Friday, August 29, 2014

Fridays Favorites: It's a Long Weekend!

We've had a good week this week but we are soo looking forward to a fun long weekend! I think my biggest boy is more excited about an extra day off of school than he ever has been before. He got in the car yesterday afternoon celebrating the upcoming Labor Day with excitement and joy and phrases like, people who work help make our country better. =)

So moving on to my favorites from the week...

*On Saturday night we celebrated Terrell's birthday with my side of the family and my sister surprised him and made her DELICIOUS, HOMEMADE red velvet cake. It's one of Terrell's favorite things ever (mine too!!) and we were all totally surprised. What a treat! And then we about lit it on fire with all the candles. =)

*Garrison loves to draw. He draws sketches of things he wants to do or build. He draws pictures of family members. He draws cards and sweet little notes to friends and family. He draws pictures of his favorite things. And he draws pictures of him, Austin, Granna, and Papa racing around my parents' cul de sac. Haha! The drawing tells a true story by the way. They race down the driveway and around the cul de sac just about every time we visit. =)

*Austin and I sure have had fun with our transportation theme this week. A couple of our favorite activites so far have been the "how do they travel?" graph and the number train. He has asked to do these every single day since I introduced them. I'm looking forward to even more activities and fun to come.

*Garrison decided to create a little mailbox on the ladder going to his bed. He and Austin both left each other "mail" this week. It's now been removed and I'm not sure of it's new location but I thought it was a pretty cool idea of my biggest.

*The big boys made a circus tent for their animals this week AND gave us a circus performance with animal tricks Wednesday night. Oh how ADORABLE. Their little performance was the cutest thing ever and I loved watching their circus show. Their animals flew through the air, did flips, jumped through a mini-hoola hoop, and landed on top of the tent. It was soo fun to watch!

*This sweet baby boy has had a bit of a tough week. Poor baby has just not been a fan of the late afternoon/early evenings this week and he STILL doesn't have a tooth. Sigh. However, one of the sweetest, most precious, melt my heart things he started doing was LOVING me singing Jesus Loves Me to him. Presh. I started singing it to him for every nap and bedtime and he just stares deep into my eyes and listens so intently AND I decided to sing yes Jesus loves Layton and he gives me a little smile or smirk every single time. So sweet!!!
*My middle baby had his first soccer practice of the season last night. He was so excited and so looking forward to having his very own practice and not just having to hang out and watch Garrison. He was so ready. Until we got there. Then he got intimidated or nervous or maybe even just really hot. So he cried and pretty much refused to participate. Ahhhh. So frustrating. But at least he got a snack! That was a huge plus! Yay for the highlight of his first ever soccer practice! He has vowed to me he won't cry again at soccer ball practice so I hope that's true.
*Today was "College Day" at Garrison's school... so of course we had to dress our little bulldogs accordingly. They supported mama and daddy's alma mater proudly and looked adorable while doing so. =)

*Favorite quote of the Kindergarten year so far: Mama, I think I know 2 persons I might could marry... Gracie and Addie. ~ Garrison Cade. Oh young love. Bless it. Last year in PreK he had 2 little girls crushing on him (and one who kissed him on the cheek!) and this year Garrison is the one in love. Oh my. It is pretty cute though. =)

Happy Friday and Happy LONG Weekend! We're looking forward to a great one!!

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