Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5 and 1/2


My just turned Kindergartner also just turned 5 and 1/2! Which means my laid back, sweet, always smiling baby boy is pretty much a full-blown big kid now. *Tear*

We are half-way to 6 and so far the biggest discovery we've made is that Garrison Cade is his mama's child. He has a lot of my type-A personality. Plus he's indecisive, he's a perfectionist, he tends to be a tad dramatic, he has a short temper (although I'm not taking credit for that one), he even has my strong sense of smell. My biggest and I have actually started to clash a little (noooooo!) which isn't fun, but is definitely teaching me a lot about patience and understanding... and myself. Gulp.

While the "clashing" has been challenging and one of my least favorite things, watching my firstborn become a big brother again has been wonderful and one of my most favorite things. The biggest thing that's happened by far between Garrison's 5th birthday and today is adding another little brother to the family... and Garrison has been amazing. He is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY smitten over Layton and I am so thankful I get to watch their relationship grow and change in the coming years. Layton is blessed with 2 super special big brothers. =)

Fun Facts at 5 and 1/2
*You LOVE baseball. And you are possibly the Braves #1 fan.
*You have a big-time sweet tooth! (Another trait straight from your mama.) You would eat dessert and sweets with every single meal every single day if I let you.
*You have the biggest, most sincere little heart. You are the most thoughtful, sensitive, and caring 5 year old I know!
*You love to build and make things with your hands. Legos, magnets, gears, and blocks turn into elaborate creations when you're done with them. You're still our little engineer. =)
*You are VERY inquisitive and curious. You ask a LOT of questions. About anything. About every single play and movement during a baseball game. About God and Bible stories we read to you. About Kindergarten. About ANYTHING you overhear grown-ups talking about. About ANYTHING new. About school lunches. About strangers. About life. About everything. =)
*You love drawing pictures. You draw a lot. You make pictures for us, for your grandparents, for your friends, for Ausitn. Drawing and coloring are a pretty big deal and seem to be one of the ways you show love to others. So sweet. 
*You love to be outside! The temperature doesn't seem to faze you. You just love the outdoors no matter the season!
*You became a swimmer this summer and developed a love of the ocean while we were on vacation!
*You really love a good story. Yay.
*You are really good with numbers. (That's one trait that came straight from daddy.) You seem to catch on to numbers really well and even think in numbers. You know every single family member's age... including your parents, grandparents, and aunts, uncles, and cousins. =) You just "get" numbers. Yay again.
*We are SO blessed God gave us you Garrison!! We love you more than you know and are praying God's blessings on your life and your future! Happy 5 and 1/2 to our precious, priceless, firstborn baby boy!!

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