Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: Homecoming Week Edition

We've had a pretty good week back after Fall Break. It was hard waking up super early on Monday and trying to get back into the swing of things but it's always a bonus having Homecoming Week right after Fall Break. (Another major perk to living in a one high school small town.) And I can't even tell you the difference in my big boy this year going back to school after our first break of the year. No anxiety, tears, dread, complaining, NOTHING. We love 1st grade!!! =) God has blessed us with an amazing year so far and we are thanking Him often!

Here's a look at my faves from our Homecoming Week...

*Monday afternoon the boys got special Halloween cards in the mail from Granna and Papa complete with stickers and cash. Can you say love language?! 

*My littlest love decided to be my laundry helper this week. =)

*Austin asked to do our transportation graph this week. This is probably his favorite "school" activity ever. 

We eventually had to move to the table thanks to baby brother and we did lots of sorting, categorizing and classifying, and even made our own graph without the lines and numbers. Haha.

*The laundry basket has been popular this week! 

*I got really brave this week and took Austin, Layton, and Baby A to Storytime at the library. It was fun for the boys but a work out for me! Sooo, the jury is still out on whether we'll make this a regular thing or not. 

*I finished reading this book over the weekend and LOVED it. Their testimony is amazing! God is amazing!! The book has light and funny stories and deep and heavy stories. The way God brought them together and held them together is amazing. Their story is amazing. Obviously the whole thing is amazing. =) I definitely recommend it. 

*My biggest and my baby kicking the soccer ball around while their little (in Garrison's case) and big (in Layton's case) brother had practice. Being a soccer mom isn't always easy but I sure do love watching my boys play. It's one of my very favorite things!

The little, big brother practicing hard. =)

*The boys spent 2 mornings in a row before school decorating the pumpkins in their Halloween cards with jack-o-lantern stickers. They turned out adorable and this was the perfect early morning, pre-school Halloween activity.

*One morning while Baby A was still napping Austin asked to watched the Halloween episode of Mickey Mouse that he'd seen a preview for... and Layton decided to climb on the couch and watch a little too. This cozy little set-up lasted approximately 4 minutes before Layton became a blanket hog and lost interest in the show. Hahaha!

*Silly Sock Day! This was the best we could come up with. One royal blue baseball sock and one red. =)

*Pure concentration as he practiced those letter e's!

*Career Day cuteness!! He has officially decided he wants to be an animal explorer and/or ranger when he grows up. Animals, particularly wild animals, are a true passion of his right now. And just this week we've really seen his interest level and love of this type profession soar. And that's thanks to Career Day! We have loved watching his excitement grow and trying to answer his questions and just watching our baby learn more about what he wants to be when he grows up. 

His interests could change a LOT between now and him choosing his college major, but we also know sometimes your love and passion for things when you're little stay with you forever. No matter what we can't wait to watch him do something he loves!

*Favorite not pictured moment: Terrell got home from work a little early on Monday afternoon so he took all 3 boys to Garrison's soccer practice while I stayed home and cooked supper and had some quiet time. It was so needed and SO appreciated after a long Monday and first day back to our regular routine. Terrell Selph is the best!

This weekend is a pretty full one. We're planning to take our big boys to the Homecoming game tonight, we have 2 soccer games tomorrow plus our annual family pictures, and we're hoping to carve our pumpkin at some point. Annnnnd, we are officially on BABY WATCH!! This weekend should be exciting! =) Happy Friday!!

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