Thursday, September 17, 2015

Happy Fall! (A Mini Home Tour)

This week, Fall arrived!! And it's been glorious! We've enjoyed the cooler temps, we've been outside lots, we've loved not sweating every time we get in the car, and we are hoping this oh so wonderful weather hangs around for a while. It's not likely... but we're hoping for the best! =) 

Buggy Days is coming up this weekend and it's almost always really HOT for Buggy Days and feels way more like Summer than Fall. Nevertheless, I'm declaring Fall is here and the Selph household is excited!

Sunday morning it was so cool when we left the house for church that as soon as we got in the car we started talking about Fall and how cool it felt when Garrison Cade said Mama turn on the Christmas music! Oh bless it. Something about the changing of the season just puts us in the holiday spirit. Haha!

Fall is my favorite season primarily because of the weather but also because of the anticipation of the holidays, pumpkin patch fun, the excitement of Halloween, the extra memories we get to make as a family, the school breaks we enjoy, the fellowship of Thanksgiving, and all the fun and cute decor displayed everywhere.

Oh, the decor... It's all so wonderful! And since Fall decor is one of my favorite things about the season... and since I didn't get to decorate the rental house much last Fall... and since Fall is pretty much officially here... I wanted share a little home tour of our Fall decor. I'm enjoying it lots

I decorated Labor Day weekend right after wrapping up Austin's birthday party, and now that it actually feels like Fall, I'm enjoying it all more and more.

Eventually I'll pull out my Halloween garden flag and hopefully have some mums or real pumpkins to put outside, but for now my outdoor decor just consists of my 2 wreaths. =) The front door...

And our back door that's right next to our garage...

Here's our family room. The only thing missing in here that I'd like to have eventually are a few Fall pillows.

(Ignore the smudges on the mirror that I must clean asap...)

Now for the dining room... which I haven't decided if I'm leaving as is or changing up. I have some Fall placemats I'd like to use while still keeping the centerpiece but removing the burlap runner. We'll see if I get around to it before November. Haha.

I love seasonal door hangers and I've had this scarecrow one for years and years. 

This jack-o-lantern door hanger is on the closet door near our bedroom which is to the left, the laundry room which is to the right, our garage back door which is to the far right, and our kitchen which is where I was standing to make the picture. So a prime-time spot I thought. =)

The story with the Happy Fall sign is that I got it at Buggy Days several years ago for my classroom and it's really, really heavy. We didn't want to put a nail in the wall just for this since it's only up for 2-3 months... so I found one that was already in the wall and put it there. It's a little high but at least I'm getting to use it. =) 

Since we've never had a kitchen table, I had to come up with something as a little centerpiece for our first ever kitchen table and decided on this sweet jack-o-lantern candle holder that Garrison made in PreK. 

It's adorable! And I hope I get to use it for years and years because it reminds me of Garrison at 4 and of his wonderful PreK year. 

Last but not least, here's a few touches of Fall I added to my countertops... 

An adorable pumpkin given to me by a former student...

And a Give Thanks sign I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby plus our decorative Georgia bottle that I decided to leave out after Austin's party. Normally it's in our office but since it's football season and I can plug it in and light it up in the evenings I decided it fits right in with Fall decor and was meant to be. =)

So thankful for this fun and cooler season and that I'm able to enjoy little touches of Fall this year in my new house! It's made the start of the season special already. =)
Happy Thursday and Happy Fall!!

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The Morrows said...

It looks great!
Fall is my favorite too. All my pumpkins, gourds and corn husks are out and I have had a pumpkin spice candle burning constantly.
I am mentioning you on my blog this morning :)