Thursday, September 10, 2015

Recaps of Austin's Big Days

I always like to recap each of the birthday boys' actual birthdays and what we did and how we celebrated. As you know, I'm all about recording some memories. =) So this is a recap of not only Austin's birthday but also his first day of preschool. Two super special and really fun days for our middle. 

Austin's 4th birthday started bright and early on Thursday the 3rd when we woke him and Garrison up for school and Austin was greeted with 4 balloons and lots of Happy Birthday wishes. He may have been a little out of it but he was still pretty pumped it was his special day and he was officially 4.

After getting dressed and ready for breakfast we continued with our birthday tradition... donuts, candles, and singing of Happy Birthday. Garrison even made sure Austin used his special birthday plate. They are always so adorable on their birthday morning. =)

We told Garrison and daddy bye since Baby A was here for the day and all the way out the door Garrison was saying the sweetest things to Austin. Happy Birthday Austin! I hope you have a great day today for your birthday! I'll be thinking about you all day! Have fun with mama! See you this afternoon for your birthday! It was pretty precious.

Later that morning was Austin's Open House at school. Terrell's mom came over to stay with Layton and Baby A so that Terrell, Austin, and I could experience Open House on our own. And we are so thankful because it was perfect and made the day even more special for Austin. He met his teacher and played with puzzles and really took in his classroom. And, we saw another family from our church there and someone we grew up with. So it was nice to see familiar faces even though our preschool is one town over. 

Austin got bubbles at Open House so while the babies were napping that afternoon, we went outside and played with those. I let Austin skip naptime as a special birthday treat. =)

Austin's soccer practice was cancelled late Thursday afternoon but since Garrison still had practice the whole fam went together and then Austin got to pick where we went out to eat afterwards. He chose his favorite pizza place. We were all pretty sweaty and gross but sure enjoyed our supper!

Once we got home we had cupcakes for dessert, let Austin open the cards he got in the mail, and then he received some special phone calls before bedtime. It was a normal Thursday for us but super special because of who we were celebrating. I think the birthday boy really loved his day and all the perks that came with it!

And yesterday was Austin's 1st day of preschool! Something I've been looking forward to for months simply because I know how much he's going to enjoy school. And I was right!! He had a "really, really, really good day!" =)

Dropping him off went really smoothly. He was just a tad nervous but mostly super excited and really confident. And as soon as I drove away I immediately wished I could be a fly on the wall and wondered what he was doing and how his first day would go. I could've cried but I didn't. I'm just so thankful we're able to send him to school this year. He is such a sociable little man I know he's going to thrive on the interaction with friends and teachers and I know it's going to be good for him to have some time away from the house and me and the babies. We are all very excited about his school year.

This is him running up to the car and waving to me when I came to pick him up. He was so excited and happy it made my heart about burst with joy. I just loved this response to his very first day!

His teacher put him in the car and said that he was smart, sweet, and cooperative and that they had a great day. Yay. =)

He was really excited about me asking him about his day (because everyday when we pick Garrison up from school that's the first thing I do), so I started asking away and he ended up talking the whole way home! I thought he might fall asleep in the car due to the 25-30 minute drive and being tired from his first day. Nope. He had way too much say to fall asleep. Haha.

Here's what I found out about the first day:

*There are 6 girls and 4 boys in his class
*He read a book, played with a puzzle, played with cars, colored, and painted.
*They talked about playground rules.
*They went to the potty. (Ha)
*They ate a snack... goldfish and a cookie.
*They sang a song before snack time.
*They sang the clean up song.
*He played with a particular girl and boy a lot.
*They played with another class on the playground.
*He loved the playground!

A successful and fun first day! The only thing he was disappointed about was not checking out a library book like Garrison (bless it, his school doesn't even have a library) and not bringing home lots of stuff in his book bag like Garrison. He did bring home some papers but they handed them to him as he was leaving the playground instead of putting them in his book bag. Hopefully he'll come to accept that his school is quite different from Garrison's but that it definitely has it's own perks. =) He's excited for Day 2 tomorrow, and that daddy gets to take him to school. 

HUGE THANKS to both my mom and Terrell's mom who held down the fort at the house with Layton and Baby A so I could take Austin and pick him up on his very first day. They have both been such a help to us this week!!

And I think that's a wrap on my middle baby's big days. So thankful for him, his birthday, and his great 1st day of school!!

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