hard. #tears #andalittlemoretears 

So. What I'm trying to say is, it's been a 2 weeks. Phew. Thankfully we're all good now and things have somewhat returned to normal. I've been able to catch my breath with school (conferences are winding down, lesson plans are done, party plans have been made, student crafts are almost complete, student gifts are almost ready, and I'm no longer drowning in all the things that have to be done) and that means I'm a little more relaxed here at home... which means I can actually ENJOY the season. YAY. And Christmas Break is right around the corner. Woohoo!!

So now for some catching up. I managed a few pictures over the past 2 weeks. Here's to more fun, pictures, and relaxing to come!

I'm pretty sure this was Thanksgiving afternoon sometime. All the grands love nothing more than running free as fast as they can through Granna and Papa's front yard. Haha. 

This was the day after Thanksgiving when we all loaded up in Terrell's truck to go pick out our Christmas tree. (I have a post coming on the adventure of the Selph Family Tree this year.)

Later that night on the day after Thanksgiving we were invited back over to eat leftovers at my parents' house and these cousins were super sweet watching a little Christmas movie together. And the food was ah-mazing once again.

On November 30th we wrapped up our month of gratitude and thankful lists for 2017. The boys really enjoy doing this every year. They always remind me if I forget to ask them what they're thankful for and it helps us all to be intentional about thankfulness. Their lists are completely unedited and always thoughtful, interesting, and a little entertaining. ☺

I managed to get away from the computer one night a couple of weeks ago to watch our first Christmas movie of the season with my guys. Rudolph is pretty popular at our house. I think Layton might be his number 1 fan! 

These two were snuggled up right beside me and hanging on every word and scene. 

As soon as Granna got out her Christmas decorations, the littlest grands were smitten while they waited on their mamas to get home from school.  

We pulled out our Christmas pillow cases last week!! #lovelanguage

Piper with her favorite decoration at her house. Hahaha! It's one of our faves too!

On last Saturday morning I was swamped with tons to do and feeling down and overwhelmed and I didn't have any of my Christmas lights on at all. Gasp! Terrell will tell you that isn't like me at all. I'm fan of every Christmas light being on 24-7. Ha! I was just in a fog and my brain was on overload and I was feeling super blah. So Terrell took the boys to his parents' house so I could have the house to myself. And I finally snapped out of it and turned on all my lights AND Christmas music to enjoy while I worked. And it really helped and gave me the push I needed to press on. His grace is always there. #allthepraisehands

Once I finally returned to school last week after being horribly sick I got to see this cutie on the wall outside of his classroom. My favorite Kindergartner dressed as Rudolph!!

On Friday night we managed a Game Night by the tree. #allthehearteyes The boys loved it and mama's heart was full. 

On Saturday morning it snowed at our house!! We weren't even expecting it so it was a super cool surprise! It didn't stick but we absolutely LOVED watching the huge snowflakes fall. Soooo pretty and special to have in December at Christmas time!!

The north Georgia mountains where my aunt and uncle live got tons of snow. Their house looks like something from a Hallmark movie.

The pictures they sent were beautiful! They ended up with 11 inches. I'm calling that a white Christmas! ☺

And last but not least, here's an updated look at our new deck. Squeal!! We are so excited. In fact, later today big, BIG things are happening in our backyard! We've been waiting for years and the time is finally here. #wooooohoooooo #gettingourswimsuitsready

I'm hoping to have our Christmas tree recap ready this week. Why must it always be such a roller coaster?! Haha! I can laugh now. Gracious. Have a happy Monday!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 was sweet and special. Plus super delicious and tasty! We had a great time celebrating with both of our families and enjoyed all the food, fun, and family time. It was full day of giving thanks and enjoying our blessings. His faithfulness and grace are abundant!

We started the day pretty early by dropping off a super simple dish at my parents' house and then posing for our annual party of 5 Thanksgiving Day family photo. ☺

My babies are growing so fast. And it's so bittersweet! 

Thanksgiving 2016... 


And Layton's first, 2014....

While we were there we were able to check out the massive turkey. The boys were super impressed.... and maybe a little weird-ed out. Ha! They've never seen one like this before since it's always carved by the time we partake of it. It was soo good!

We quickly headed over to Terrell's parents' house Thanksgiving morning after the quick stop by Granna's and Papa's. This year Terrell's sister and her fam were here so we enjoyed the first half of the day with them. We watched the parade together, the kids played a ton, and then we ate a delicious meal prepared by my mother-in-law. Everything was amazing!

I remembered to snap this picture of the kiddos while they got ready for dessert!

After we were all stuffed and most of the mess was cleared away the cousins wanted to go outside. It was chilly but a really pretty day. They had a ball playing together.

Then we decided to attempt a Thanksgiving Day family selfie and I love how it turned out! So thankful for each and every member!!

 Around 3:00 or so we headed over to my parents' house where they host an all day feast. ☺ Most of the family comes for lunch but my aunt and uncle typically stay for supper and so does our family of 5 and Anna's family. Even though I didn't get to see the spread in person, Anna grabbed these pictures for me. YUM!! There is a ton of food and everything is pretty much perfect. It's definitely my favorite meal of the year. 

My boys with Granna and Papa.... 

The best examples of hosting and generosity I know. They have set the bar HIGH. 

The boys enjoyed a little more dessert and some time with their cousins inside before changing into play clothes and spending the rest of the afternoon outside. 

They had so much fun. And then we enjoyed another amazing meal and quality time with family. It was a blessed day we are so thankful for. 

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
    and his courts with praise;
    give thanks to him and praise his name.

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;

    his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:4-5

Monday, November 27, 2017

Pre-Thanksgiving Fun

I am finally ready to post some festive updates! Yay!! Modern technology is a perk I really appreciate!! ☺

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving Break so much. It was really fun with some crazy mixed in too. But before we even kicked off our break (way back on Friday the 17th), I got to go watch my sweet little man in his Thanksgiving program at school. It was the cutest thing ever and I smiled the whole time! Layton did great!! I was SO proud of him. 

My little pilgrim with his letter I. His class held up the letters to spell the word Thanksgiving and they all had a speaking part. Layton's line was "I is for ice cream on top of the pie!" He said it loud and clear and did sooo good! 


After the program everyone went to the gym for their feast. It was so cute. 

My favorite little pilgrim. ☺ I was so thankful to get away from school to go watch my baby. It was the sweetest, cutest program. Big thanks to Granna and Piper for coming too and taking this pilgrim home with them.

On Friday night and Saturday we enjoyed lots of Christmas decorating. I was so busy, (and tired!), that I completely forgot pictures. Terrell made this one because Layton was so proud of his tree. He has been so excited about Christmas and his joy is just contagious! We are looking forward to the season big time!!

Then on last Sunday afternoon we surprised the boys with one more trip to Six Flags using our season passes. We really wanted to experience "Holiday in the Park" so we made it happen even though it was super chilly. We had fun, enjoyed the lights, decor, music, and rides, and made lots of memories. It was a cold, kinda short, successful surprise outing!

Our routine the past couple of times we've gone to Six Flags is for Garrison and Terrell to go ride a roller coaster while I take these 2 to Boomtown. 

Once we met back up with Terrell and Garrison and they all 3 rode some things together they wanted to play on the big playground that we usually skip over. They loved it.

3 Selph boys plus Porky Pig. ☺

Layton requested his picture with this Christmas tree. #lovehim

We usually ride the old fashion cars back to back trading off drivers and I finally got to enjoy a front seat ride with my biggest. ☺

And then we got to see daddy driving the brothers. Haha! When they left I'm pretty sure there was a different driver!

I am still cracking up at this picture!

We all rode the hot air balloons and froze as we flew through the air. Ha.

Carousel fun!

My favorite display. 

Our very last ride was Layton's favorite.... the choo choo train! It was cold and the big boys were ready to be done and get warm but we enjoyed our ride and loved seeing all the lights. 

It was a fun trip that we topped off with Waffle House for supper on the way home. ☺

We slept in on Monday and got ready for our new septic system to be installed.... which meant our backyard was under construction! Our pool is coming soon!!!

On Tuesday we pulled off a super fun birthday party for my Granny! She did really good at her party and blew out all of her candles, which represented 89 years! It was a special night with family. We sure are thankful for her!

And to wrap up our pre-Thanksgiving fun, we went our town's illumination celebration on Thanksgiving Eve! We hadn't been since Austin was a baby but made the effort to go this year. Our town is just one of a kind-special. We had a fun night ringing in the Christmas season. 

Phew. It was a full week but we enjoyed it lots! Next up, Thanksgiving! Praying we can all get back into the swing of things today and enjoy our school days leading up to Christmas. Happy Monday!