Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shower Weekend!

This past weekend was shower weekend for the girls in the family! Which means it was kind of busy, really fun, very PINK, and super special! =) 

We all loved celebrating the upcoming arrival of Piper Caroline and showering her mama with lots and lots of gifts and goodies! 2 showers in 2 days wore me out (and I'm not even pregnant, haha), but now that shower weekend is behind us I'm more excited than ever to meet my niece! Squeal!!!

The first shower this weekend was a family and friend shower hosted by our cousins (who are definitely the party planners/throwers in the family) on Saturday afternoon. Everything was beautiful and girly and just perfect! Our hostesses went ALL OUT and everything turned out so adorable, sweet, and Pinterest-y! We had the best time at this shower!!

Mama to be! 

The details in the decor were amazing!

Anna is using pink, cream/white, and gold in the nursery so all the decor was perfect!

Those bloomers!!

The loot!

The girls in the fam... including Little Miss Piper!

Some of Anna's best friends who were able to come. Such a sweet and fun group! 
This shower was such a fun celebration with our closest family and friends and I know Anna and Frankie are so excited and grateful. I remember feeling a huge sense of peace after my showers because I knew I was way more prepared and ready to welcome my babies afterwards. They really are the best!

The 2nd shower of the weekend was given by our church, specifically our Sunday School class. (Anna and I are in the same Sunday School Class and it's a really sweet and close group of couples and I loved working with all the ladies of the class to put it together.)

This shower also turned out so special and so perfect. My friend Megan designed the SWEETEST invite for me to send out to extra friends and family who don't attend our church. LOVE!!

Mama and baby! =)

There was soo much food at this shower! I made this picture before it was even all put out. Everything was so good and every detail was special.

This is only a portion of the gifts Anna received. Again, I made this picture at the very start of the shower before everyone had arrived. She opened presents all afternoon and was totally showered with love... and dresses, bows, diapers, wipes, bibs, body wash, and the most adorable little outfits ever, to name a few. Our church family is such a blessing. 

I totally forgot to make a picture of the table that held the cutest little favor bags along with the framed invitation and a sign in book for everyone to write down their address for Anna. I think someone was always standing there so I never had a good opportunity for a picture and then I forgot. I also forgot about pictures while she was opening presents because I was writing down everything and my camera was right beside me the whole time. Sigh. 

At least I remembered these afterwards. =)

It was a fun and oh so special weekend celebrating Baby Girl's upcoming arrival. And such a blessing to her parents I know! We are beyond excited to meet our sweet Piper! Anna and Frankie are going to be amazing and we can't wait to see them become mama and daddy. =) Excitement is growing by the day!! T-minus 30 something days to go!


alonzo green said...

Love the shower décor! The banner on the mantle, the mason jars, the P frame and food all looks terrific!

The Morrows said...

Love the shower décor! The banner on the mantle, the mason jars, the P frame and food all looks terrific!

The Morrows said...

(not sure how I was registered as Alonzo Green the first time I commented :) ) Just wanted to clarify so you didn't get concerned with the odd person reading your blog!