Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Carving!

Pumpkin carving 2015 is in the books! We enjoyed our It's Almost Halloween tradition last night and fun was had by all! This year's carving was a little unorganized and different than years past, but memories were made and the whole fam enjoyed watching daddy carve and seeing our pumpkin transform into a jack-o-lantern. =)

We decided to do it outside under the garage for the sake of our kitchen. Haha. It's a messy job and we thought cleaning and carving would be best outdoors. 3 little men gathered round and kept close watch once daddy got started. 

Garrison is always our most hands-on and enthusiastic assistant. He loves helping clean out the pumpkin and isn't afraid of the goo and mess.

Austin is a lot more hesitant and easily grossed out. I'm afraid he gets it from his mama. =)

Terrell scooped out 2-3 spoonfuls for Austin to throw away himself and then he was pretty much over it. Garrison needed no encouragement whatsoever as he was totally self-motivated and into the whole process. And Layton was just a curious observer this year.

This was totally staged. He wasn't that into it. Ha!

Once we got the pumpkin all cleaned out it was time for me to free-hand a jack-o-lantern face onto our pumpkin. We weren't prepared with a stencil and since the move over the summer we've misplaced our book of jack-o-lantern faces. So while I was bringing out my artistic skills... the boys ran around in the driveway and chased each other and played and totally lost interest. Haha. Which means daddy carved this year's pumpkin solo... With me as his main cheerleader.

The front porch was "base" so when I went looking for them I found them running down the sidewalk, Layton trying his best to keep up and play too. Daddy carved, the boys played, mama photographed. =)

Of course once they knew daddy was busy carving the face they had to stop to check in on things. Then they'd run around and play some more before coming back to check in. Terrell told me if we wanted them more involved next year we had to do it inside... and he's probably right. We weren't necessarily disappointed that they lost interest we just weren't expecting them to. The great outdoors are apparently just too tempting! Ha.

Ta-da!! Selph Family jack-o-lantern 2015!

Right after finishing we moved him to the front porch...

Later on I got a text from my sister telling me to move it down to the step because you couldn't see it good from the road. Haha!

We went outside before putting the big boys to bed to see it in the dark and we're all pretty smitten. Yay for another fun pumpkin carving and Fall tradition!!
 Pumpkin Carvings of the Past:

 ***We just knew our niece would make her appearance over the weekend... especially after finding out Anna was in early labor Thursday afternoon... and especially after a trip to the hospital Thursday night and into the wee hours of Friday morning. But, alas, no baby yet. She's comfy where she is for now. So the waiting continues. Will she be an October baby or a November baby? Will she have her first Halloween this year or next?? Oh so exciting!! Squeal!!!! I'll keep you posted. =)

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