Tuesday, August 12, 2014

6 Months Old

My baby is 6 months old today! I can't believe we're here already. Time is flying by. But I am LOVING soaking up my last baby and spending my days with him and his brothers.

This month has been eventful. We've moved. We've started Kindergarten. We've come down with colds. We've adjusted our routine a lot. We've adjusted our life a lot. Ha! Accomodating to a smaller house, 1 big boy in Kindergarten, 1 middle boy at home all day, and 1 baby boy attached to mama's hip lots has been a whirlwind. We're trying to get our bearings and get the hang of our new normal and it's coming along slowly but surely. Sort of. I think.

Anyway, this baby keeps right on growing and smiling and loving us and totally wrapping us all around his little fingers. =)

Layton's monkey pics turned out cute! BIG thanks to my big boys for making Layton smile!

Garrison at 6 months...
Austin at 6 months...
6 Months Stats and Happenings:

*Since we've moved and just recently changed pediatricians, we won't have your 6 month well check til next month. So for now, we're estimating. =) We tried weighing you and think you're over 15 pounds now which I'm thinking is a little on the small side. You definitely have a big appetite so I'm pretty positive you're not starving! 

*You still wear size 3 diapers and mostly 6-9 month or 6-12 month clothes.

*You are now eating 3 meals a day of solid food! You love all your baby food and have a rather large appetite. You're still nursing exclusively other than your baby food.

*We keep waiting for a tooth to show up any day but no sign of one yet! In the meantime, any and everything goes straight to your mouth and the drool is non-stop.

*You go to bed around 7:30 every night and wake up sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 every morning. This month you came down with your first little cold and stopped sleeping through the night for a stretch but we hope we're back on track now.

*You take about an hour and a half morning nap and about a 2 hour afternoon nap. Most days you wake up at some point during your nap and need your paci and then you go back to sleep. You also have a new favorite sleeping position... your left side almost all the way over on your tummy. It's your go-to position every single time.

*This month you've started enjoying toys and books lots more! You love to reach for things and grab onto toys we give you or that are attached to your carseat, and you are loving books with different textures. Yay! You also recently discovered jewelry and my hair and seemed very impressed.

*You're loving peek-a-boo right now. This is one of your favorite things your big brothers do with you.

*You can sit up by yourself leaning over forwards for about 2 seconds. =) You're doing great in the bumbo though! That's where you enjoy your meals and it's working out perfect so far.

*You are LOVED and adored by every single member of your family and you always have somebody hugging on you, kissing on you, or loving on you. We are so thankful you are ours! Happy Birthday to our sweet baby Layton!

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