Monday, August 31, 2015

A Birthday Tradition

On yesterday the 5 Selph's ventured out together for Austin's special birthday outing! This is a tradition we started the year Garrison turned 3 and it's one we plan to keep year after year for each birthday boy. A birthday trip/outing/experience is our main gift to each of our boys on their birthdays and has become such a fun tradition for them and something they are excited about and look forward to every single year. Garrison is already talking about where he might want to go come February. =) 

We either surprise them with a special outing or let them pick some place special they'd like to go... and for now either take the whole fam or just the big boys. One day this tradition may include a best bud, but for now it's perfect as is. And this year Austin chose Six Flags. It worked out perfect because that was sort of our idea all along. =)

 We had the best time celebrating our middle man and spending time together as a family having lots of fun!

The weather almost threatened to interfere with our plans but we pressed on... and are so glad we did! It was raining up a storm when we left our house and continued to POUR on us almost the entire way. We eventually got off the interstate because it didn't feel safe to continue driving in the downpour. We made a pit stop for breakfast and a little play time, finally saw a slight break in the clouds, and the rain finally eased up. 

By the time we parked and got everyone out of the car at Six Flags, the rain had stopped completely! A birthday outing miracle!! We went straight for Bugs Bunny World and rode the first ride we came to. Even Layton got to ride this one. =) He was a fan at first, and a little terrified later. Haha.

Thanks to the weather we just about had the whole place to ourselves. It was wonderful! No lines, no crowds, no waiting! Such a treat for our birthday boy and the whole fam. =)

Garrison got to ride the Mine Train roller coaster twice and loved every second. He's our thrill seeker while Austin is our cautious child. The jury is still out on Layton. We cracked up watching the faces of the big boys on various rides. Garrison's face was lit up and smiling and having the best time. Austin's face was usually serious, a little nervous, and concentrating on surviving the ride. Hahaha. It was so funny! 

Garrison also loves the real life characters while Austin always chooses to keep his distance.

The carousel was a big hit for all of us! We rode it more than once since it was a fun ride everybody could enjoy.

All my boys. =)

The Carrot Patch may have been Austin's favorite part of the whole trip. That and driving me around in the old fashioned car. =) The big boys loved running around hitting and dodging carrots. We stopped by the patch twice and they played and played and played. We had to time them because they would've stayed in there all day. I'm sure getting to run around and hit, punch, swing, and dodge without getting in trouble is like a little boy's dream or something. Ha!

We let Austin choose the last couple of rides for the day and one thing he really wanted to do was ride the train. I promise he loved it! Even though you can't tell from the picture. Haha! He also chose to ride the cars again and this time he drove me around and we had so much fun! We laughed and laughed at his driving. It was such a fun way to wrap up our birthday tradition. And pretty special for me to get to experience the last ride of the day with my birthday boy. I was thankful he didn't ditch me for daddy. =)

We are officially on countdown to our middle man's 4th birthday! We have plans for our traditional celebration with him on Thursday and are looking forward to his party on Saturday. He is so excited and so are we!

Another fun birthday tradition is in the books. Happy Birthday week Austin Selph!!

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