Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites: 2nd Week of School!

This week was our 2nd week of school and things really kicked into gear for us. Homework, soccer practice for both boys, choir, and just the regular groove of the school year. And I'm happy to report that I *think* we've settled in and are hopefully, maybe, finally adjusted. Sort of. Haha! We're still super tired but we do seem to have figured out our routine and somewhat gotten the hang of things. I'm calling our 2nd week of school a success! Yay. =)

Here's a look at my faves from the week...

*The boys got to enjoy their last swim of summer last Saturday evening when we went to a Sunday School cook-out and swim party. They had a ball! And we love our class oh so much. It has been such a blessing to our marriage. Bigger than I ever thought possible. Like brings us closer and makes us stronger and ties us tighter. So it was fun to have a social gathering with everybody and to let the kids swim and play.

*Last weekend we also kept my parents' dog Emma for them... and when it was time to take her home she jumped in the backseat and climbed right up into Garrison's seat. And wouldn't get out! Like she refused to move. Hahaha! It was so funny we couldn't stop laughing!!

*Monday morning I told Terrell I was leaving the bed unmade so I could change the sheets so for him not to worry about making it. Well when I got home from taking Garrison to school, this is what I found! He had changed the sheets and made up the bed!!! I just love him. The comforter was on backwards (hahaha) and the pillows were a little different than I arrange them, but hello! The sheets were changed and the bed was made!! This sweet surprise made my morning. =)

*My middle man has had a bit of a tough time adjusting to Garrison going back to school. He has lots of down time, time he's bored, time he's left spinning his wheels because I'm busy with Layton and Baby A. Bless his heart. (And break my heart.) He is going to love going to preschool. I'm so excited for him. For now though he's just my little sidekick and I'm trying to foster some independence while also being considerate of him being home most of the day without a playmate. One of the new, fun things we've started doing is taking Bailey outside together and watching the butterflies, or walking to the mailbox together, or even testing out all the rocking chairs. =) So thankful I'm having extra time with him and that we're able to send him to preschool. It's going to be the perfect combination I think. 

*Austin started soccer practice this week! He moved up in age group and he's the youngest this year but doing pretty good so far. Woohoo! One day I'll think to get a picture of Garrison practicing. Layton is a handful and things are always busy, busy, busy at soccer practice!

*These 2 are learning to play together more and more. Yay. =)

*Our baby boy turned 18 months old this week! And pretty soon he won't be the baby anymore. His baby cousin will be making her arrival this Fall and we're so excited!!

*We have tons of flowers we inherited here at the new house and the butterflies love them. We see several in the backyard and lots in the front yard. They are so pretty! One in particular this week must have just become a butterfly because he was flying all over the place like he'd just gotten his wings. It was so fun to watch! Austin and I stayed outside trying to keep up with him. And when he finally settled on a flower I snapped a quick pic of him. =)

*My sweet Garrison Cade has the biggest heart. This week he confessed that whenever his teacher offers him a treat from the treat bucket at school he only chooses Smarties because that's the only thing he can bring home to share with Austin. His classmates choose a single piece of candy that they can unwrap and eat on the spot while Garrison saves his so he can share with Austin. Such a sweet thing to do for your little brother! He also confessed that if he's ever offered a skittle he puts it in his pocket and waits to see if he can get another one for Austin. Melt my heart. He brought it up because he was wondering if I thought it'd be okay for him to sometimes pick a piece of candy he could eat right then like his classmates. Bless it. I love how much he loves Austin! And I reassured him to get whatever he wants to get and not feel guilty about it. Such a thoughtful little man and amazing big brother!!

*Garrison also brought Austin home some extra "apples" this week so Austin could practice addition. Haha. We colored them, cut them out, graphed them, compared them, and even added them. =)

*My wonderful husband has been working hard on organizing our garage and finding a "home" for all of our stuff out there.... And mission accomplished!! It looks amazing and is so spacious now that I can pull my massive car under when it's raining to load and unload babies when it's time to pick Garrison up from school. This is a huge blessing and I'm thankful that even though the suburban won't fit all in the way in garage, well, ever, that we can pull it under to save ourselves from the weather. =)

*Favorite read of the week...How Raising A Third Child Is Different From Raising The First Two. This made me laugh out loud! It is so funny! Even though they aren't all totally true for us, there is some truth to several. Poor Layton. Haha. 

We are very much looking forward to our weekend! Happy Friday!!!

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