Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites: TGIF!!!!

Oh my goodness am I happy to see Friday!! This week has been a doozy. We've been sick... and still are. Terrell had to go out of town overnight. Garrison had to miss a day of school. I had to make a trip to the doctor with all 3 of my little men in tow. I got very little sleep the night Terrell was away... not because of the boy but because of being sick. It was just a challenging week. So we are very thankful it's Friday and reeally looking forward to the weekend. Praise Jesus for 2 days off. 

Even though it's been a bit of a rough week, we've enjoyed some sweet moments too. We kicked off a new weekly tradition, my babies took great care of me, and we celebrated daddy's birthday. Here are my favorites, short and sweet, from this crazy week...

*Saturday night walking into the Braves game, Terrell noticed this couple and their awesome shirts! So I hung back so I could snap a picture. I love it! And really want some for me and Terrell. =) #TogetherSince1999

 *This sweet boy loves to play board games and card games. It's his favorite way to pass the time while Garrison is at school. This week we got in a few games of Uno. =)

*And if baby brother is awake, he wants to sit at the table and participate too. So we have to give him the pieces we aren't using and hope that satisfies him. Haha.

*Garrison practiced soccer on Monday night just before the monsoon arrived. Watching him play is already fun and games haven't even started yet!

*Tuesday was a tough day. I had to pick Garrison up early from school. Then I took him to the doctor because Terrell was leaving to go out of town the next day, Baby A was coming the next day, and none of the grandparents were available in case of emergency. This was also the day I felt the worst. So being trapped in an exam room with my 3 little men, one of whom felt bad, one of whom is in to everything, and one of whom felt great but became stir crazy super fast, was really, really hard. Once I got back to the car I sort of fell apart. My nerves were shot and I was feeling worse and worse. After getting home I tried getting in the bed and just letting the boys play and take over the house. Of course that didn't go exactly as planned. And my sweet Garrison felt sorry for me and was determined to try to help me feel better. So him and Austin made me the sweetest cards and offered me water and did their best to make me better. Melt my heart.

*Even though I wasn't feeling my best we still managed to get in our new weekly tradition... Family Game Night. =) This school year, so far, Tuesday night is our only free and open night during the week. So we decided to try something new and totally family centered. It's really important to us to maintain some quality family time... especially on our free night together and at home, and games are a big time favorite so game night was an easy choice! It was Garrison's day so he got to choose the game. Yahtzee was a hit! And it was a great way to talk about and encourage good sportsmanship and making sure we have fun even though there can only be one winner. Our first round went perfect!! No hurt feelings, pouting, or drama. =) Austin's excited about picking the game for this coming Tuesday!

*My little sidekick may be my shadow for most of the day but he's also my biggest helper. =)

*Garrison received this super sweet note from his teacher in the mail yesterday! He was soo proud. And what a great impression this made on all of us! We are just loving 1st grade and Mrs. Clements so much!!

*Yesterday we also celebrated daddy coming home from his overnight trip AND his birthday!! Terrell was able to get home just in time to take the big boys to soccer while I made him spaghetti... his birthday dinner request. After soccer and supper we enjoyed homemade cookies (if you know me, you know I'm not a baker and this is a big deal, haha), plus vanilla ice cream, cool whip, and chocolate syrup. It was a pretty yummy birthday dessert. Then, after all the boys had baths, we gave daddy his presents. It was a fun night celebrating the birthday boy. =) 

*Favorite read this week... 25 Unforgettable Lessons From 25 Years of Marriage. After 10 years of marriage I can say from experience that these are really, really true. I'm so thankful for Terrell Selph and the marriage God has blessed us with. We don't have it all figured out but we're learning and getting better and better. And thankfully most of these lessons we've already learned. =)

TGIF!! Tonight Terrell and I are looking forward to a date night for Terrell's birthday! =) Then Saturday and Sunday should be laid back. We'll celebrate Terrell's birthday with my side of the family tomorrow and hopefully enjoy the weekend good and healthy! Happy Friday!!

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