Tuesday, August 4, 2015

1st Day of School!

 Garrison's first day of 1st grade was yesterday!! He had a really great day and really loves his teacher. Yay!!! We are so thankful for a great start to the school year!

Yesterday was both a huge success and crazy exhausting. Ha! We started the day super early and the whole fam made it out the door and to the school to walk our biggest boy in together. =)

We made some 1st day of school pictures before leaving the house per tradition. A look at Garrison's first ever 1st day of school.... waahhhhhh! It just goes so, so fast. I am so proud of my growing baby who is now a 1st grader!

Austin requested his picture be made too and he decided to strike a pose. Haha!

We also snuck a picture of our littlest man on the 1st day too. =) 

Other than some anxiety from Garrison Cade while we were stuck in school traffic we had an awesome morning. Oh, and if you don't count the fact that waking up my babies so early broke my heart a little. It's so hard waking them up when they're sleeping so good and so peacefully and it's still dark outside! Sigh. Anyway, Garrison was in a great mood and woke up easily with a really good attitude. He isn't exactly a morning person so we were very thankful for a smooth morning! Austin was a bit of challenge waking up so early but he came around eventually. 

Garrison with his sweet teacher who has already made such a good impression on him. We know God placed him with this teacher on purpose and we are so thankful.

I only felt emotional once when Austin was hugging Garrison bye and he kept saying I'm gonna miss you Garrsin. I'm gonna miss you Garrsin. They love each other so much. Even though you can't always tell. Haha. Garrison even had to come out of his room for one more hug from Austin and Layton. It was so sweet and just made my heart smile.

Once we got home, Austin Selph was officially my shadow. Ha! It's tough when your best bud and favorite playmate has to go to school. We passed the time with lots of games, a couple of shows, and Austin being my little helper. Slowly but surely he'll become more and more independent. =)

One of our back to school traditions is special snack waiting for us at home after school. Last year cupcakes were a huge hit so we did a repeat this year. Ice cream cakes are favorites too but they're always way too big and just a little more than I want to spend when my kiddos are so easily pleased. My mom gave us cupcakes she had leftover from the weekend and they worked perfect! I also made a little welcome home card for Garrison. He is always so thoughtful and so good about making cards for others I knew he'd really love a card waiting on him. And he did!! =)

The only downside to our whole day was waiting in the car rider line to pick Garrison up. It was just crazy long and took a sweet forever. Layton and Austin (and okay maybe me too) both about lost their minds being stuck in the car moving along inch by inch. Thankfully we were able to somewhat pass the time by singing songs and then the closer we got we made up cheers for the line to keep moving so we could pick up Garrison. Hahaha. It was crazy. Praying today is much faster!

By the time we got home around 4:00, heard about Garrison's day, and ate our special snack... it was time to get ready for soccer practice. Ahhhhh! Mama was NOT thrilled about practice on the first day of school but instead of stressing over it I just went with it. Poor Garrison. So I got everybody ready and water bottles filled and we made our way to the fields across town by 5:00 where Terrell met us there. So thankful Terrell was able to meet us there for our first practice. Whew. There are pros and cons to such an early practice. 

Layton and I left practice a few minutes early and went and picked up pizza and headed home to get everybody's plates made and ready. I'm thinking picking up pizza on the 1st day of school might be another tradition we should start. =) We were all worn out after our long day! We wrapped up the day with baths, books, and our biggest boys watching a short video on daddy's phone in bed. Super thankful for a great 1st day and for early bedtimes for all last night!!

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