Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Rest of our Long Weekend

To sum it up, the rest of our long weekend was wonderful. We were able to rest, relax, enjoy lots of downtime, enjoy lots of family time, and our kiddos had tons of fun. The whole weekend was such a blessing. 

On Sunday after church, Terrell's side of the family all came over so we could celebrate Terrell's and Allison's belated birthdays. Terrell's mom made lasagna and then we had some of Allison's leftover Harry Potter birthday cake. Everything was soo good and we had such a good time together. 

After cleaning up and opening presents we let the kids head out to play on the water slide. We were able to keep it all weekend so we enjoyed it to the fullest. Big time. The cousins had so. much. fun. playing on this together Sunday afternoon.

There was a game of water slide tag...

And even a huge downpour that blew through. They just kept right on sliding and having fun while we kept dry under the tent. =) The best way to play in the rain!

After all of our company went home on Sunday and Layton woke up from his nap, mama and daddy both tried out the slide. Ha! Terrell does it every year but this year was a first for me. This was my fun mom moment of the weekend. =) 

Practically flying down the slide and landing in the huge pool of water at the bottom, (and going under!), was crazy! It was a shock to my almost 32 year old self. Haha! But I continued to slide over and over and over again, much to the joy of my big boys and the fascination of my baby boy. And then I got up as fast as I could so they wouldn't come down right behind me and pummel me! It really was a lot of fun even if I did get a few bumps and bruises. Ha.

Monday turned out perfect. We all slept late. Then I went to the grocery store all by myself while Terrell let the big boys enjoy the slide one last time and Layton napped. 

They got a good hour and a half on it before it was picked up. This picture looks really sad but they weren't upset, just thankful. And they both told us so. =) Plus pretty curious to see it deflated and all rolled up. 

We played Austin's new game Hungry Hippo together as a family before lunch and then had a nice rest time before going over to AnAn's and Frankie's for supper. They grilled hamburgers for us and treated us to a yummy Labor Day meal. =) Garrison had soccer practice so him and Terrell were a little late to the get together but shortly after they arrived, a rainbow was spotted. It was so pretty and so special for all of us to see!

Speaking of special... This picture is presh!! Anna captured it after supper and it's the sweetest. All of my boys love their uncle Frankie!

We are so thankful for our full of fun, celebrations, and family time long weekend! It was a GREAT one! =)

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