Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites: It's Finally Friday!

This week has been super long and I think every member of the family is soo glad it's finally Friday. =) A few of my favorite moments this week... (not as many as normal because KINDERGARTEN.)

*Last Saturday night we went out with family and friends to a Japanese steakhouse to celebrate our brother-in-law, Frankie's, birthday. We just knew the boys would be so entertained and so thrilled with watching our food prepared and the "performance" by the chefs. Ummm, wrong. They were totally afraid for their lives. My poor sheltered babies. The fire scared them to death. Thankfully Garrison eventually got past the fire and was just a little cautious and apprehensive. Austin on the other hand, well it's possible he's scarred for life. He was actually fearful of the chef. Cried his eyes out, begged to go to the car, afraid the chef was in the bathroom, afraid the chef would appear out of thin air at any point in time, SCARED. Bless his heart. Thankfully we managed okay and were eventually able to have a really great time. We laughed so hard and had so much fun at Frankie's party.
And thankfully even the big boys were able to have fun eventually! Especially when it came time to sing, blow out candles, and help open presents. =)

*On Sunday afternoon we decided to take the big boys to the movies to see Planes 2. This was their very first time going to the movies and they did great! Austin's attention span was definitely shorter but he really liked the movie and we were able to finish it without any issues. Thanks to my mom for coming over to keep Layton for us!

*Celebrating the first day of school with Spiderman cupcakes was a special treat! And the biggest treat for me was seeing him smile and listening to him talk about his day.
Austin's first day went great too. Double yay.

*Speaking of Austin, I've loved our little "school" sessions. This week we've mainly worked on letter sounds plus a little cutting and writing. I'm pretty proud of my middle. He's adjusting easily and he loves to learn so he's been a great student. =)

*And I can't forget this little guy. He melts my heart all the time... but this week I've really enjoyed feeding him and watching him eat baby food. It's just the cutest thing ever! Especially when I'm not rushed and able to really pay attention and enjoy feeding him. He's like my little bird! Presh. Baby boy has quite the appetite.
TGIF!!! We're hoping and planning for a really low-key weekend... especially sleeping a little later and not having anywhere to be! And getting my biggest completely well again... it seems during this first week of school he's come down with a little cold. Boo. Somehow that always happens. Thankfully it isn't too bad and hasn't slowed him down too much. Hopefully it moves on fast and leaves the rest of us alone. Happy Friday!

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Lauren and Eddie said...

We LOVED Planes Fire and Rescue. OMG. I am just so thankful it wasn't a singing princess movie. SO tired of that one. We're probably planning a Planes 2 birthday party James loved it so much! :)