Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Austin!

Austin you are 4 years old today!! 4 years ago today at 8:37 AM on Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend you made your appearance and changed our lives for the better. We've been smiling, laughing, and enjoying life with you every minute since the moment we met you! What a blessing these 4 years have been!! 

While this particular year has been a really fun one, it's also been known as the year of the meltdown. Because while you are the most fun, sweet, loving, precious 4 year old I know, the year between 3 and 4 was one full of meltdowns. It's a tough and emotional year! HOWEVER, we've turned a corner and are seeing less and less! You really are growing up and it's oh so bittersweet. You are super smart, really mature, a laid back and go with the flow replica of your daddy, and one of the sweetest little guys I know. I just LOVE being your mama!

A Peek at a Day in the Life of You!

You start the day early on school mornings because we have to wake you up around 6:30... but most mornings you're up and at 'em in a happy mood. (You sleep past 7 on weekends!) So far, you have the smallest appetite in the family and eat the smallest breakfast. A Nutri Grain bar and some dry cereal is your typical breakfast. Most mornings after Garrison goes to school you watch a show, have just a little independent play time, and then you're my special helper. We take Bailey out together, water the flowers together, you help me clean, you follow me around, and you're my assistant with the babies. We also play lots of games together (your favorite hobby!) while the babies are napping and mix in some educational fun too.

Lunch is probably your favorite meal of the day. Your typical lunch is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or ham and cheese cracker sandwiches. You love chips, grapes, and raisins, so you have those lots with lunch too. After lunch and clean up time, you get to play on the Kindle or iPad or watch an episode of one of your favorite shows and then it's your nap/rest time. We've done away with your naps on the weekends but during the week you still take a short nap almost every afternoon. I have to keep it short on purpose so you can fall asleep at bedtime!

Immediately following naptime we pick Garrison up from school and the craziest part of our day begins. We get home and y'all enjoy your snack before we tackle a little homework. Then you and Garrison watch a show and unwind a little, then we usually do more homework with Garrison, and then y'all have some fun play time before we get ready to head out to soccer or choir... or on Tuesdays relax at home! Our evenings at home are yours and Garrison's favorite time of day!

You are an amazing brother! You are Garrison's best playmate and friend (and miss him terribly while he's at school) and Layton's best entertainer and ring leader. Haha! You are good about sharing with your brothers, good about thinking of them and including them, good about forgiving them (another sweet trait straight from daddy), and good about loving them. You give lots of hugs and are the most affectionate little man in our family. You forgive and forget so easily and have no idea how to hold a grudge. You are happy and fun almost all the time and your brothers are so blessed to have you!

You love playing baseball and soccer and are quite the attentive little player. You follow directions well and take your role on the team pretty serious. =) We have loved watching you play team sports this year and are super excited about the upcoming soccer season! You are also a big Braves, Hawks, Falcons, and Bulldogs fan. Watching sports together and cheering on our favorite teams is one of your favorite things. 

Fun Facts at 4:

*You are very cautious and like to play it safe. I can really appreciate this trait as your mama!

*You never meet a stranger. You will wave, speak, high five, shake hands, or carry on a conversation with anyone. You are the social butterfly of our family and are the best little people person I know!

*Your love language is still physical touch. You love being held, sitting in laps, hugs, kisses, high fives, and back scratches. =)

*You aren't a fan of the dark, getting water in your face, intimidating amusement park rides, or eating your vegetables. 

*You LOVE board games and card games. This is your current favorite hobby and we usually play at least 1 game together a day. 

*Your favorite foods are Nutri Grain bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tacos, spaghetti, chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, grapes, and lots of chips.

*Your favorite TV shows right now are Wild Kratts, Octonauts, Sofia the First, and Miles from Tomorrowland. You really love just about anything.

*You start preschool next Wednesday and you're both super excited and sort of nervous. Open House is this morning! I can't wait to hear all about your friends, teachers, and new adventures. I think you're going to love school and do great!

*You still have quite the imagination and love sharing stories about your (imaginary) school day with Sally, your imaginary friend. 

*You are such a sweet son, brother, nephew, and grandson. You are loved and adored by your whole family and keep us laughing and entertained constantly. We are so thankful you are ours!

Happy 4th birthday to our priceless 2nd born, Austin Carson Selph!! We love you more than you know and are so excited to celebrate with you!!

***And just because I'm in a reminiscing mood... here's a look back at my middle man's arrival. How has it been 4 years already!?! Feeling a little emotional over how fast we got here, but oh so thankful to have the privilege to watch him grow!***

(I'm skipping Friday Favorites tomorrow due to all the party prep going on around here. This is our first time to host a birthday party in our own home so things are busy, busy, busy! Plus we're hosting Terrell's side of the fam on Sunday after church and celebrating Terrell's and our niece Allison's belated birthdays. It should be a fun couple of days! And we're super thankful to have Monday off!! Hope you have a wonderful, extra long weekend!)

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