Monday, August 4, 2014

1st Day of School

My firstborn baby boy started Kindergarten today. And so far it's been the longest day ever. Haha! I just keep watching the clock and wondering what he's doing and how he's doing and if he ate all his lunch and if he's feeling tired and if he's having fun and if he's making new friends. The wondering could really go on and on. Sigh.

Since he was a 3 year old at preschool I've been with him, teaching at his school. But now, this is the real deal. Real, live big school. He's on his own. No more 9:00-1:00 school days. No more going to school with mama. No more going to school inside a church building. No more having the same schedule as his little sidekick/partner-in-crime/brother Austin. (Boohoohoo!)

THANKFULLY, we are back in the hometown and my sister is a teacher at his school. And THANKFULLY we know several teachers there really well. And THANKFULLY we know several families and kiddos there. And THANKFULLY I know deep in my heart that this is part of growing up and that we're all gonna be just fine. There might be some growing pains along the way, but we're all going to survive it. I just have to soak up every single day. Every single car pool line. Every single after school conversation. Every single weekend and school break. Because I know for a fact this is going to fly by.

This morning went really well. Even though he was super nervous and VERY apprehensive at Open House on Friday, he was much more confident and ready this morning. Although he held my hand the whole way in. =) I was so proud of him (and me!) for really keeping it together and being brave. I only started feeling emotional a few times... last night while making his lunch, this morning when Austin was confused about not going to school, this morning leaving the school and realizing just how much life changes now that our biggest will be at school all day, and then after we got home from dropping Garrison off when Austin asked for Garrison. (Break my heart.) So yeah, only a few moments of my emotions almost getting the best of me. Haha.

We have prayed hard for this transition, for this school year, his teacher, his classmates, etc. And I am so thankful our church hosts a prayer walk around all our schools. Knowing that my baby and his entire school have been covered in prayer, not just by me but by a community of believers, is so reasurring. Last night before bed I told him how excited I was for him to be starting Kindergarten and how I knew he was going to do great and have so much fun and that the one thing I reeally wanted him to remember was who he is. Garrison Cade Selph, child of the one true King. (That Matthew West song is one of his favorites). He really liked that. =)
2 out of 4 of my favorite guys!

I will have update on what he thought about big school sometime this week! I can't wait to go pick him up!!

**Today was also Austin's first day of school at home with me. I'm "homeschooling" him this year and wanted to make today as much like a real school day for him as possible. He did great! We have some tweaking to do on our little routine but I think we're both going to have fun and enjoy it.

I have really struggled with what this transition means for my middle and how it will effect him. I mean, technically this is going to be his first ever experience truly being the middle child. When Layton was born, Garrison and Austin were on the exact same schedule 3 days a week, they were best buds and big brothers together, they did pretty much everything together, and just came as a pair, labeled as "big boys" and "the big brothers" at our house and with family. So this transition and separation of my 2 bigs will be an adjustment for sure. However, I know the one-on-one time will be good for Austin. And I'm even hopeful that the time away will be good for the big boys. Fighting was at an all time high this last week of summer so maybe it will make them closer and less prone to fighting. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. =)

Not too much longer and I'll be picking up my biggest and finding out all about big school! Then we'll celebrate our first day with Spiderman cupcakes. =)

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