Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites: Rain, Rain Go Away

This week has been rainy, dreary, cloudy, and pretty much totally gray. But we've had a good one! Other than being reeeally tired of the rain and overcast weather we've all enjoyed this week lots. I had a bonus day off, soccer was cancelled on Monday (a bonus night off), we've enjoyed the book fair all week, and Terrell and I have loved watching our shows every night! So despite the rain we've all had a good week. =) Here's a look at my favorite moments...

*This little man loves wearing anything from his big brothers' dress up box. Construction worker Layton was the cutest ever!

*On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the days Austin doesn't have school, I've started back with some "school time" of our own. Handwriting practice has been top priority this week. He's doing great learning to write his name by himself and we're practicing some other letters that aren't in his name too.  

*I pulled out all of our Halloween books this week! This has been a big time favorite for my big boys, and there's even a few board books for Layton too. I love our little collection.

*Speaking of books... I'm currently reading this one and LOVE it. I can relate to almost every single word of it and I love the mix of humor and wisdom throughout every page. She points back to God's Word and His leadership over our homes, marriages, and families. She devotes an entire chapter to prioritizing our marriages and putting our husband before our children. It's just been so, so good.

*Garrison's school had Literacy Night on Tuesday night so I took the big boys to that while Terrell and Layton stayed home. We all had a great night! (I think Layton loved his one on one time with daddy. =)) I enjoyed hearing all about Garrison's progress and success from his teacher and the boys loved visiting the book fair. They seriously could've put the book fair out of business they were so thrilled with all the books. We were frequent customers this week thanks to Granna giving them some book fair money to spend plus them spending some of their very own money. 

I caught this one still sound asleep one afternoon when I went in to wake him up from his nap so we could leave to pick Garrison up. Normally he wakes up the second I open his door so this was a treat to watch him sleep for a minute. =)

 My handsome 1st grader's school pictures!

Garrison made an Austin a paper "Sofia the 1st". Austin really likes the show and Garrison is such a gift giver and crafty little man he decided to make Sofia for Austin. Presh. 

*Layton LOVES the basement since so many of his toys are down there and riding this little car has become a most favorite basement activity lately. =)

*Another school time activity... sorting uppercase and lowercase letters to make a "Fall tree". I can't believe I did this with him last year after he'd just turned 3! Maybe I got ahead of myself. Haha! This time we focused lots on letter sounds and it was a great review of lowercase letters since some of those are still tricky for him to remember. Love that this little tree and letter leaves are laminated now! Hopefully Austin and I can continue with some school time even though Layton doesn't nap every morning now. We'll see how it goes. 

*These 3...

*My favorite little guys ever! My heart times 3. =)

*Favorite not-pictured moment: Watching my middle man play soccer last night! He had a make-up game in the cold and misting rain and he was so fun to watch. He scored 2 more goals and the game ended up tied 3-3. It was a good one! 

This weekend is my birthday weekend! I'm turning 32 on Tuesday and my family is taking me out on Saturday to celebrate. Plus I'm kicking things off tonight with a girls night with 2 of my besties. =) Hopefully the sun will come out eventually too! We've missed it!! Happy October and Happy Friday!!

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