Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites: August Whirlwind Edition

This week has been a whirlwind and we are super thankful it's Friday! Whew! August gets to us every year. *Big sigh* Between a busy week, a paint project, financial decisions, pool decisions, party prep, working late almost every night, and half the house getting over being sick, we're all pretty exhausted. Especially mama and daddy. But we've made it to the weekend and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on some of our August woes... which are mainly, at the core, blessings.

Though life doesn't always fit nicely into a neat little schedule, all the things I have to do are evidence of blessings. If I'd just look at life a little more from this perspective, everything would seem so much sweeter. ~Lysa TerKeurst

Yes. Amen. Repeat as needed. Daily. =)

Here's a look at my favorites from our whirlwind of a week...

*Last Friday Garrison was chosen as "Trojan of the Week" by his PE teacher! Garrison was so proud. And so were we! Only one student per class was chosen and it was given to someone who pays attention, cooperates well with others, keeps personal space, is eager to learn and participate, and does what is asked of them. Yay for doing a great job and standing out in PE! (Shortly after this picture was taken we were off to the doctor... again. Thankfully Dr. Swatts came to our rescue! =))

*We also celebrated Terrell's birthday with my side of the fam on Saturday night. We went out to eat together and then had everybody over for cake, ice cream, and presents. Love how much my boys love their daddy... and anybody's birthday. =)

*Sunday afternoon Layton and I ran a couple of errands while the big boys made paper airplanes with daddy and then tested them out. They had so much fun. It really is the little things. (Those little flags all over our backyard are marking our septic lines... pool decisions are on the brain. Mainly the location and whether or not to move forward now or sometime in the future. Another post for another day.)

*These two are turning into pretty good playmates! A little game of indoor baseball is Austin's favorite.. and it's pretty fun for Layton too! Too bad Layton recently discovered how to climb all the way up the bunk bed ladder to Garrison's bed and has now been pretty much banned from the big boy room. Gracious. 

*Working our brain muscles with a game of memory. =)

*Our 2nd ever game night was another huge success! Austin chose Yahtzee just like Garrison did last week, so we've yet to try out a different game as a family... but Yahtzee is a safe choice and crowd favorite. =) The big boys are loving our new tradition. And we are too!

*Austin's 1st day of school is coming up right after Labor Day so we worked on some handwriting practice this week and shape recognition. His summer break is wrapping up so it's time to get back in gear. =) He's going to do great and I'm so excited for him to start school! 

*My littles who keep me on my toes during the day (it's always an adventure around here!), but also play together well and independently and every now and then allow me to get things done around the house. =)

*Today is College Colors Day for Garrison at school. So we're all participating in supporting mama and daddy's alma mater. =) Layton was still in bed for these pics but he's wearing his Georgia red today too. 

This weekend we're looking forward to finishing up our paint project, a little extra rest for the whole fam, a family get together, and a fun birthday outing for Austin. So thankful we almost made it to the weekend! Happy, happy Friday!! =)

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The Morrows said...

I love that quote. "Managing blessings"
I think I will write on my wall :)
Hope you get some rest this weekend!