Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend of Good Times

This weekend was full of good times for us. Some of the best times. Fun weekends spent together as a family are such a blessing! Especially when they involve some extra rest too. =)

Friday night was super low-key. We got Mexican take-out and the big boys watched their movie while Terrell cut the grass and I put Layton to bed before joining my bigs on the couch.

Saturday morning we all slept late and then I went out to buy groceries solo (woohoo!) while Terrell took the boys to the little neighborhood park that's right down the street. Garrison's passenger in the dune racer on the way to the park was Layton... his first ever ride... which he wasn't sure he was a fan of (wish we could've gotten a picture!), and Austin's passengers was Layton's cup, plus 3 gatorades. Haha! They had a fun morning with daddy. =)

Then my mom surprised us by coming over and working and helping us tame the flowers and landscaping we inherited. Terrell grilled hotdogs for us for lunch and then it was rest time for everybody before heading out for the Braves game!!

Since we had the opportunity to take the big boys to another game, and it was on a Saturday, and they really wanted a ball last time but we weren't able to make it happen... we decided to go super early in time for batting practice. 

We arrived before 5:00 shortly after the gates opened to a mostly empty Turner Field, the Braves taking batting practice, and HOT temps. Whew! The outfield filled up quickly with lots and lots of kiddos requesting balls. So many that we wondered if we might miss out. After staying there for what felt like hours with no luck, our biggest was getting down and discouraged. We were all sweaty and losing hope fast. BUT, a Diamondback relief pitcher (we think) came to our rescue and gave us a ball!!!

It was a dream come true for Garrison Cade. =) Austin was pretty excited too... even though earlier he may have declared he didn't want a ball anymore. He was melting from the heat and tired of rejection. So technically he didn't know what he was saying. =)

We were thrilled after all of our failed attempts at getting players' attention and begging for a ball and saying things like WE DON'T HAVE ONE!! THEY NEED A BALL (POINTING AT MY CHILDREN)!! OVER HERE! HEY!!!!! It was pretty hard core. But alas that sweet player had mercy on us. Bless him. =) Then, a few minutes later while we were still basking in our proud owner of an official Major League baseball glory, another Diamondback relief pitcher (we think) offered us a ball. And I didn't even have to yell like a crazy person. Haha! But then he asked if we already had one... so we did the right thing and told the truth and shared with another kiddo. Such a sweet memory with my boys. 

After finally getting a ball we decided to go grab something to eat. Pizza in the shade was just what we needed. Then we were off to the tip top of the field for the Coca Cola seats and running the bases. It was military appreciation day so we also had a really cool view of some military guys parachuting onto the field. The boys were in awe. Us too!

The boys loved running down the base line... Austin eventually tried... after watching Garrison and making sure it was safe...

And then we moved on to the big coke seats. =)

Pretty great view of the city from the top!

We finally made it to our seats in time for the game to start and almost witnessed a home run from our first batter of the game! Soo close!

Oh my cotton candy... =)

The boys tired out pretty quickly this game. Getting there so early made the night long. Plus we were there on a Saturday night and it was a lot more crowded than what we're used to since we typically try going on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night during the summer with a lighter crowd. Plus we were losing the whole game. Ha. 

But we did stay until the 7th inning stretch to hear Timothy Miller sing God Bless America. That was worth it. =)

 Right after God Bless America we sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Then we watched the bottom of the 7th inning until the Diamondbacks changed pitchers and we decided to head out. 

We had a fun night with our big boys! Til next year, Turner Field. =)

Meanwhile Layton enjoyed a fun afternoon and evening with Granna and Papa and was peacefully sleeping once we made it home sometime before 11:00 Saturday night. Thanks again for keeping our littlest man!!

Then yesterday was pretty amazing. We had a great morning at church, a simple lunch at home, and then I took the big boys back to church for Water and Watermelon Day. They had a ball. =) Love my church family and sweet friends we get to do life with!

Then we came home, watched the Braves win in extra innings, and had tons of fun with daddy and Layton. =)

This is what Layton thought about it being someone else's turn. Bless it.

We got take-out for supper last night and got things ready for our upcoming week. Terrell's birthday is this week and he's going out of town for one night, and we have our usuals of soccer, choir, and homework. We had a touch of the blues this morning but are hoping for a great 3rd week of school and fun birthday week with daddy! Happy Monday afternoon! =)

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The Morrows said...

So much fun! My husband is dying to take our kids to a Braves game!