Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites: It's Been a Long One

Whew! This week has been a long one. Reeally long. It's possible that Friday and the start of Fall Break have never looked so good. I am worn out from a crazy week flying solo. And every single day felt like it should be the next day. You know, Tuesday felt like Wednesday and then on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday all day, etc. Ugh, not my favorite. HOWEVER, I'm soooooo happy to report my hubby is home!!! It was a later arrival than we expected last night but we are just beyond THANKFUL to have him home!!

Here are my favorites from our longest week ever... =)

*Going way back to last Friday, I washed some clothes for my sister to help with baby prep and I must say it was pretty sweet having a laundry basket full of pink for the first time ever. Piper Caroline will be here before we know it!

*My birthday weekend was super fun and the highlight of the month so far. =) My littlest man was the cutest bulldog ever!

*Everyone singing to me and help from all my little men blowing out the candles was the best!! They looove celebrating birthdays and make them so fun. I hope they enjoy them this much for a long, long time. The big boys are already in deep discussions over whose birthday will be next, Piper or Papa. Haha! Papa's birthday isn't until October 30th, and after Anna's doctor's appointment on yesterday it looks like Piper might be next!

*Monday was long and tough. Terrell woke up and prepared to get on the road but received an email pretty early that the start time of his training had been delayed due to weather conditions in South Carolina. So he ended up going into work for half a day and then leaving Monday afternoon. We were so sad. Garrison took it the hardest and cried and cried. We all cried. For some reason we just all struggled with it big time. Finally we pulled ourselves together and prayed together for daddy and then decided on a game of chutes and ladders to help cheer us up. It didn't help a whole lot but at least it was a distraction.

*Soccer practice was cancelled on Monday night due to really wet fields so we made it an early night. An after bath train of the Selph boys put a smile on everybody's face. =)

*The main reason I've survived this week is thanks to this right here. Oh so thankful for God's grace! This has made a HUGE difference in our afternoons and evenings this week. HUGE I tell you. Thank you Jesus.

*My sweet boys made my birthday pretty special. I loved their adorable cards (Austin asked me to draw the hearts all over his for him to color =)) and I loved getting to celebrate with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law Tuesday night. It made the day fun even though Terrell couldn't be here.

*Superheroes before breakfast! 

*After my mom picked Garrison up for school and Layton woke up he decided to take over Batman's role. Love my superheroes!!

*The rain finally stopped! We were beginning to wonder when we'd ever see the sun again. Haha. So I loaded up the babies and Austin grabbed Bailey's leash and we walked around the neighborhood. It was so good to get out!

*Favorite not-pictured moment: Terrell arriving at the soccer fields last night during the 1st half of Garrison's game! We were all so happy to see him and so thankful for his safe trip!! Yesterday turned out totally crazy and I seriously thought I was going to just fall apart more than once. Thankfully my sweet mother-in-law came to my rescue and I survived all the craziness and unexpected twists and turns of the day without having a meltdown and full blown pity party. My knight in shining armor making it home last night was the best! 

I'm still pretty exhausted from the week but soo grateful to my boys' grandparents who all helped in some way or another while Terrell was out of town. They kept me sane this week and made sure my babies got to and from where they needed to be while I was working. My first 5 day work week in a year. Haha. Thanks so much Granna, Papa, Nana, and Pops!!

Now we are looking forward to kicking off Fall Break this afternoon and gearing up for our first ever family get-away on our own! I know our little trip won't be super relaxing or restful but I think getting away as a family and having a couple of extra days with daddy will be pretty special and memorable. And don't forget needed after this crazy week! So, so, soooo thankful for a break from the daily grind and normal routine...that kicks off this afternoon!! Happy Friday!!

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