Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Baby!

I am so excited and thrilled to announce the birth of my precious niece Piper Caroline O'Mary!! She's an October Baby after all!!

She made her appearance yesterday morning via c-section at 10:18 AM. She weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. She is absolutely perfect and I'm so excited she is finally here!!

Shortly after I hit publish on my pumpkin carving blog post, I got a call that they'd be going into the hospital that evening. Anna had a doctor's appointment Monday afternoon and her doctor decided she was ready! They knew they probably wouldn't meet their sweet girl until sometime after midnight and that her birthday would most likely be October 27th. And this just so happens to be the day my mom predicted as her birthday! SO crazy!!! Haha!

After reaching a stand still with progress in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday and realizing she was probably face up and not moving down anymore, they decided a c-section was best. Thankfully I was able to be there and me and my parents got to see her right after she was born. Frankie brought her out to us and we were all immediately smitten. We are praising God for this priceless blessing and her safe delivery!

After watching her get her first bath and seeing her weighed and measured, I had to rush to head to Garrison's school for his Student of the Month lunch. It turned out to be a wild and crazy day! I think I'll always remember the day she was born... probably the week she was born. =) After finishing up lunch and signing Garrison out and getting him home where my mother-in-law was holding down the fort, I got to go back to the hospital to hold sweet Piper for the first time. And see Anna! She was sleepy and groggy but looked amazing! 

Mama and daughter!

Proud daddy. =) 

First family picture. O'Mary party of 3!!

My mom was there all night with Anna and Frankie. Grandbaby #4 and granddaughter #1! I think this makes Garrison the only grandchild Granna didn't have to stay up all night for. =)  

I'm totally and completely in love. I even got to swaddle her twice! Squeal!!! I told Terrell the fever isn't cured yet. =) I'm reminded that I'd rather not go through delivering another baby again (mamas everywhere are tougher than nails!), but hello, the BABY. How I could I not want another one of these?!? I'm hoping lots of time with this sweet girl will give me my fix. =) Terrell insists that it must. Haha. 

I'm hoping to have more pictures soon. I didn't get any of Piper with Papa because he had to leave the hospital with me shortly after she was born so he could go to work. My parents will be back at the hospital today and I'd love to take the boys but we have to make sure we're all healthy first. So we'll see. 

I do know for a fact the boys are already smitten with their new baby cousin. They love her pictures and want to feed her and hold her and see her. Garrison declared on yesterday that I needed to text AnAn and tell her Praise the Lord, God has given you this child. Melt my heart. I'm sure she'll have my boys wrapped around her little finger really soon. =) 

Congratulations AnAn and Frankie!!

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1

**HUGE THANKS to my mother-in-law, aka Nana, for spending the whole day at my house with my kiddos so I could be at the hospital when Piper was born, be at the school to have lunch with Garrison for Student of the Month, and then be back at the hospital for some quality time with Baby Girl. We are sooo appreciative and thankful!!

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