Monday, August 18, 2014

All 3 Boys

Pretty much every single time I'm in public with all 3 of my boys, someone notices and someone says something...a comment, question, conversation, something. It rarely ever goes unnoticed or unspoken of that I have 3 boys. It almost always happens at the grocery store or Walmart or some place I'm shopping. I guess seeing boys overflowing from a buggy just really stands out and makes people stop and talk to me. That, or any drama coming from said buggy must really draw attention to us. Haha.

Oh, and the check-out line is a guranteed place for a conversation to start about having 3 boys. Happens every single time. I can't remember the last time I was checking out to buy something with all 3 of them that the topic didn't come up. I literally think it's come up every single shopping trip since Layton was born and they've all 3 been present. It has to be a record.

And it's also been known to happen on some of our kid-friendly outings like McDonald's or the jumpy place or bowling. This summer it just became a regular thing.

It happens so frequently now that I'm just accustomed to it and I've come to love and appreciate the observations people make of us and the things they share with me. The comments I've heard (so far) have either been positive and encouraging, or amusing and funny. And I have so appreciated God placing strangers in my path to remind me of my blessings and bring a smile to my face during random shopping trips, errands, and outings. Especially those that have been less than smooth and easy. God's grace. It's overflowing everywhere.

Anyway, I finally made note of them. At least the ones that stood out and I could remember!

Comments/Questions/Reactions to me and my 3 boys:

*You have to run like 5 miles at your house every day keeping up with them right? (From one mom of 3 boys to another)

*Let me check that carseat... is that another boy in there? Well I'll be. 3 boys. I'll bet you stay BUSY.  

*Do you have all boys? 3? Wow. They are so cute.

*I'll bet there's never a dull moment at your house.  

*Do you have 3 boys? I had 2 boys. You are BLESSED.

*Aren't those the sweetest things you've ever seen? All boys. (Said in amusement. Or shock. Ha.)

*Look at those 3 little boys. Think you'll make 1 more trip to the hospital and try to get that girl?

*Are all 3 of those boys yours? The reason I ask is because I have 3 boys too. They keep you thin don't they? It is so busy but so much fun.

*Oh, I see you have all boys. So did I! Isn't it fun?

*So you have all boys? Man. You're gone be busy for the rest of your life. But just enjoy it. It goes by fast.

*Is the baby a boy too? Well my goodness. Aren't they precious.

*Well I'll bet you have an active household.

*I just had to come over and introduce myself because I saw you walk in with all those boys. I have 4. Boys are just fun. And loud. Sweet Jesus the NOISE.

*Is that little one a boy too? Oh my goodness. You were blessed with 3 little boys! Thinking about trying for a girl?!

*Well you just have a buggy load of groceries and boys. They are just the cutest things.

*You sure do have some good helpers from those boys. And one day that little one will be helping too.

*How do you keep up with all these boys? They must be sweet!

*Look at those handsome boys. You're doing good mama. 

Some of these comments were made in passing and some actually led to short conversations, but all of them were encouraging or funny or great reminders. They made me smile and slow down and really soak up the adventure I'm experiencing. So the next time you see a mama in the store or out and about wrangling her offspring... 1 bundle of joy or 5, make a positive, encouraging comment or compliment. It's such a blessing to hear and something she will probably remember. =)


The McCorkle Family said...

I always wanted a little boy, and I am SO glad that God gave me one. Everyone asks me all the time if I want our next baby to be a girl, and that would be fine, but I would take another little boy in a heartbeat, too. Love being a boy Mama!

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