Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites: Fall Break Edition!

We have had ourselves a pretty wonderful Fall Break. After our wild and totally crazy trip to the mountains to kick off our break, things really settled down and we have loved just about every minute of our extra time together. These school breaks are just the best and we sure have soaked this one up and made the most of it. Here's a look at my faves from our week...

*Tuesday was our extra day at home with daddy since we cut our trip a day short. It turned out just about perfect. We all slept late. All of us. =) Then we had a lazy morning and took our time getting ready and cleaned up the house and did some laundry before making some fun afternoon plans. We decided to take the boys bowling and then out to eat. #FamilyDateNight 

Layton was a curious and busy observer this go round. He loves any kind of ball so he was quite fascinated with the sport.

The big boys loved every second and they both won one game each and time ran out during the 3rd game which was a close one. Thank you Jesus. 

After bowling and a little shopping for Backpacks for Appalachia, we went out to Long Horn for supper. Such a treat! We had some money left on a gift card so we decided to go for it. And we had the best experience ever since there was no wait, we were seated in the spacious and awesome corner booth, we got our food quickly, and all the boys were happy and fed. Family Date Night was a huge success!

*Me and my boys after a successful shopping trip at our 2nd Old Navy store of the morning. Phew! The boys did awesome as we pressed on toward our goal of finding Garrison Cade a matching pair of jeans to his little brothers for family pictures coming up next weekend. Mission accomplished! So we celebrated with a selfie. Haha.

*The weather has been super nice this week so we've enjoyed lots of outside time. 
Boys and the need to dig. =) 

*While we were outside my Halloween garden flag made me smile. Especially the 3 little pumpkins... which represent my 3 little pumpkins. =)

*Garrison is a HUGE fan of Waffle House, and breakfast in general, and asked if we could go this week. So we did! Have I mentioned we love Fall Break? A breakfast date with my boys sure was yummy. We won't discuss the drama that occurred getting out the door of the house or in the door of the Waffle House or the threats mama had to make to ensure we kept the peace inside this fine establishment. In the end, it was all good and everyone enjoyed their special breakfast. =)

*Garrison also requested a craft this week and I decided to go with something simple and familiar. The big boys love the book/poem 5 Little Pumpkins so we made our very own. I cut out the pumpkin shapes for them but they drew on the faces, glued down their gates, and painted a full moon in the sky. Austin didn't like getting glue on his fingers so I had to assist him quite a bit but the finished products turned out cute and are now dry and proudly displayed on the fridge. 

 *More outside time with my guys in red. =)

*Garrison got the sweetest Halloween/I hope you're enjoying Fall Break card from his teacher. She motivates me to be a better teacher and I'm not even in the classroom at the moment. She is just amazing and  continues to impress us and our biggest. We are thanking the Lord for placing Garrison in her class this year. 

She also included this cute poem. Right up Garrison's alley. =)

*Favorite not pictured moment: Layton giving every member of the family a night night hug when it was time for me to put him to bed last night. Melt my heart. It's his new thing and I hope he keeps it up for a long, long time.

*Favorite read of the week: Hey I didn't know you were a Christian! This is a devotional by Missy Robertson that really spoke to me this week. Is my life showing others Jesus is Lord? Do people who don't know me that well see a difference in me? Am I loving others and helping others the way Jesus has called me to? It was a convicting read for me. I love her idea to pray for God to reveal someone who needs our help, to pray that God gives me an opportunity. You should definitely read it when you get a chance.

And I think this is officially the longest Friday Favorites ever. Haha!

We're looking forward to our weekend and lots of fun times wrapping up our break. We have birthday party plans with friends and then birthday party plans with family, and we're hoping we finally make it to the pumpkin patch. Happy Friday!!

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