Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Recap: Field Day, Pumpkin Carving, and Birthdays!

Our weekend kicked off a little early because Layton and I were able to enjoy part of Austin's Field Day with him and his class. He had SO much fun. They started on our big football field and Austin Selph was in heaven. He had a ball and I'm pretty sure he loved every second of his day.

Layton even got to participate in a little obstacle course. =)

I signed the big boys out early Friday afternoon and then we officially kicked off our weekend. 

Friday night we got take-out before starting on Pumpkin Carving 2016!! The big boys were in pjs and it was dark and a little late but we did it! And it was possibly our WILDEST pumpkin carving to date, and we've had some wild ones, but the Selph Family jack-o-lantern is officially complete, in place, and ready to welcome trick-or-treaters tonight! Phew. =) 

Garrison designed our face this year and it turned out super cool. He wanted something spooky so he drew the face on a sheet of paper for me and then I put it on the pumpkin. 

The boys were all helpful cleaning out the totally crazy and wound up...

Layton even helped a little this year. And Austin actually used his hands once or twice!!

They had so much fun they almost lost their minds with excitement. Next year we have to move the pumpkin carving party inside. I'm convinced that being outside just adds to the crazy. Ha. (Garrison still remains the most helpful cleaning out the pumpkin. =))

They usually get a little bored during the actual carving, but again I'm thinking that has a lot to do with being outside and having space and toys at their disposable. They do always check in though and become more and more watchful as the jack-o-lantern becomes complete. =)

Here you have it! The Selph Family Jack-O-Lantern 2016!!

It turned out spooky and perfect and we all survived our wildest pumpkin carving yet! Even though we had some stressful moments, I love this tradition and making these memories with my boys. 

Saturday morning after soccer games for the big boys it was time to go and celebrate Piper's 1st Birthday!! 

Anna went with Piper's nursery colors and everything turned out precious. As soon as I walked in I was welcomed by sweetness and all things Baby Girl. Everything was perfect. 

This sweet girl was the cutest ever!!!! We had so much fun celebrating with her!

The proud parents fed everyone chili and hot dogs before letting Piper open her presents and then doing cake. It was a full morning for the birthday girl!

This picture is so sweet to me. Piper was a little tired and possibly overwhelmed with attention and a huge mob singing Happy Birthday to her (hahaha), but her cake and candle really got her attention. 

She wasn't sure what to think about the cake but finally decided she wasn't too impressed. Ha! We know she was mainly just tired though because this girl rarely turns down a little dessert! =)

We had so much fun partying and celebrating with our most favorite 1 year old!! I know she enjoyed her party and will especially enjoy all her new goodies. She is one loved Baby Girl! (And here's a little flashback to the day she was born.=))

Saturday afternoon the boys watched football and played while I tried to clean the house a little, and then it was time for my girls night! We had such a great time and I am so thankful we managed to squeeze in a last minute date! Talking, laughing, sharing, and eating with my besties is the best!!

Then on yesterday we celebrated Papa's birthday! We went out to lunch after church and enjoyed a delicious meal together before spending the rest of the afternoon at my parents' house. 

 Papa even spent part of his birthday playing football with the big boys. =)

#foreveryoung =)

We wrapped up our Sunday watching the Falcons beat the Packers!! Wooohooo!!! The whole fam celebrated the victory with cheering, high-fiving, jumping around, and exhaling. Hahaha. 

We had a GREAT weekend and loved all of our fun family time and sweet memories made! Now we are all super excited about today... fun at school, supper with family at Granna's and Papa's, and then TRICK-OR-TREAT time!! 


Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites: Fall Fun Edition!

This week has been a full one! We've enjoyed lots of Fall fun and have even more fun planned for this weekend. October is one of favorites. =) 

Here are my faves from our week...

*But first my favorite of the MONTH! Going back to last Friday Terrell Selph TOTALLY surprised me by having flowers sent to me AT SCHOOL!!! Be still my heart! I smiled all the way back to my room carrying these beauties and was possibly beaming. I was soooo surprised and thankful and loved. =) And of course I was the envy of every girl around. Just because flowers are possibly the sweetest!!

*Last Friday afternoon we also had our very first official play dates and they were both huge successes and so much fun for my big boys! One of Austin's very best friends from school came to our house after school and played in the playroom, played school, ate a snack, played outside, and just had so much fun together...

While Garrison went home with one of his best friends and traded lots of Pokemon cards and loved every second of hanging out and playing with not only his friend, but his friend's big brothers. Our first play dates went awesome. =)

*Saturday morning was cold here with temps in the low 40s so we pulled out our robes. This little man was the cutest thing ever when he came downstairs! =)

*I'm biased of course but these 3 were all pretty adorable. And we are so thankful it's actually cool here in the mornings now!

*Sunday right after church, Garrison and Austin hit the road with Nana and Pops to go watch their cousin perform in a play. Allison was a sea creature in The Little Mermaid and our big boys were super impressed. They loved the play!

*This little love spent the morning with us on Monday and enjoyed rocking on our little horse. Plus exploring. =) Baby Girl is on the move and it won't be long before she's walking!

*Layton and I have had some shopping to do this week to get ready for this weekend and both days my shopping buddy fell asleep in the car. Shopping can definitely be exhausting. =)

*Austin with his adorable little bestie on Career Day! (We couldn't pull off anything for Career Day last minute...the boys didn't seem to mind though. Phew.)

*We pulled out our sensory bin multiple times this week...

*This one is Fall themed and perfect. 

*Garrison Cade was Student of the Month for his class for October! Super proud of him and his awesome 2nd grade year so far!

*We voted this week! And Layton documented the occasion by taking our selfie. It was his first time to visit the polls with mama (that I can remember) and he did great! Please go vote!!

*My Nanny gave this Radio Flyer tricycle to Garrison for Christmas the year before he turned 2 and it's been passed down to every boy. I think Layton loves it the most and is the best at pedaling, steering, and riding. 

*Speaking of pedaling, steering, and riding.... our biggest learned how to ride a bike this week!! Finally! Yaaaaay!!!

 He has never shown a real interest in learning to ride without training wheels and has pretty much always chosen other things to do and play outside, soooo we've never pushed it or really had the time to.... until this week when his best bud learned to ride. That was all it took for him to be interested and motivated! After 2 days of practice he got it down with the help of Papa! We are thrilled!! He's still getting the hang of it but doing great! Wooohooo!

*Our church hosted a big community-wide Fall Festival Wednesday night and the Selph fam had a ball. =) Layton wasn't a fan of the hay but I promise he loved every second of the Fall Festival. Ha! There was a HUGE turn out and it got a little stressful trying to keep up with 3 but it was so much fun for them it was totally worth it. 

*Piper even got to ride the cow train with Garrison! She loved it and was absolutely adorable!!

*I think this was a favorite for everybody. #pluscandy

*Piper Caroline turned 1 yesterday!! The year has flown by and we have all loved watching her grow!! Having a baby girl in the fam sure has been sweet. =) We can't wait to celebrate with her on tomorrow! 

*Fall Field Day with the PTO and my biggest on yesterday was lots of fun! Plus exhausting. Haha. I was worn out yesterday afternoon! He was paying me for his grab bag and candy when his teacher made this picture. 

*These 2 loved Field Day! Today I do it all over again with Austin. =)

Favorite Read of the Week: I Was Perpetually Angry Until Joy Became My Goal. This is so good! I'm definitely guilty of having everything and wanting more. I'm also guilty of being overwhelmed with soccer or parenting or life and wearing a scowl because of it. But this post goes right along with my theme for the year of being joyful and choosing joy and a good attitude. Even though I haven't always chosen joy or a good attitude this year, I know I've been more intentional about it and this read was such a great reminder for me. Joy is a great goal. 

This weekend is going to be full of more Fall fun! We're kicking things off today with Austin's Field Day, carving our pumpkin tonight, playing 2 soccer games in the morning, celebrating Piper's birthday at her party after soccer, watching college football, a girls night for mama, church on Sunday, and then celebrating Papa's birthday after church. =) We are looking forward to all of our pre-Halloween fun!! Happy Friday!