Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Austin's 4th Birthday Party

We had Austin's 4th birthday party on Saturday and it was a huge success and super fun for our middle man!  And everyone else too! In the past we've always avoided Labor Day weekend for his party but this year it worked out for the best and he even had a few little friends who were able to come. We had the best time celebrating our favorite 4 year old!

Austin chose to have a Georgia Bulldog football party and this was one of my easiest parties ever to plan. And so fun! This was our first birthday party to host in our own home and that made it pretty special too. Plus lots of work. =) But everything turned out pretty perfect and it was all totally worth it because Austin LOVED every second!! 

Megan created the cutest invites for us again! She does the BEST work!! We were smitten. =)

Traditional birthday party family pic!

My parents got the water slide for us again this year and it was a HUGE hit just like every other year. It's the best entertainment and fun for all the kiddos! BIG THANK YOU to Granna and Papa!! Also, Terrell was able to use the AgSouth tent and cooler and it worked out perfect for all the grown-ups. Plus the really little ones were able to enjoy the water table and baby pool. =)

My mom came over early to help me with set-up and last minute party prep, so she got a picture with the birthday boy before all the party fun started. This little man was just so happy and excited the whole entire party. And it just made my day to see him enjoy everything so much. =)

I used my "sofa table" for some decor and the party favors. 

Austin's framed invitation and the cups of favors... which held iced cookies, a UGA pencil, a red or black silly straw, and a football whistle.

Terrell's mini helmet signed by Mark Richt, a tray of iced cookies for the grown-ups, a framed picture of Austin, and a wire basket full of mini Georgia footballs (courtesy of AgSouth) that all the kiddos got to take home...

We finished our paint project just in time for the party! It's still a little bare in our dining room and foyer but for now we're just thankful we're done with painting! I did some simple centerpieces on the dining room table and my parents' card table we borrowed. I think we had just enough seating for everybody thanks to us having a "kiddie table" and my in-laws bringing over their kiddie table.

The cake table!

Austin picked out the cake himself after we looked together at several online. Even though I had a few favorites I was rooting for he was really sold on this one and it turned out perfect. And so yummy!! My boys are all fans of strawberry cake so we went with half strawberry, half vanilla. Sooo good!!

And our favorite detail of the cake was that the bulldog was eating a tiger! So perfect given we reeeally dislike tigers and our brother-in-law is an Auburn grad! Hahaha!

I added a few touches of football and red and black on my countertops too. And the only thing we bought were the solo cups. Everything else I had. Yay. =)

Water slide fun! This is what all the kiddos did upon arrival until it was time to eat. They were so fun to watch!

Even Layton enjoyed it a little before hanging out at the water table and baby pool. =)

After getting everyone dried off we came in for lunch. We went with hotdogs, chips and dip, and fruit. We kept the menu simple and everybody seemed to get full. A win-win. Right after everyone finished eating we went straight to the cake. Singing Happy Birthday to my boys every single year is one of my favorite parts of the party. And I felt pretty special that he still chose for me to hold him even though we offered him a bar stool to stand on. =)

After enjoying cake and ice cream we moved right along to presents so the kiddos could all head back out to the waterslide. Watching Austin open presents was soo fun! He was so animated and excited and THRILLED over every single thing he got. 

(Who knows what's going on with my other children in the background...Ha!)

This picture is blurry, but I had to include it because this was his reaction to every gift. He was just so excited and thankful for every single one. 

After opening presents all the kiddos went back out for more time on the water slide. They all went up and down it 50 times I think. I know my big boys loved it and had a ball. I almost wish we just owned one it was so fun for them. =)

Once the party wrapped up and everyone had gone home and Layton was down for his nap, we turned on Austin's new movie for the big boys. They were still wound up from all the party fun but we knew they were tired and needed some down time... or maybe that was just us. Haha. (A definite perk to having an early party!) About half way through the movie our birthday boy crashed. An obvious sign of birthday party success! He had so much fun and played so hard and just enjoyed everything to the fullest. And we loved celebrating with him and watching his joy! 

Happy Birthday again Austin Selph!! We love you and are so thankful for you!

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Drew Watts said...

Amazing 4th birthday party!! All the arrangements were outstanding. I really love this party theme. Last week our son also turned 5 and we hosted a private party at some popular LA venues. It was the most enjoyable day of this year for us!!