Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites: The School Year is in Full Swing

This week our school year schedule entered full swing mode and we got a preview of what our Fall season will look like. We weren't sick so we had a full week of big school (and preschool at home), we started soccer, we started choir, and we started homework every night for a whole week... including homework for Austin because he insisted. It was a busy week but a good week! And here are my favorites:

*I got absolutely zero pictures from last weekend but we had a great one full of fun and family. It was one of my favorite weekends since moving!

*Sunday morning seeing all my guys so handsome and ready for church. I am blessed! 

*Austin and I had a good time with school this week. We shifted our focus to a reveiw of numbers and introduced graphing. We both really enjoyed our school time. =)

*Our first soccer practice of the season was cancelled after it started pouring on Tuesday evening for a total of about 4 minutes... and the big boys were pretty devastated. So sad. But never fear, coach daddy held practice anyway. He is such a good daddy. They had so much fun and are officially soccer ready.
Layton and I hung out and watched practice and had a pretty good time too. =)

*Speaking of Layton... He has got to get a tooth soon! The amount of drool he's producing is off the charts and he can't get things in his mouth fast enough! It's pretty cute. Especially when I catch him going after something like this. Haha. We are all ready for that first tooth to show up!

*Bailey has decided Layton's room is also her room. I catch her in there all the time snoozing away.

*We celebrated daddy's birthday on Wednesday! We took our big boys to choir at church and then got take-out from daddy's restaurant of choice plus enjoyed his favorite dessert and presents after bathtime. I think he had a great day. We are so thankful for August 20, 1981!
*Garrison had soccer practice again last night and this time it wasn't cancelled. Yay! He had a lot of fun. We all melted in the sun while we watched but it seemed to be a great first practice. We're looking forward to a fun season. 
This weekend we're looking forward to shopping for Austin's birthday party and celebrating daddy's birthday again with family. It should be a great one! Happy Friday and Happy 7th Birthday today to our niece Allison!!

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